Do you often feel that your shoes fail to provide the appropriate support while running? Are you left with persistent foot pains and exhaustion after each sprint? Well, such discomforts are commonly spurred by incompatible running shoes. Most people course through their running routines in casual sneakers or walking shoes, but this can significantly tilt your body’s balance, limiting your momentum and making each run a nightmarish ordeal. What you need is a pair of purpose-built running shoes to support your feet and unleash your true running prowess.

Running shoes are carefully designed to cater to your needs. We all possess a unique gait and mobility pattern that affects our runs. There is a wide range of factors that play a role in our movement, and the right running shoes for you will supplement each.  For example, some people land on their midfoot after each running stroke, so a shoe with additional cushioning in the midfoot region would be ideal for them. Some tend to overpronate while others suffer from supination. Each shoe model is fitted with varying elements that come together to enhance one factor or another, so it’s up to you to evaluate your feet and figure out your needs.

When shopping for the best running shoes, it is wise to keep a few key factors in mind, namely the balance, stability, and comfort, to narrow down your search. There is an overwhelming multitude of running shoes in the market, which is why we ran the top models through rigorous testing regimes to find out which brand excels in both value and performance! Here are our picks for the Best Running Shoes for Men in 2020!

Best Running Shoes for Men in 2020 (Comparison)

ProductKey FeaturesPrice
ASICS Men's Gel-Kayano 27 Running Shoes - ( Editor's Choice)Gel-cushioning, FlyteFoam MidsoleCheck Price
New Balance Men's Fresh Foam 1080 V10 Running ShoeCombined Fresh Foam + ABZORB solingCheck Price
Brooks Ghost 12 Men’s Running ShoesDNA Loft soling, CrashPad OutsoleCheck Price

(Editor’s Choice):  ASICS Men’s Gel-Kayano 27 Running Shoes

ASICS is a steady powerhouse of the sports shoe industry with a selection of masterpieces under its belt. The Gel-Kayano 27 is a top-notch addition to their popular Kayano series, boasting a blend of the latest footwear technologies for unbeatable performance.

The Gel-Kayano 27 shoe dons a breathable Jacquard mesh upper crafted for comfort. Its multi-directional stitching pattern sets up a decent ventilation cycle around your feet to prevent sweat accumulation while also improving support. The shoe is shaped according to an intricate mobility model that wraps itself around your feet for a snug fit. You may find it slightly tight at first, but such fitness adds a remarkable touch of stability while running, and once you break into these ASICS running shoes, you won’t have eyes for any other shoe brand.

When it comes to the soling, the Gel Kayano 27 has no rival, and we mean that literally. ASICS’s iconic gel technology lines the shoe soling, absorbing heavy shock with ease and redistributing it across the feet. The gel is layered in a way that spotlights the forefoot and rearfoot regions with targeted cushioning. This ensures that each running stride is appropriately received with minimum impact upon the feet. Once the gait cycle is complete, the midsole transfers the kinetic energy back into your feet for take-off. It accomplishes this through the Flytefoam technology, which utilizes organic fibers to produce an enhanced “bounce” effect. Runners find that each stride with the Gel-Kayano 27 propels your momentum instead of stunting it.

Despite having such premium construction materials, however, the Asics Gel Kayano running shoes impose no significant force upon your feet. The midsole is especially lightweight as it is built on the SPACE TRUSSTIC technology principals, which serve to extend the sole’s rigidity without bulking up its weight. Moreover, the running shoes are quite electrifying to wear on any type of surface. The outsole is engraved with the DuoMax Support pattern. This outsole design not only magnifies your balance when landing each stride, but it also endures heavy traction that runners may experience while trail running.

In terms of gait dynamics, the ASICS Gel Kayano shoes lean towards overpronating runners. The sole exhibits a very light curve around the center, making this running gear ideal for feet with low arches. Unlike most running trainers, the shoes come in a variety of eccentric color options, from lime zest to sunrise red, so you won’t have trouble finding your match!

Dynamic DuoSupport outsole for optimized platform supportTight fit
Breathable mesh upperMay require a long break-in period
Lightweight, Space Trusstic design
FlyteFoam midsole adds “bounce” while running
Suitable for over-pronators



ASICS is a sports overlord for a reason. The level of detail you come across in each fabric of the Gel Kayano 27 shoe is stunning, to say the least. From the outsole to the inner shape, each aspect of the shoe strives to maximize performance. Its combination of advanced sole technologies, including FlyteFoam, DuoMax, and Space Trusstic, sparks up your balance and stability while running, making these some of the best running shoes for men!


New Balance Men’s Fresh Foam 1080 V10 Running Shoe

New Balance shoes are the masters of cushioning amidst the sports shoe industry. The 1080 V10 shoes employ NB’s signature Fresh Foam soling to gear up their comfort and shock absorption within a smart, data-based body design.

The upper is composed of dual-nature fabric, comprising layers of synthetic leather and mesh cloth. Mesh drives the shoe’s ventilation while the synthetic leather adds structural support, preventing the shoe from being contorted under pressure or heavy use. From the inside, the shoe is spacious with a wide toe box resembling slip on running shoes. In today’s performance-driven industry, it can be difficult to find a decent wide-sized running shoe but with a size range extending to X-Wide, the NB 1080 V10 is undoubtedly one of the best you can find.

In terms of cushioning, the NB 1080 V10 shoes outstrip even professional sports shoes for men. The shoe soling is layered with double absorption technologies to optimize the shock reception. As you take each running stride, the Fresh Foam sole embraces the ground with generous ease. Its industrially enhanced foam distributes the shock evenly across the feet. We found the outsole shape to be especially effective at handling the lateral discharge of force. You can often find yourself stumbling due to a misplaced stride, but the NB V10’s outsole, given its tough rubber lining and angled design, manages to dilute the impact of such moves.

The ABZORB midsole further extends the shoe’s cushioning effect. It avails a setup of compression-resistant fibers to reroute your energy to non-sensitive areas of the feet. This not only protects your ankle from unnecessary strain, but it also allows you to keep running for longer periods. If you partake in half marathons or similar races, you know how valuable such subtle shoe features can be. Even folks with plantar fasciitis or sensitive feet can enjoy shock-less running in the NB 1080 V10 running shoes.

The shoe outsole features a honeycomb traction pattern, which provides heightened friction on all terrains, making the NB 1080 one of the best trail running shoes as well. The shoe’s design perfection is immediately noticeable in its seamless sole-upper transition. The foam soling is merged skillfully with the leather upper, making for an especially durable shoe. You will have to grind these NB shoes through exceedingly rough runs before they give up!

Heightened cushioning with Fresh Foam solingUpper can feel stiff due to leather lining
ABZORB midsole for shock reductionLow walls around the ankle
Strong, leather-strapped upper
Suitable for wide feet
Excellent traction on various terrains



These New Balance shoes focus on cushioning and deliver praiseworthy performance. Their Fresh Foam/ABZORB combo spins an innovative, shock-less flair into your running experience. With a leather-strapped upper and trail-friendly outsole, the NB 1080s are essential for those seeking a durable pair to last through the seasons.


Brooks Ghost 12 Men’s Running Shoes

The Brooks Ghost 12 lives up to its name with a lightweight body that will supercharge your runs. The Ghost series is a popular sports option in the industry due to its weightless, comfortable design that delivers marathon-level performance.

The Ghost 12 shoe radiates a sleek, athletic look with a range of color themes to pick from. Unlike minimalist shoes, this Brooks beast possesses a complex upper design strewn with diamond/stripe mesh patterns. The upper is strategically engineered to provide stiffness/stretch at different points of the foot, ensuring appropriate foot posture while running. Note that the shoe’s interior is modeled to serve neutral runners, so it may not satisfy overpronating athletes.

To maximize the cushioning, these Brooks shoes rely on DNA LOFT technology. DNA LOFT soles compress at precise regions to neutralize your stride’s impact without sacrificing the responsiveness. Not only that, but the shoe is also equipped with advanced BioMoGo cushioning layers that soothingly caress your feet with each step. Adequate cushioning can make all the difference when it comes to lightweight shoes since most brands shun flashy sole technologies to minimize weight. The Brooks Ghost 12, however, dares to incorporate both DNA soles and succeeds at retaining its light frame despite the heavy shock-absorbent soling.

Another remarkable feature of the Brooks running shoes is their outsole design. The shoes don an intricate rubber outsole with a CrashPad pattern. This distinctive design is categorized by rows of shock-absorbing blocks angled to receive any stride you take. Not only does this regulate your heel-toe transitions for safe landings, but it also spikes up the cushioning effect. This feature is especially useful for those seeking trail running shoes, as the CrashPad automatically maximizes traction on dirt and gravel surfaces. Such versatile features make Ghost 12 a key contender amongst top running shoes for men.


Lightweight, performance-enhancing designNot suitable for overpronating athletes
CrashPad outsole pattern for improved traction and stabilityMay require a long break-in period for people accustomed to heavy shoes
Superior cushioning with DNA LOFT soling
Available in a range of colors



In the end, the Brooks Ghost shoes accomplish what they promise: limitless performance at the lowest weight possible. They beat competitors with a thoroughly cushioned soling and dual DNA technologies, not to mention the exciting CrashPad outsole. If you are looking for a light yet professional running shoes, then the Ghost 12 should be on top of your list.


Running shoes have evolved ceaselessly over the past decade, dishing out feature upon feature of advanced technologies and groundbreaking designs. Brands like Nike, Brooks, and New Balance have elevated shoe standards with each model they release, but the one that truly rules them all is ASICS. The ASICS Gel-Kayano 27 shoes are backed by the company’s signature gel technology and boost running performance far better than the competition.

The shoes stand out by providing an ultra-stable DuoSupport outsole as well as a brilliantly responsive FlyteFoam midsole. The strongest aspect of the Gel-Kayano 27 shoes, however, remains their gel-based cushioning system, which excels at limiting the negative impacts of long-running sprees. Whether you are an avid racer or simply enjoy running for weight loss, these ASICS shoes promise to transform your runs from casual to athletic perfection, which is what earns them our Winning Pick for Best Running Shoes for Men in 2020.

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