Most experts agree that cycling is one of the healthiest exercises out there, but the privilege of outdoor cycling is drastically limited. A lot of people don’t possess the necessary equipment, location, or physical ability required to cycle outside, and if you rank among them, the recumbent bike is the machine you need.

Recumbent bikes are defined by their comfortable designs. Their seats are extended to support the back and the pedals are installed in front of the body. You can ride a recumbent bike while leaning in a chair-like posture with your legs in front, which is what makes it ideal as a low-impact workout machine. As compared to an upright or spin bike, a recumbent bicycle offers less rigorous, but more supportive exercises. There are countless models of recumbent bikes on the market, with each boasting its own catalog of qualities. If you aren’t willing to spend heavily though, you can still acquire a remarkable biking experience without exceeding $400.

A low-priced exercise bike can be a risky investment, but we have compared the top industrial models through extensive testing routines to help you find the perfect match. If you are serious about upgrading your lifestyle with a recumbent bike, the following models are the best bikes you can find under $400!


Best Recumbent Exercise Bikes Under $400 (Comparison)

ProductKey FeaturePrice
Vanswe Recumbent Exercise Bike - ( Editor's Choice)380lbs capacity, 16-Level resistanceCheck Price
Sunny Health & Fitness SF-RB4708 Magnetic BikeMovable handlebarsCheck Price
Exerpeutic 2500 Desk BikeAdjustable DeskCheck Price

(Editor’s Choice):  Vanswe Recumbent Exercise Bike

Vanswe is a breakout brand that has established its dominance in the gym machine industry through exceptional stationary bike models. The Vanswe Recumbent Bike is packed with features to maximize your riding performance and comfort.

The bike employs a magnetic resistance system for the belt drive with 16 levels of tension control. You can cycle through these intensity levels through an integrated knob, which makes it easy to adjust tension while riding. Most recumbent bikes tend to be space-hungry, imposing a greater footprint than upright bikes, but the Vanswe slim cycle spreads barely 45x20x40 inches across the floor. Its 53-pound weight and front-paneled wheels complement the size, making it easy to transport, unlike most recumbent bikes you will find.

Despite possessing such a compact frame, however, the Vanswe bike is impressively durable. It is founded on a tough steel base that can endure heavy weights up to 380lbs. A typical recumbent bike often reaches its limits at 250lbs, which is what renders the Vanswe recumbent bike so intriguing. If you are overweight and afraid of spending enormous sums for an appropriate bike, Vanswe Recumbent is the exercise cycle you should order. Its supportive height range falls between 5’2 and 6’1, which is sufficient for a majority of indoor biking enthusiasts.

In terms of performance, you will find the Vanswe recumbent bike an amazingly quiet machine. Its double belted drive and bearing-infused mechanics merge to smoothen the ride, eliminating noise. The bike seat, although less padded than desirable, allows remarkable customizability. You can adjust the seat location according to your liking through its Infinite Slider. This feature replaces typical fixed-position settings most bikes offer and ensures that you ride in the most comfortable posture. Your bike workout is tracked and displayed through the in-built wide-screen LCD. Not only does it carry standard tracking functionalities, like pulse rate, distance, and speed but it is also equipped with Bluetooth circuitry. You can link it with numerous fitness apps on your smart device to optimize each cycling workout. The LCD is also significantly more readable than most bike monitors due to the wide, tablet-like display.

Vanswe has labeled a 3-year frame warranty and 90-day parts warranty atop the Recumbent Bike, so you needn’t be concerned about the bike’s sturdiness. In the world of budget recumbent bikes, Vanswe is undoubtedly one of the best models available.

Infinite Sliding seat adjustmentNot suitable for people taller than 6’2
Wide-screen Bluetooth LCDThe seat may require additional padding
Compact, lightweight body
3-year frame warranty
Massive 380lbs weight capacity



Vanswe Recumbent is an impressive indoor cycling bike with an exciting balance of size and support that you won’t see in most competing models. Its frame is light and compact while boasting a 380lbs weight capacity, something even top-notch gym machines shudder to claim. The customizable seat and wide-screen Bluetooth LCD are outstanding add-ons that push the Vanswe Recumbent bike into our number 1 spot.

Sunny Health & Fitness SF-RB4708 Magnetic Bike

When researching budget gym machines, Sunny Health & Fitness is the name that always pops up. This marvelous brand has garnered global attention through a series of low-priced, gym-worthy exercise equipment, and the SF-RB4708 recumbent bike is one of their best-selling products.

This Sunny recumbent bike possesses an attractive, silver-grey body assembled from premium metal components, with 8 levels of magnetic resistance. Its poles are industrially hardened to lengthen the bike life and weight capacity. People weighing even 350lbs can safely ride the bike without overloading its seams. Low-tier indoor cycling bikes often suffer from unpleasant vibrations during a workout, but Sunny Health & Fitness has countered this issue through innovative panel coverings. Its supportive beams are coated with high traction pads that stabilize the bike, even allowing you to adjust the bike level on uneven/carpeted surfaces.

What makes the Sunny SF-RB4708 bike truly outstanding, however, is its handlebar design. Most recumbent bike handles are rooted in position with little adjustment support whereas this Sunny bike carries long, movable bars. They are synchronized to move alongside the pedals, simulating an elliptical gym workout. The bike enables you to exercise your arms and upper body muscles alongside the legs while maintaining a lean-back posture. Such a handle design multiplies the calories you burn with each session, enhancing the effectiveness of any weight loss workout.  You won’t find many low-priced recumbent bikes that can deliver such versatile upper body exercises on their own. If you are confined to recumbent machines, due to a disability or other health concern, Sunny SF-RB4708 is the best home gym tool to maximize your workout intensity.

The bike seat is oversized and designed to improve posture while riding. Its distinct locking mechanism allows it to be readily adjusted, even while you are seated. To stabilize your ride, the bike’s pedals are engineered to self-adjust their position. They are layered with advanced, non-slip soling and tough straps that will grip your foot reassuringly. Moreover, you can keep up with your activity statistics through the inbuilt monitor, which includes pulse rate readings and scans as well. This delightful palette of specifications is why the Sunny SF-RB4708 ranks among our top 3 recumbent bikes under $400.

Moveable handlebars for arm exerciseHeavier than conventional bikes
Self-leveling pedalsLimited levels of magnetic resistance
Durable, heavyset construction
350lbs weight capacity
Comfortable, oversized seat



As far as recumbent bikes go, the Sunny SF-RB4708 offers the best workout for legs and arms through its movable handlebars. Its heavyset frame and comfort-enhancing features, like self-leveling pedals and oversized seat, push it into direct competition with far more expensive machines. Therefore, if you’re waiting for some miraculous exercise bike for sale, just purchase the Sunny recumbent bike and enjoy premium gym benefits under $400.

Exerpeutic 2500 Desk Bike

Exerpeutic’s 2500 desk bike brings an innovative perspective to the recumbent bike world. With an integrated desk and outstanding magnetic drive, this Exerpeutic masterpiece is a dream for all who lack the time for daily exercise.

Exerpeutic 2500 is a mighty recumbent bike armed with a powerful magnetic flywheel. It relies on 14 levels of magnetic resistance to output smooth, unfaltering rides. The bike frame can take on weights as high as 250lbs. Although this capacity is lower than other bikes on this list, Exerpeutic makes up for it with a feature-laden body.

The Exerpeutic 2500 bike is equipped with a wide desk instead of handles. The desk is meant to accommodate smart devices, books, and laptop computers. It allows you to study or work while pedaling your way to weight loss. This is a remarkable feature for those who desire a comprehensive workout but struggle to fit it into their schedule. On the Exerpeutic 2500 bike, you can simply ride and acquire a decent workout for legs at home while carrying on your work/study. The desk possesses massive adjustment potential, with up/down, forward/back, and tilt functions. Needless to say, such eccentric designs are not common in low budget gym machines, and if you cannot afford to spend hours pursuing total gym workouts, a machine like Exerpeutic 2500 is the best exercise bike for you.

Sitting across a desk can get tiresome for your back and hips, and the Exerpeutic 2500 bike has crafted a remarkable seat to prevent this issue. The recumbent bike seat is engineered with AirSoft technology, a comfort-centric foam design that provides enormous amounts of cushioning. It will support and soothe your body while you spend hours working on your laptop. The bike also boasts Bluetooth functionality that connects with Exerpeutic’s Smart Cloud fitness app. It will track your activity, from calories burned to distance traveled, while you focus on work.


Adjustable desktopLow weight capacity (250lbs)
Airsoft Seat technologyNo handles for hand support
Bluetooth functionality with Smart Cloud app
14-level magnetic resistance
3-angle Adjustable Backrest


Exerpeutic 2500 Desk Bike is a unique exercise option geared towards busy individuals. Its adjustable desktop ensures that you never miss a second of work while coursing through a cycling workout. The bike’s 14-level magnetic resistance and Bluetooth app tracking functions set it apart from other desk bikes, delivering effective workouts comparable to expensive gym machines.


Each of our top 3 picks delivers an impressive cycling workout in the recumbent posture. Even the best stationary bike, however, must be compatible for home use in order to appease low-budget buyers, which is what makes Vanswe Recumbent Bike our Editor’s Choice product.

The Vanswe Bike managed to support heavyweight folks up to the 380lbs margin while being exceptionally lighter than most competing models. Its construction promises endurance and stability while being easy to move around through integrated wheels. Both the Sunny and Exerpeutic recumbent bikes failed to match such compactness. Moreover, Vanswe recumbent bike boasts 16 levels of magnetic tension control and a Bluetooth-equipped, wide-screen tracking LCD that you won’t find it its low-budget competitors. This specialized design makes it ideal for long, effective workout sessions at home, making it our number 1 choice among recumbent exercise bikes under $400.

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