Manual treadmills are the best low budget option for walking workouts at home. A manual treadmill does not demand heavy supplies of electricity to power its belt, but rather it is fueled by your movement on the track. You control the treadmill speed and intensity, which makes manual treadmills far more cost-effective than their electric counterparts.

A good manual treadmill provides a smooth, unflinching belt drive with decent shock absorption and convenient features. If you are seeking a manual treadmill for home use, compactness is a significant consideration. The manual treadmill must be lightweight yet strong, capable of supporting your weight without struggle. A foldable treadmill is an ideal addition to any home gym as it occupies little space while not in use. The best treadmill for home use must also be reasonably priced and carry appropriate fitness tracking facilities that can aid you in optimizing your workouts and reaping the numerous benefits of walking.

There are several top brands today that manufacture diverse manual treadmills, but it can be tough to pinpoint the right one for you. To help you out, we have conducted a thorough analysis of each top treadmill in the market, testing them based on various performance factors and price value. Discover below our review of the 3 best manual treadmills to have in your home!


Best Manual Treadmills for Home (Comparison)

ProductKey FeaturePrice
Sunny Health & Fitness SF-T7723 Manual Treadmill - ( Editor's Choice)Multi-grip handrails, 300lbs weight capacityCheck Price
EFITMENT T017 Adjustable TreadmillIntegrated Arm ExercisersCheck Price
Fitness Reality TR1000 Manual TreadmillSmall, compact designCheck Price

(Editor’s Choice):  Sunny Health & Fitness SF-T7723 Manual Treadmill

No brand can outpace Sunny in the race for affordable gym machines. Sunny Health & Fitness pours unfiltered care into each of their products, and their SF-T7723 manual treadmill stands testament to that fact. This outstanding manual treadmill represents the company’s expertise at minimizing costs without cutting corners on machine performance.

The SF-T7723 treadmill is assembled from sturdy aluminum components with a 110-pound frame. Its folding body is based on a smart, compact design that significantly whittles down the machine’s footprint, ensuring you can store it in small rooms with ease. The belt tread surface stretches to 53”x16” dimensions, an impressive area for a low budget manual treadmill. It can endure up to 300lbs of weight. There is no electric demand in the machine belt. Instead, it incorporates dual magnetic resistance flywheels to resist your motion, making for a smooth, balanced ride. You can tune the resistance levels by 16 degrees to intensify your workout. Unfortunately, the lack of electric components means there is no digital monitor or fitness tracking facility, but if you are a serious athlete, you probably possess a smart tracking device to aid your workouts.

Unlike most cheap treadmills, the Sunny SF-T7723 is geared towards running workouts as well as walking. You can charge up your muscles with a fast-paced run without fearing belt backlash. Our testers found it incredibly satisfying to turn the belt, remarking about its excellent non-slip traction and unhindered roll. The treadmill is fixed at a 13.5% incline, and although this tilt is non-adjustable, we found it ideal for pumping up the exercise demands. Backed by the high-level magnetic resistance, this incline treadmill will rev up the effectiveness of your leg workouts with unparalleled dexterity, at least in this price range.

Another remarkable aspect of the Sunny SF-T7723 manual treadmill is its handrail frame. The handles extend to the sides and front with welded rails, providing multi-directional grip patterns for versatile postures. They are coated with high-level non-slip chemicals that repel sweat. Most treadmills simply provide plain, contour-less beams for holding, which often limits the type of workouts you can perform on your manual treadmill. Sunny SF-T7723’s handrails, however, allow you to place your arms in several positions and angles, simulating various sports poses like sled training, trail running, etc. They also unleash the potential for exercise aerobics or high-level cardio routines. Not only does this intensive support give you gym-level training at home, but it also eclipses other manual treadmills under $500.

Large tread deck (53”x16”)Non-adjustable incline
Dual Magnetic-resistance flywheelsNo fitness tracking features
16 levels of resistance
Multi-grip handrails
300lbs weight capacity



As far as manual treadmills go, Sunny SF-T7723 is one of the most affordable training machines you can get. It outshines the competition by allowing access to running and high-level athletic training through 16 levels of magnetic resistance and an innovative set of handrails. Being foldable, the machine is compact and perfect for home-based exercises that will support beginners and athletes alike.


EFITMENT T017 Adjustable Incline Magnetic Manual Treadmill

While other treadmills battle to achieve the toughest workout intensity, EFITMENT has focused on extending the walking exercise instead. Their T017 manual treadmill introduces movable arm handles into the classic treadmill design, simulating the full-body exercise of an elliptical.

EFITMENT T017 is a beautiful steel treadmill with magnet-based belt resistance. The belt deck is sized 41.5” x 13.5” and offers plenty of space for long strides and wide folks. It can only accommodate people with a weight up to 220lbs, which can be a downside for certain overweight individuals, but if you fall below this weight limit and desire a complete home-based exercise, the EFITMENT T017 is sure to appease you. This manual treadmill boasts an adjustable incline facility with possible settings ranging from 7 to 9 degrees. It allows you to walk uphill and spur your body to summon greater amounts of energy, burning more calories with each stride.

What makes EFITMENT T017 manual treadmill truly outstanding, however, are its movable arm handles. These handles are attached next to the typical horizontal support beams and are ergonomically curved to move alongside your hands during a walk. They let you engage your arms and upper body muscles in each treadmill workout. Most manual treadmills barely warm up to your thighs in a workout, which is what makes EFITMENT’s innovative arm exercisers so brilliant. They allow access to a range of full-body cardio routines without having to invest in an elliptical or curved treadmill. You can further spice up your walks by tuning the belt resistance. If you are seeking a versatile, engaging exercise machine at home, order yourself the EFITMENT T017.

This manual treadmill is integrated with a smart digital monitor. It actively displays your activity statistics, including speed, time, distance, pulse rate, and calories. EFITMENT has optimized the machine for home use with inbuilt folding capability. As compared to other home gym equipment, this portable treadmill is incredibly compact; its integrated wheels and 80lbs weight make it easy to transport around the home.

Movable Arm ExercisersLow weight capacity (220lbs)
Equipped with pulse rate sensorsIncline does not shift to 0/180 degrees
Built-in Digital Monitor
3-level adjustable incline


The EFITMENT T017 manual treadmill provides access to an intriguing workout you won’t see in competing treadmills, roping your upper body into exercise through movable arm handles. You can track your fitness statistics through its digital monitor to maximize training efficiency. The folding treadmill’s compact body can be conveniently moved through integrated transport wheels, which makes it one of our top picks for home use.


Fitness Reality TR1000 Manual Treadmill

Fitness Reality is a brand doted with affection by global home gym enthusiasts. Their exercise tools, whether it be a running machine or a manual treadmill, strive to deliver well-rounded, home-based performance that rivals monstrous gym machines. Fitness Reality TR1000 ranks among the brand’s best-selling products, and the reason became apparent when we tested it.

The Fitness Reality TR1000 is a foldable manual treadmill that imposes the smallest physical footprint among all the models we tested. It possesses an elegant alloy-steel frame sized 47”x 23” x 51” in length, width, and height. These dimensions are significantly slimmer than a typical manual treadmill, compressing even further while folded and suit users with space-conscious priorities. Despite being a small treadmill, though, TR100 boasts a mighty 230lbs weight capacity. The machine’s own weight is only 49 pounds, a surprising contrast to most low-budget gym machines that possess 80-100 pounds of bulk. You can move it around your house single-handedly and store it in a folded position to free up room space.

The Fitness Reality manual treadmill riles up your body with an intricate belt-drive system equipped with dual flywheels. The flywheels combine to erect massive resistance levels against your tread, making for an intense but smooth walking experience. We found the belt operation to be pleasantly silent even when while engaged in fast-paced runs. A low-priced manual treadmill rarely brags about such a quality, which is what sets Fitness Reality TR1000 apart from the competition. Although you cannot expect a high-level running performance from the machine, you can raise the tread belt’s incline to 2 positions, 6 and 10 degrees, to amp up the workout intensity.

Furthermore, Fitness Reality TR1000 allows you to track your fitness statistics through its handle-integrated digital LCD. The monitor display is crafted with readability in mind, and you can notice it the moment you step onto the belt. And now the most shocking part: Fitness Reality TR1000 is priced at less than 200$! You cannot hope to find such diverse elements even in a used treadmill under $200, let alone a new, warranty-supported beast like Fitness Reality TR1000. Stop chasing a treadmill for sale and purchase the Fitness Reality TR1000 for an affordable, premium gym experience.

Small, compact designNot suited to fast-paced running routines
Foldable railsSmall size may be insufficient for people over 6’0”
Fitness tracking monitor with enhanced readability
2-level adjustable incline
Ultra-quiet belt operation


Fitness Reality TR1000 is an eccentric manual treadmill packed with high-level features. Its adjustable incline, silent tread belt, and fitness tracking functions make it a delightful machine for casual home exercise. The treadmill’s space-efficient body is what pushes it into our top 3 picks for home exercise.



Most people assume that the best manual treadmills inhabit expensive brand catalogs like a NordicTrack or Life Fitness treadmill, which often repels buyers seeking a treadmill for home. We, however, have discovered some remarkably affordable machines that deliver gym-worthy workouts while facilitating the space-conscious, low maintenance environment of a home. Our top 3 picks slide out an arsenal of features to satisfy your home workout demands, but the one that shows the greatest dexterity is Sunny’s SF-T7723 manual treadmill.

The Sunny SF-T7723 treadmill, through an advanced handrail blueprint, extends the type of walking exercise you can perform at home. Not only that, but its gym-caliber magnetic belt can also take on sonic running routines with 16-levels of resistance. Neither of the competitors could match Sunny SF-T7723’s support for passionate running workouts. Moreover, the Sunny SF-T7723 manual treadmill possesses a large deck and 300lbs weight capacity that outstripped both Fitness Reality and EFITMENT’s specifications without compromising compactness. Being foldable and low-priced, Sunny SF-T7723 is a gem amongst manual treadmills that grants the most rigorous workouts you will find in a home-compatible machine, making it our number 1 pick.

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