If you are looking to gear up for an action-packed hiking season, the first thing you should arrange is a pair of hiking boots. Navigating the world of hiking can be tricky and time-consuming even for the best of us, especially when it comes to footwear. Hiking shoes come loaded with a vast range of features and complex labels that can leave you scratching your head. But don’t worry, we have constructed a thorough review of top hiking boots to help you understand the dynamics of an ideal pair.

A hiking boot differs from conventional sportswear due to its focus on durability. Manufacturers know you’ll be ranging through coarse, treacherous terrains on your hikes, which is why hiking boots are made to last. They feature tough leather uppers and enhanced rubber soling that can endure the nastiest of surfaces. The real test, however, comes in the form of comfort. While any brand can forge resilient shoes, the best hiking boots also treat your feet with a gentle caress. Remember to scrutinize the sole technologies each brand markets, as flexible midsoles and high-tech cushioning is what makes a hiking boot easy to wear across miles of walking.

Another key aspect that sets hiking boots apart is their compatibility with extreme atmospheric conditions. The best brands layer abrasion-resistant and waterproof linings on their shoes to prepare them for the wild. And of course, given the merciless competition amongst shoe brands, you will find a ton of other eccentric claims as well. After running each popular brand through a rigorous testing routine, we present to you the worthiest hiking boots for men!

Best Hiking Boots for Men 2020 (COMPARISON)

ProductKey FeaturesPrice
Danner Men's Mountain 600 4.5" Hiking Boot - ( Editor's Choice)Full-grain leather, Vibram SolesCheck Price
Salomon Men's Quest 4d 3 GTX Backpacking Boots4D Advanced Chassis,
ContraGrip outsole
Check Price
Columbia Men's Newton Ridge Plus Ii Waterproof Hiking BootsTECHLITE midsoleCheck Price

(Editor’s Choice):  Danner Men’s Mountain 600 4.5″ Hiking Boot

Danner’s Mountain 600 is a mighty pair of boots that promises to serve you faithfully in any terrain. Its technical wardrobe is stuffed with the latest technologies for cushioning, stability, durability, and style, making it our top pick for today.

The shoe upper is made from full-grain leather with a suede finish. Durable and sturdy, the upper exposes minimum stitch linings, setting up an almost seamless look. You may find the suede’s lack of ventilation slightly sweltering on summer days, but if winter hikes are your thing, then these leather boots will keep your feet warm and toasty. You can don them in snowy regions without having to flip your wallet for expensive winter boots. Danner’s signature waterproof technology, called Danner Dry, is plastered onto the upper, making it exceedingly resistant to wetness. You can tread through muddy surfaces without worrying about the moisture penetrating the leather. The shoes even hold up well in rainy conditions.

In terms of design, the Danner hiking boots follow a mid-top model. The shaft rises to enclose the ankles in secure, plush padding. Moreover, the insole is layered upon a TPU heel frame. TPU is a delightful material that displays both rigidity and lightness, providing a tough base for your underfoot. It serves to stabilize and support your feet against the sort of twists a hiking trail demands. For added comfort, there is a nylon shank installed below the insole, readily cushioning your feet.

But that’s not all; the most outstanding feature of these leather shoes is their elite soling. Both the midsole and outsole are engineered by Vibram, a company renowned for its performance-enhancing materials.  Based on an EVA and natural rubber compound, the midsole is generous with its composure, flexing effortlessly to accommodate your gait cycle. Most outdoor shoes come with stiff, non-compromising midsoles in an attempt to protect your feet, but the Mountain 600’s flexibility serves the same function while taking the opposite approach. If you can’t bend your feet to feel the landscape of diverse hiking areas, then you lose the ability to navigate with your feet. Hiking without such a crucial natural sense can be far more dangerous than stray twigs or roots that stiff midsoles claim to protect against.

Moreover, the Vibram Fuga outsole is endowed with a MegaGrip lug pattern. It latches on to leaves, mud, sand, and crevices with astounding ease, making sure you never slip or slide. This combination of flexibility and slip-resistance is why we love Danner hiking boots. Trust me when I say that Danner’s diverse catalog of features is something you won’t find even among the best hiking shoes in the industry.

Flexible Midsole for better controlLimited ventilation in the upper
Protective TPU heel frameThe lightweight body may require a break-in period for aggressive hikers
Stylish suede upper
Slip-resistant Vibram Fuga outsole
Waterproof body with Danner Dry coating


If light hiking is your main agenda, then the Danner Mountain 600s are sure to fulfill each of your needs. The addition of Vibram soling adds superior flexibility and slip-resistance to the shoes, not to mention the highly supportive heel frame with its unparalleled stability. On top of that, the shoes’ lightweight suede body offers an agile sensation comparable to trail running shoes, making these Danners well worth the cash!

Salomon Men’s Quest 4d 3 GTX Backpacking Boots

Salomon is an established power brand when it comes to hiking footwear. Their specialized hiking boots are multi-purpose beasts targeted towards serious hikers, and the Quest 4D 3 is no different. Every element of this shoe is tuned to maximize your comfort for extended periods in the wild.

Comprised of a 100% synthetic upper, the Salomon Quest 4D 3 is comfortable right out of the box. Synthetic leather is quick to adjust into as compared to full-grain hides, so if you wish to skip grueling break-in sessions, then this is your match. The upper is infused with the Gore-Tex membrane, an exceptionally waterproof solution for any situation. It also incorporates a quirky mudguard around the foot base to keep off nasty mud. Although any pair of hiking boots can offer such water-resistance for short periods, the Salomons excel at maintaining moisture-free interiors through days of wet trekking. This is why they are considered the best waterproof boots in the industry.

But that’s not all; what truly sets the Quest 4Ds apart from conventional hiking boots is their intelligent frame design. The shoe is built upon a Sensifit framework integrated with 4D Chassis technology. This remarkable feature works to provide a snug wrap around your feet, arranging your bones into a flawless posture. Each of your steps is guided by the shoe frame, cutting down the fatigue you would normally experience. Regardless of the terrain, the chassis keeps your feet in a secure, streamlined position so that you feel no excessive strain at the end of the day. Due to this adaptability, the shoes rank among the best hiking shoes for women as well.

To further enhance comfort, the shoe features a Molded Ortholite sockliner. This doctor-recommended interior ensures that your feet are always ventilated and secure from shock. Such features make the Quest 4Ds ideal for regular, aggressive hiking.

Furthermore, the shoes exhibit unflinching grip on all kinds of surfaces, from leafy forest floors to runny stream banks. The ContraGrip outsole utilizes an array of lugs that stick to the ground with passion. Such heavy-set modules are why these Salomon hiking boots remain a global preference amongst serious hikers.

Anti-Fatigue foot chassisHeavy
Comfortable Ortholite sockliningMay be overly advanced for casual hikers
Maximum traction with ContraGrip outsole
Waterproof Gore-tex membrane
Short adjustment period


Looking at the Quest 4D 3s‘ flawless build, it’s no surprise that Salomon crushes the best-seller rankings each year. This pair of hiking boots go over the edge to bring you comfort that doesn’t fade after a few miles. You can rely on the shoe’s anti-fatigue chassis and ContraGrip outsole for an extensive yet smooth hiking experience, a perfect treat for adventurous hiking buffs.


Columbia Men’s Newton Ridge Plus II Waterproof Hiking Boot

Lastly, we present the Columbia Newton Ridge II. This beautiful pair falls among affordable hiking boots as well as mens winter boots, making it the best low-budget option on our list.

The Newton Ridges pride themselves on their dual-nature upper, composed of suede leather and mesh lace panel. While the leather upholds the shoe structure and durability, the mesh provides refreshing air circulation around the feet. The shoe possesses a pristine mid-top body that has been carefully seam-sealed at each corner. You don’t have to worry about sole detachment or tears with this pair of hiking boots.

Columbia’s appeal lies in its waterproof technology, and the Newton Ridges need no effort to prove that. The leather upper is coated with PU to restrict the inflow of moisture. This works in conjunction with the seam-sealed body, blocking out all sorts of fluids. Moreover, the shoe’s lace rings are made from stainless metal, so you don’t need to worry about ugly rust creeping onto the shoes. An additional leather panel wraps around the heel area from ankle to outsole, making for an unassailable barrier against mud or sticky liquids.

Such all-around protection is why we chose the Columbia Newton Ridges as top mens hiking boots. If you are an avid hiker, you have probably stifled your desire for high-level water protection given the cheap industrial standards. You can rest assured though that the Newton Ridge Plus II shoes make no compromise on that front! You can also don this pair on snowy terrains or rough winter days, a facility not found in most hiking shoes for men.

Moreover, the Columbia hiking boots exert surprisingly little weight upon your feet. Their rubber soling, especially the TECHLITE midsole, is purpose-built with weight in mind. Its modified fibers make the sole increasingly responsive. You can feel the energy from each step being reflected in your stride, which can make tiresome hikes more electric!

Treading the wild is a smooth ride in the Columbia Newton Ridge Plus II boots. Due to their Omni-grip traction pattern, the shoes discharge high friction even on slippery surfaces, making them ideal for versatile hiking trails.

Suitable for snowy terrainsSuede leather requires a long adjustment period
Omni-Grip traction patternLight body not suitable for heavy backpacking
Innovative Mesh + Leather body
Lightweight frame
Responsive TECHLITE midsole


The Columbia Newton Ridge Plus II hiking boots are unmatched in terms of water protection and weather compatibility. Whether it be a snowy tundra or a muddy creek, you can count on the Ridges’ PU leather coating and seam-sealed design to keep out the moisture. Coupled with the lightweight midsole and Omni-Grip outsole, these boots are undoubtedly the most versatile pair in their price range.



When it comes to hiking boots, it pays to scrutinize each thread of your shoe before purchase. This is the standard we set as we ran the industrial best-sellers through our multi-dimensional tests, and in the end, our top contestants emerged from the Danner, Salomon, and Columbia brands.

While each pair of hiking boots brought a new card to the table, the Danner Mountain 600s are the true winners. Despite possessing a weather-ready body, the Columbia Newton Ridges failed to keep up with Danner’s stability-enhancing heel frame and superior support structure. And the Salomon shoes, given their heavy, stiff body, fall behind the Danners’ lightweight frame. When it comes to flexibility and ease, the Danner Mountain 600s are simply more convenient for new or casual hikers as compared to the Salomons, which is why they earn our Editor’s Choice title among the best hiking shoes for men 2020!

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