Best Hiking Boots For Summer
(Last Updated On: January 4, 2019)

Summer is really the best time for hiking, but simultaneously, you can often feel as if it is the worst possible time and energy to play outside.

The clear skies and long, fresh daylight attract most hikers however, these skies and long days can bake you inside heat. When the temperature rises, it gets not easy to stay motivated and calm.

Having the best hiking boots for summer is must. So, we have gathered the list of best hiking boots to ensure your safety and enjoyment together for summer hiking.



Best Hiking Boots For Summer (Comparison)

Hiking BootMaterial 
Multi Track by Salewa (Editor's Choice)Breathable Nylon MeshCheck Price
KEEN Versatrail Hiking BootsSynthetic & TextileCheck Price
TR1 Trek by AstralFabric & SyntheticCheck Price


Multi Track by Salewa – (Editor’s Choice)

When you want to see the sunshine and sprightly unquestionable footedness of your own next challenging day hike, band on the set of Multi Track.Best Hiking Boots For Summer The light, slight upper along with the wide and even Michelin outsole made fast hiking super amusing. The mitigated midsole and special 3F Total System (a Y-shaped band through the heel in to the lace up) filled with a lots of confidence when running down uncomfortable tracks. The sole’s forefoot heaves are stacked tight and close together, in order that they easily locked to the pins on MTB pedals without slipups. the thin and strong laces tighten quickly where you can little integrated loop so that you can keep them out of your bike manacle, as the sterile Orth Olite footbed reduces stinking soles.

Breathable MeshNone That We Could Find
Sweat Proof


Salewa Multi Track hiking boots for summer are very best. They have high quality material, makes them almost sweat proof thanks to its material and along with quality they offer comfort. These summer hiking boots also has no downsides.




KEEN Versatrail Hiking Boots

Thanks to its elevated heel cushioning, this flexible and nimble shoe appears like it’d are best for running the trails instead of hiking them.Best Hiking Boots For Summer But immediately after jaunts within the woods, the Versatrails definitely shined as light hiker. The sole is flexible, giving your toes a far more nuanced feel for what’s underfoot. The dual-density midsole foam is enough to help keep sharp stuff from becoming uncomfortable. A special speed-lacing product is included in the perimeters with the shoe, in addition to the little bit of sole that creeps within the back from the heel, setting up a secure, cradling comfort when darting around roots and outcroppings.

The outer sole isn’t very leggy and didn’t inspire a great deal of confidence when you hit slippery patches of wet ground or muddy spots, nevertheless the shoe is supple enough for last-minute dodges. And an airy mesh upper, backed using a Keen’s proprietary waterproof membrane, is best suited in case you plant yourself in the puddle or need to battle a number of squalls.

ComfortableRuns Narrow
Nice Looking


These are also among the best hiking boots for summer because they offer comfort, beautiful design and waterproofing with durability the only downside is that they runs narrow for some people and can make slippery and steep hiking trials difficult because of flat arch.




TR1 Trek by Astral

Astral is most beneficial recognized for making life jackets and water shoes that seasoned river guides won’t launch without, so it’s no surprise that its rugged TR1 hikers are equipped for trail adventures near to the water.Best Hiking Boots For Summer A beefed-up water shoe in the mind, the Trek was created to survive being soaked—I love the water-shedding canvas upper, along with the channels and ventilation built to quickly remove water through the shoe. It’s light, airy, and cozy enough when wet to use throughout the day, though, the shoe’s burly 5mm lugged sole—made at a grippy rubber compound called G.15—deftly handled scree and clung to cliffs as the tough polyurethane bumpers around the toe and heel easily brushed off encounters with pointy rocks. They’re developed a bit wide, so men with wide feet will feel right in the home within these hikers

ComfortableCan Be Hard On Toes


No doubt, these shoes are very comfortable offer excellent support in slippery and watery places with its durable waterproofing. These hiking boots are also very lightweight, but their front material can be hard for sensitive feet and can make your toes sore.




Hiking Tips In Summer

You can still utilize the beautiful outdoors inside same scorching temperatures. You just should take few precautions before venturing out.

Don’t encourage the weather stop you making some beautiful memories.

Here are few tips for hiking in the sunshine that you can know before venturing out.

Check Weather

Don’t only consider that you will be fine throughout the trail. Hot weather carries a massive amount risks. It is vital to look at the weather forecast before organizing a trip.

Humidity can be quite a manifestation of rainfall. Be prepared beforehand.

Thunderstorms may also be prone to happen if it’s hot. Keep yourself safe in many situations. So, investigate the weather before you go out.

Start Early or Finish Late

Another easy way to prevent heat is usually to start your trip early in the morning or inside the late afternoon or evening. Skip the midday heat, don’t hike between 11 a.m. to a few p.m. Hike over the coolest time. Be an Early Bird or possibly a Night Owl.

Choose Your Trail Wisely

Hiking in the shady forest differs from through an uncovered mountain pass. So, you’ll want to choose your trail wisely. Your trail should include shady sections to rest for little while.

Try to find a trail that runs along running water/river.

You will get h2o easily

You’ll be capable of refresh yourself and quiet down.

A trail within a lower height is preferred in the event the conditions are going to be hot as a higher trail offers a lower variety of oxygen and stronger UV rays.

Light Apparel

In hot weather hiking, try and wear synthetic clothes as you’ll sweat quite a lot and moisture-wicking clothes can prevent irritation.

It is best which you wear long sleeve shirts, hiking pants, and high-quality boots. The more on the body it is possible to shield in the sunshine, the happier you will end up.

Your boots really should be consisting of breathable fabric so wet feet won’t represent a worry in your hike. Your clothes must be in loose-fitting since it allows better airflow, which keeps you cooler.

Keep Yourself Hydrated

Staying hydrated is the vital thing to each and every successful outdoor adventure. This is particularly essential while you are hiking in scorching temperatures.

Your body loses about one liter of water by the hour for the regular hike. A thought-provoking visit in hot weather can dual that quantity. Make sure you refill, or you will can get parched within a hike in boiling temperatures.

Eat Salty Snacks

A summer hike may result in copious sweating. As water is very important to bring back one’s body fluid levels, you must restock the electrolytes lost through sweat. The most important ones are potassium and sodium. They play a large role in managing your time and energy levels.

Make guaranteed to bring a lot of snacks who have complex carbs. Don’t choose simple carbs like sugary drinks and candy. You can have energy bars or fruit as they are great reasons for complex carbs.

Take Regular Breaks

Continuous hiking in summer is out of the question. Your tired body requires little while to wind down. Regular breaks also permit the body to chill down and sweat to evaporate.

Put your backpack down, lie down, and still provide one’s body some much-needed rest. Drink water and possess some snacks to restock your efforts that helps you stay choosing the subsequent few hours.

You can also desire to take off your hiking boots and airing you and sweaty socks.

Be Aware of Heat Stroke

Be conscious in the indication of heat stroke. Listen to your body and will inform you about when it is possible to push yourself and when it’s time and energy to coast. Eat when you’re hungry, rest while you are feeling tired.

Common Indications Of Heat Stroke

  • Throbbing headache
  • Dizziness
  • Muscle cramps
  • Nausea
  • Disorientation or confusion
  • Lack of sweating, despite hot temperatures
  • If you experience the above-mentioned symptoms, immediately find shade and seek to cool-down without delay.

Protect Your Skin

In such type of scorching temperatures, it is very important you take proper care on the skin.

Sunburns Damages The Epidermis

They also affect body’s ability to cool down the itself, thus increasing perils of dehydration.

Apply a sunscreen having an SPF 30+, 30 minutes before venturing out. Put it underneath your clothes too.

Wear a hat or head covering to be sure that your mind and neck area isn’t getting too hot. Apply many sunscreen and UV-blocking sunglasses

“Better safe than sorry” is undoubtedly a great motto to reside in by.

Always have a very cellular phone and let others know in places you are going to be hiking. In case you encounter problems for any reason you’ll manage to produce a demand immediate help. So, don’t just relax thinking how hot sun and rain will be. Plan, prepare well, and step out!



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