In this hectic era, squeezing out time for the gym can be a difficult task. If you are looking to get in shape, though, you don’t have to hit the gym/road to get a decent workout. Just get yourself one of the best home gym equipment: the step machine. This outstanding exercise equipment can strengthen your muscles and burn loads of calories altogether.

A step machine engages your legs in refreshing exercises without the need to step outside. This wonder does not require a whole lot of space as needed for a treadmill or elliptical. You can fit most step machines in a small corner or even under a desk. The best thing about a step machine is that it opens up the potential for home-based cardio exercise, allowing you to lose weight and boost your overall health.

Unlike monstrous gym machines, a decent step machine rarely costs more than $300. Today, we have analyzed and ranked the best step machines for home use that you can find, all within a reasonable price range. Buckle up for our top 3 picks and their thorough reviews to find out which step machine is ideal for your needs!

Best Step Machines for Home (Comparison)


ProductKey FeaturesPrice
Stamina 40-0069 SpaceMate - ( Editor's Choice)250lbs capacity, Ergonomic handlebarsCheck Price
Women’s Health Men’s Health Bluetooth Cardio Stair StepperResistance bands, BluetoothCheck Price
Doufit Stepper ST-01Dual-mode handleCheck Price


Stamina 40-0069 SpaceMate

Stamina’s 40-0069 SpaceMate is a smart, versatile stair climber machine that charges up your lower body with efficiency. This fitness stepper is built to last, and its ergonomic, hydraulic-based frame excels at providing you a low-impact workout, toning your muscles and strengthening your calves, hamstring, quads, and even the core.

The SpaceMate Step Machine, as an upright stepper, gives you the perfect home gym experience compared to a larger and more expensive recumbent stepper. To operate, you need to step up and down on the given footrests while your hands hold the stationary handles. Stamina has shaped the footrests to resemble an elliptical’s balanced pedals, and the addition of a slide-resistant sheet makes for an amazingly stable ride. This exercise stepper can withstand people with weights up to 250lbs. The two different hydraulic pistons control the SpaceMate Stair Stepper machine. Each footrest has a separate piston for maximum control and stability. Most home-specific step machines do not possess a handle/piston system, and this is exactly why the SpaceMate 40 is so remarkable. The addition of pistons enables you to engage your upper body muscles alongside the feet, enabling routines like posture correction, core stability, etc. Such a comprehensive workout is almost impossible to acquire from most home-friendly, low-budget step machines.

Step height is another important feature of step workout machines. Stamina’s Folding Stepper has an impressive, adjustable step height configuration that lets you control exactly how tall you want your stride to be, with 14 inches being the maximum step height. The machine utilizes hydraulic resistance cylinders to back up this motion, dishing out a smooth stepping momentum with each workout. To enhance your comfort, Stamina has implanted ergonomic foam padding in the stationary handles. It establishes a sturdy grip that won’t fail you even during sweaty walks. While gripping this home gym step machine, you won’t feel unsteady or off-balance.

When it comes to the control panel, this step aerobics machine gives you a fully-functional battery-operated LCD monitor. It can track metrics like steps per minute, the number of steps taken, time, and calories burnt, allowing you to monitor and optimize each workout. When you are done exercising, just fold the machine and roll it away for quick storage.

Strong build quality with an easy folding designHydraulic pistons squeak sometimes
Two hydraulic cylinders provide you with a smooth stepping motionFoam-gripped handles are hard to assemble
Slide resistant pedals for stability and comfort
Durable steel frame construction
Adjustable step height



The Stamina SpaceMate 40-0069 Step Machine utilizes a smooth hydraulic stepping motion that you would find very comfortable for home use. The handlebars are conveniently posed and easy to grip, and the footrests don a textured grip that ensures your feet won’t slip. The floor protectors keep the machine stable while eliminating any kind of vibration and noise. If you are looking for a low-cost stepping machine, SpaceMate 40-0069 Folding Stepper is the ultimate choice.


Women’s Health Men’s Health Bluetooth Cardio Stair Stepper

Women’s Health Men’s Health (WHMH) Bluetooth stepper is an efficient and effective cardiovascular workout equipment. It is a suitable choice for both home and office use given its compact frame. If you are into convenient workout sessions and want to slim down to a specific goal weight, this product can be of great help.

The step machine has a hefty 250lbs weight capacity. Most similarly priced gym machines can barely withstand a person weighing over 200lbs, which is what makes this stepper so distinct. Although it does not possess a handle, the step mechanics are arranged to simulate a rigorous stair climb. Not only can you increase the step height by up to 10 inches, but you can also set the platform’s level at 3 different incline positions. This allows for a personalized and challenging cardio workout at home. As an innovative touch, WHMH has implanted heat covers over the machine’s pistons. When you are pumping up your muscles in passionate HIIT workouts, metallic gym machines can get hot from the friction. Such heat covers allow you to safely transport the WHMH mini stepper machine without waiting for it to cool down.

Despite the lack of upright handles, the stepper works effectively on your buttocks, torso, and arms. This is accomplished by the clever resistance bands attached to the base. You can strap on the bands and engage your upper body along with the legs. With this step machine, you also get a functional Bluetooth and MyCloudFitness App. It is easy to download the MyCloudFitness app as it is available on Android and iOS stores. The application is free and will help you track thoroughly the progress of your workout. It also has some useful workout plans and videos that will keep you motivated every day for an exciting workout session.

The Women’s Health Men’s Health Stair stepper is designed with premium quality and has a sturdy and sustainable built. Its small frame can be swiftly pushed under a desk for storage. What else could you wish for in a sub-$300 gym machine?

3 locking step heightsNo upright handles for balance
Includes resistance bands for upper body workoutManual adjustment of incline/height can be difficult
LCD with Bluetooth functionality
250 lbs weight capacity
Compact and easy to transport



If you are looking for an engaging yet compact step machine, the Women’s Health Men’s Health Stepper is an ideal choice. It has a smart design with integrated resistance bands to bring your upper body into a workout. The combination of mechanical personalization and Bluetooth tracking features will have you toning and slimming down your body with greater efficiency than ever before!


Doufit Stepper ST-01

The Doutfit Stair Stepper is one of a kind. It enjoys the satisfaction of many customers as an economical but effective way of exercising at home. Instead of opting to buy heavy gym equipment for sale, you should invest in this foldable stepper machine.

Unlike the competition, Duofit ST-01 is not just a basic stepper. It is equipped with a sturdy dual-mode handle. For basic stepping workouts, you can simply hold on to the padded, ergonomic set of handles and exercise your lower body in the ideal posture. On the other hand, if you wish to involve your entire body in the exercise, it has a set of resistant bands that will give you an intense and comprehensive workout. To help you track your calories, time, steps, and frequency, there is a digital display. The display has a fine and easy-to-read pose, allowing you to keep up with the statistics as you move.

The Doufit Step machine has a slight tilt to mimic elevation. With this slant, you can work on your hips and enforce a climbing action. The process helps burn even more calories, increases stamina, and tones your glutes. If you are on the journey to lose those extra pounds through a weight loss workout, this is your one-stop machine. It supports up to 220 pounds. Although this capacity may not be suitable for very obese people, it is just sufficient to kickstart your fitness program if you weigh less than 220lbs. We found the Duofit stepper to be incredibly easy to store and carry. The collapsible design enhances the compactness of the product.

One of the best things about Duofit Stepper ST-01 is its stability. The step machine does not move while you exercise, all thanks to the rubber foot shells. These grip the ground and keep it level. Furthermore, the handlebars are padded with specialized slip-resistant foam. Even the foot pedals have textures or perforations to keep your feet from slipping. The rods utilize hydraulics to allow smooth and quiet motion. This technology is also extremely important for reducing stress on the joints and the bones. Such reliable design factors help in reducing common accidents spurred by the lack of detail in other machines.

Resistance bands for intense workoutsOnly 220 pounds capacity
Collapsible frame for quick storageHydraulic Resistance is not adjustable
Slip-resistant floor, feet, and handgrip
Smooth hydraulic-based mechanics
Ergonomic handles



Getting the perfect step machine workout is easier than ever with the Duofit Stepper ST-01. This stepping machine incorporates resistance bands and adjustable mechanics to give you full-body strength training and cardio – all in one! Given the compact, folding design, you can easily find a place for it in your house, ready to enjoy small workouts any time.



Step machines identify as some of the most convenient methods of home-based leg exercise, but our top 3 step machine models take it even further. From the engaging Duofit stepper to the innovative WHMH Bluetooth stepper, each machine brings different elements that will inevitably transform your entire workout session, which is why Stamina’s 40-0069 SpaceMate is our number one pick amongst the competition. Not only does it provide a streamlined step workout, but it is also built to endure fast-paced exercise.

SpaceMate’s distinct pedal design and incline settings allow you to tailor the workout intensity, taking it from basic to intense. You won’t find any machine in the same price bracket that can match SpaceMate’s aggressive exercise potential. We also found its hydraulic motion to be smoother and significantly more effective than competing steppers, and its cushioned handlebars lent full-body support that you don’t see in most affordable gym machines. Being foldable, SpaceMate imposes a minimized spatial footprint, making it the perfect step machine for home use.


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