There is no feeling quite as blissful as wearing the right walking shoes. Whether you are a resilient athlete or a casual walker, you need to direct precise care and attention towards your feet to keep them healthy, and the best way to do that is by investing in premium walking shoes.

Footwear brands focus on several elements while crafting a pair of walking shoes, but the most important one is comfort. Through intricate and modern technologies, like super fabric soling and data-based design, comfort is engraved into each aspect of walking shoes. As compared to sports models, walking shoes tend to be more flexible and well-balanced. A typical walking shoe prioritizes ease and stability over eccentric performance-driving modules, especially when it comes to the toe box, heel counter, and midsole.

As we researched the caliber of modern walking shoes, we came across hordes of brands competing for the best-seller title, which is why we have conducted a thorough examination of each to determine the true masterpieces. You will find a diverse range of features as you peruse each brand’s catalog, some targeted for certain foot types, and others targeted for distinct walking patterns. Regardless of your orthopedic traits, though, you can always find a shoe that caters to your every need. Don’t worry, we all feel overwhelmed when trying to ascertain what those needs actually are, so if you are looking for a push in the right direction, read our analysis below of the best walking shoes for men in the market to find your perfect match!

Best Walking Shoes For Men 2020 (COMPARISON)

ProductKey FeaturesPrice
Skechers Performance Go Walk 4 – Incredible - ( Editor's Choice)5GEN and Goga sole technologyCheck Price
Brooks Addiction Walker 2Full grain leather bodyCheck Price
Orthofeet Orthopedic Walking ShoesHealth-conscious, anatomical designCheck Price

Skechers Performance Go Walk 4 – Incredible

Skechers has mastered the art of fusing fashion with comfort. Their Go Walk 4 shoes are just as incredible as their title implies, with a smooth, seamless design and next-gen sole cushioning.

The shoe upper is crafted from a light, stretchable fabric with a mesh structure. It accommodates the movement of your feet as you walk, expanding where the toes or heel protrude so that you feel no restriction. Due to the mesh ventilation, the shoes are refreshing to wear in hot or humid weather (although you may get chilly feet if you live in colder regions). The entire upper fabric flows in a smooth, creaseless design with no visible stitch linings, granting the shoes an attractive minimalist look. For added durability, the upper front is lined with sleek leather overlays. Most manufacturers tend to overlook the aesthetic appeal when creating walking shoes, but Skechers has managed to pull off a range of dark, fashionable themes with the Go Walk 4 design.

Unlike walking boots, the Skechers boast a lace-less opening that’s easy & quick to slip on. From the inside, the shoe is lined with the signature Goga Max insole. It serves as a stabilizing platform for your heel and underfoot regions, especially when you are walking on trails. The Goga Max technology is one of the latest insole technologies developed to enhance cushioning, which is why the GoWalk 4 shoes stand unrivaled among the best walking shoes in the industry. Not only that, but the insole is also coated with a hygienic bamboo lining. Apart from being highly anti-bacterial and odorless, the bamboo produces a firm grip on your feet. This can be remarkably convenient when you are walking on soft or slippery grounds as the insole resists wiggling movements, maximizing your balance. The shoe’s outsole is engraved with the Goga Pillar tread pattern, which further heightens stability.

Moreover, the shoes are adorned with the ultra-soft 5GEN midsole. You will immediately notice the difference this makes when trying on the GoWalk 4, as the midsole compresses generously with each stride. The midfoot region of the shoe curves naturally along your feet, making them excellent arch support shoes with integrated cushioning. If you tend to spend long periods on your feet and seek the best shoes for standing all day, then the GoWalk 4s are likely the most comfortable shoes you can find.

5GEN midsole for enhanced cushioningMesh and slip-on design may cause chilly feet
Durable Leather/mesh upperSize margins don’t match conventional measurements
GogaPillar outsole for better traction control
Stylish, seamless upper design
Comfortable GogaMax insole



The Skechers GoWalk 4 shoes are undoubtedly some of the most advanced walking footwear in the market. They utilize top-notch Goga cushioning soles as well as a stabilizing tread pattern to extend unprecedented comfort that will leave you refreshed even after hours of standing or walking. Combined with a stylish look, the Skechers GoWalk 4 shoes earn their rank among the best walking shoes for men.

Brooks Addiction Walker 2

Brooks has taken the innovative road with the Addiction Walker 2 shoes, ditching conventional comfort features for an all-new arsenal of support. The shoes rely on a leather body and trusted cushion technologies to step up your walking game.

To start, let’s talk about the Addiction Walker’s upper. It is composed of full-grain leather and available in white or jet-black colors. When you think of walking shoes, mesh uppers are probably the one thing you always assume to have in any pair, and an intimidating leather beast like the Addiction Walker may not strike you as the ideal walking shoe, but that’s where you are mistaken. The shoe’s leather body adds a dose of support and resilience to your walking experience. Leather upholds the shoe structure, making sure that your feet remain in the appropriate posture while treading on varying terrains.

Most walking injuries and muscle strains emerge from wearing overly flexible shoes as they put up no resistance against unnatural foot orientations, which is why these brawny Brooks shoes may be just what you need. Even if you slip or twist your feet, you can count on the sturdiness of Addiction Walker 2 to prevent significant strains or muscle damage. But that’s not all; the shoes also excel at cushioning each step with superior proficiency. The soling is formulated from BioMoGo DNA technology which quickly adapts to your unique gait patterns. Each of your foot’s impact points is caressed by the DNA midsole to boost shock absorption, making these a pair of exceedingly comfortable shoes.

Brooks has installed its iconic PDRB (Progressive Diagonal Rollbar) system into the shoe sole. This is another innovative tech that optimizes your movement pattern by arranging your heel and toes in the globally recommended position. Although they require a long break-in period, you won’t regret spending extra time to make these shoes your personalized comfort machines.

Given the Addiction Walker 2’s leather body and modified soling, there’s no surprise that this pair lasts longer than most popular shoes. Just like the best hiking shoes, you can don this Brooks pair for grueling walks without worrying about damaging the precious body.

Provides excellent foot support through PDRB systemRequires a long break-in period
BioMoGo DNA sole cushioningLeather upper restricts shoe ventilation
Durable, Full-grain, leather upper
Beautiful black/white design



Each aspect of the Brooks Addiction Walker 2 serves to protect your feet. Durability and resilience are apparent in each fiber of the shoe, from the slip-resistant outsole to the powerful leather upper, not to mention the exceptional PDRB walking support. If you are tired of having to replace your walking shoes after every few months, then the Brooks Walker is your ideal pair.


Orthofeet Orthopedic Walking Shoes

Orthofeet Walking shoes differ from casual walking shoes due to their medically inclined design. They specialize in offering a health-conscious body that is suitable for almost any kind of foot condition, like bunions, plantar fasciitis, etc, which is they are considered some of the best walking shoes for women and men.

The shoe is composed of a plush textile upper that is both lightweight and strong. Dotted into the upper is an intricate pattern of mesh holes to enhance ventilation. The upper stretches and molds easily according to your foot frame, so even if you possess wide or large feet, you won’t be troubled by restrictive shoe walls.  On the interior, you will find a layer of extra foam padding to spice up the comfort. The toe box is particularly wide for a pair of mens walking boots. While you may find this discouraging or potentially problematic, the toe box is intentionally widened to set up a roomy atmosphere around your forefoot. It can be excruciatingly difficult to find comfortable work shoes if you suffer from bunions or hammertoes, but the Orthofeet’s toe box eliminates that worry and gives you plenty of room to stretch your toes without scraping them on the sides.

Furthermore, the Orthofeet shoe boasts layers of soling to cushion each step you take. The insoles are easily removable, which can be useful if you wear custom/prescribed orthotics. Most shoes for men provide no such capability and leave you to stuff additional padding around their already tight frames. Within the Orthofeet shoes, you can load up your personalized insoles and still leave your heel with sufficient room to breathe.

Beneath the insole is a combination of fitting spacers that contribute to efficient shock distribution. Their structure is precisely rounded to embrace the natural curve of your foot, which sets up anatomical arch support as well. It is a fact that proper arch support is essential for people suffering from plantar fasciitis or heel pains, which is exactly why the Orthofeets are considered the best plantar fasciitis shoes. Lastly, the shoes’ Ergonomic Stride sole adds the final touch to cushioning. Such advanced and comfort-centric qualities are the reason Orthofeet rules shoe stores around the globe.

Breathable Mesh upperMay require a long adjustment period
Ergonomic Stride Sole for enhanced cushioningNot suitable for under pronators
Excellent arch support
Suitable for plantar fasciitis and flat feet
Wide toe box



With an array of cushioning layers and comfort-enhancing padding, the Orthofeet shoes ensure that anyone can enjoy a smooth walking experience, regardless of their foot conditions or diseases. Although they require an adjustment period, the shoes serve up unparalleled support on a pillow-like platform. If you prefer all-around comfort over athletic performance, then the Orthofeet shoes are just what you need.


Each pair of walking shoes is engineered for different types of people, but the one recurring focus of each is comfort. The ideal walking shoe should deliver unflinching comfort in every aspect, from the toe box to the ankle lining, and after an extensive analysis of top brands like Nike, Brooks, etc, we found the Skechers GoWalk 4 to be the clear winner in this regard.

The Skechers GoWalk 4 shoes are founded upon three top-notch soling technologies that diffuse a soothing sensation across your feet. The simplistic leather body of Brooks Addiction Walker 2 failed to match Skechers in terms of balance and style, and Orthofeet shoes fell behind due to their lack of athletic support. Simply put, the GoWalk 4 shoes dished out advanced cushioning as well as athletic performance the way no other brand could, earning them my Editor’s Choice title among all the best walking shoes for men in 2020!

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