Best Surfboards For Small Waves
(Last Updated On: January 25, 2019)

So, you love surfing or have a passion for it and now you have finally decided to buy your first surfboard? In that case, you’re at the right corner of the internet because we are not just here to tell you how to buy a surfboard, but we also have a few recommendations in that regard

Some people prefer surfing in small waves, because they are not pro at surfing and it is always safe to stay in the water that you have a grip over. Still, if you think you want something that will allow you to speed your thing, then we have some suggestions for you that you will really like. So we have compiled some of the best surfboards for small waves below in this publication. We recommend you have a look at them.

But before that, we need to tell you a few things that you must keep in mind when buying a surfboard. If you keep these tips in mind, you will never regret your purchase.

Choosing Longboard

If you’re beginner, we would always recommend buying a longer board. Even though most of the surfers choose shorter boards but what they don’t know is that it is risk in the durability. If you’re beginner, it is always to stay safe. Choose a longer board that allows you to have more volume.

Importance Of Volume

The more capacity a board has, the simpler it is for you to pop up and ride a wave when you’re training. In this case scenario, longboard come in really handy as compared to shortboards. A blogger suggests that for beginners, the maximum volume of a surfboard should be at least 60litres.

Checking For Cracks

Make sure the product you are buying is ding and crack free. Don’t end up buying a defected piece. Occasionally you may find stress marks on an old panel, they look like tiny thumb marks. These are usually fine as long as they don’t influence the formation of the board  a lot.

So, these were a few tips that you must consider when buying a surfboard. Choosing a surfboard may be difficult but it gets easier with experience. Now, here are a few recommendations we have regarding surfboards for small waves.

Best Surfboards For Small Waves (Comparison)

Future V2 Rasta Quad14.72 InchesCheck Price
FCS II Performer PC14.81 InchesCheck Price
Future Fins Blackstix 3.014.67 InchesCheck Price


Future V2 Rasta Quad

If you’re looking to make a point to the smaller water waves, consider Rasta Quad Fin Set from Future Fins and let the entire shore know what you are talking about.Future V2 Rasta Quad Best Surfboards For Small Waves

Future Fins is known for manufacturing one of the strongest, durable and pocket friendly surfboards and their products do make a point to all the people standing on the shores. It completely depends on the style of surfing you do but if you want to do it with style and safety, Rasta Quad has got it covered for you.

This surfboard was codesigned with one of the world’s best surfers out there, Dace Rastovich and it is a medium sized surfboard that generates high speed and comes with a ride number of 8.5. The V2 quad set was designed for surfers who prefer high performance surfing. The co-creator emphasized on the fact that this surfboard should bring flexibility in use thus, the board was made with renewable bamboo that provides and extreme level of lively flex patterns. The bamboo wah then wrapped in symbolic art and the revolutionary V2 Rasta Quad came into existence.

The surfboard has a medium sized template that performs in a variety of conditions. On the front fins, the honeycomb construction is combined with a V2 foil whereas on the rear find, it is combined with symmetrical fin that allows the board to create a loser feel that is ideal for building speed. The board also has a bamboo attached in the base that adds to its stability and allows the surfer to generate high speed with quick directions changes. The fins are extremely responsive and stiff that means it is surfboard that is going to stay with you for a long while. The board works well for smaller water waves.

DurableComes Only In One Color
Cost Effective


The V2 Rasta Quad allows you to surf on high speed with added stability. The board is manufactured with quality and is very cost effective. A highly recommended surfing board that you should definitely consider buying.




FCS II Performer PC

If you’re looking for a well-established and reliable surfboard, then you should go with one of FCS surfboards. They are known we the most well-established fin companies in the world.FCS II Performer PC Best Surfboards For Small Waves

The FCS II Performer Core Tri is a member of the FCS essential range series and are designed to be used alongside of FCS II Fin System. The board will not fit into the conventional FCS dual plug system, so you will have to get the fin system by the company in order to make use of this amazing surfboard.

The board was designed to have the exclusive all-round fin to provides the surfer with an unimaginary experience. The fin of this board uses the latest FCS II technology that requires no screws. This easy system allows the surfer to connect with the board and the water on a whole new level, it provides the most premium experience.

The FCS II Performer has been integrated with an inside foil technology and comes along with a very well-proportioned template that delivers a balance of flow, response, and speed to the surfer and it is best for all sorts of conditions whether it will be beach break or point break. To be precise, the fins of FCS II Performer are best for surfer who always want a reliable all-round fin, that offers maneuverability and speed between taking turns and can be used with most of the board types out there.

The FCS II Performer in Performance Core Carbon now uses a NEW PCC construction with ‘Linear Flex’ which produces a 3D twist & roll action resulting in a fast, super responsive fin that feels much smoother through turns. The performance core material and construction is designed in such a way that it delivers the feeling of a traditional fiber glass fin with reduced weight and added performance scheme. It comes in more than one sizes to choose from according to the need of the surfer.

Integrated Inside Foil TechnologySomewhat Expensive
High Performance Surfboard


The FCS II Performer is one of the best surf boards that is available in the market. its high performance and lightweight makes it one of our most recommended surfboards of all time. if you’re willing to enhance your surfboard collection, consider adding this for sure.




Future Fins Blackstix 3.0

If you’re looking for surfboard that will help you generate maximum speed in smaller waves, you should also consider buying EA Vector II Blackstix 3.0.Future Fins Blackstix 3.0 Best Surfboards For Small Waves This is one of the best surfboard ranges launched by Future Fins and it is works great in smaller, average and weaker waves.

The acceleration point of V2 foil has been combines with a stiffer base that allows this surfboard to change quick directions and be more responsive to the surfer. This new surfboard possesses great efficiency when it harnesses and releases energy and provides more power to the surfer, something that nobody has ever seen.

The Blackstix 3.0 is sure to boost your confidence while surfing because they are not just fast and lively but also feel extremely strong underfoot. These surfboards are prepared to go through any condition for you unlike their predecessors. Another feature this board has is that it comes in three sizes. Most of the previous surfboards by Future Fins did not have this variation and it caused a lot of disappointment for a lot of people.

The surfboard also comes with complimenting trailer fins. Now you can have a matching quad rear set for your surfboard and they are available with future fins Thruster Sets. The surfboard comes in great style and is definitely among our most recommended products. It surfs great and provides stability you need on the water.

Comes With Complimenting Trailer FinsExpensive
Durable & Stable
Highly Responsive


If you’re looking for surfboard that comes with stability, functionality and durability, you must go ahead and buy the Blackstix 3.0. it is one of the high-performance surfing boards that you will find anywhere. We absolutely recommend it.




So, these were a few of our most recommended surfboard for small waves. If you have any questions or recommendations in this regard, don’t hesitate to contact us in the comments below. We appreciate your feedback.



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