Best Hiking Boots For Hot Weather
(Last Updated On: January 4, 2019)

Hot and humid temperatures present their apparent risks. Knowing these risks will make your mood a nice one or maybe a very dangerous excursion. So you are questioning what I can need to know and exactly how do I plan a hot day about the trails. We will discuss everything about hot weather hiking in this article but first the most important stuff is choosing the best hiking boots for hot weather. We have shared the list below of hiking boots for hot weather also some tips to have the best hiking experience in warm climate.



Best Hiking Boots For Hot Weather (Comparison)

Hiking BootMaterial 
Breeze III Low GTX by Vasquez (Editor's Choice)Leather, Mesh & NubuckCheck Price
Epic Lite by ScarpaSynthetic NubuckCheck Price
Sierra GTX by GarmontSuedeCheck Price


Breeze III Low GTX by Vasquez – (Editor’s Choice)

Breeze III are comfortable, waterproof light hikers have a very classic hiking-shoe style along with a sturdiness underfoot that deftly handles any rough terrain.Best Hiking Boots For Hot Weather air mesh panels woven into your tough nubuck leather upper, providing many breathability (plus toe and heel ventilation ports), whilst the Gore-Tex waterproof membrane shields against splashes into cold creeks. The super-burly Vibram Contact Grip outsole has a Mega grip rubber compound for additional branch on slippery tops, and its particular midsole is created with two densities for plenty of cushioning without sacrificing stability.

WaterproofNone That We Could Find


Breeze III are one of the best hiking boots for hot weather. They are lightweight, water proofing quality is very good and comfort levels are also top notch. These hiking boots also have no downsides.




Epic Lite by Scarpa

Epic Lite is often a primo selection for individuals who need a flat, “zero-drop” hiking shoe joined with Scarpa’s legendarily solid, supportive feel.Best Hiking Boots For Hot Weather Think of it as a hybrid coming from a trail shoe with an approach shoe (designed for progressing to, up, and also over rock walls without slipping). It’s ideal for technical scrambles in high altitude climates in places you have to travel light and fast—but you wouldn’t need to do any extended running of these. The sticky Vibram Mega grip outsole rarely gave way, regardless if stepping on wet leaves plastered on rocks, as well as the rubber band that wraps all the way around the shoe fended off scrapes and squeezes when traveling through close-fitting spots.

Easy FitRuns Narrow For Some
Nice Design


These hiking boots are hybrid one they fit very easily on feet and requires no break in time. Their lightweight design makes them outstanding from climbing Rocky Mountains. They also look super cool while wearing. On downsides, these shoes can run narrow if you have wider feet.




Sierra GTX by Garmont

Sierra GTX have the common features: Gore-Tex waterproofing, handsome suede leather, and Mega grip-boosted Vibram Winkler outsoles, which absolutely devour boulder scrambles that could be far more difficult in lesser boots.Best Hiking Boots For Hot Weather They’re surprisingly light, too. The cuff, tongue, and ankle pads are built asymmetrically, which provides a considerably more natural embrace of one’s feet and ankles, while its relatively roomy toe box allows lots of space for foot splay. One note: While the Sierra GTX is comfy enough out with the box, we propose breaking it using sometimes before you go on any epic hikes, mainly if you have extensive feet.

Gore TexWaterproofing Quality Is Par
Easy On Ankles


These are also one of the best pair of hiking boots for hot weather. They have Gore-Tex, and these are the most lightweight boots you are going to find for warm places in the market. Their built is also suitable for ankle support. On downside, these hiking boots are not very good for a lot of water as their water proofing gives in easily.



Some Tips For Hiking In Hot Weather

The following is a stride by step self-help guide to ensure a good and enjoyable hike.

Step 1

Plan your hike. Make sure you possess the necessary essential safety gear within your backpack. This would add a first aid kit, map or GPS, sunscreen, insect repellent, pocket knife, flashlight, water resistant matches, cellular telephone, extra water, sports drink and a few snacks. The amount you bring will needless to say rely on the length of one’s hike as well as the difficulty. You should never hike alone for safety purposes. Tell family or friends of one’s hike details which could include start location, start some time and end time.

Step 2

Hydrate yourself. Make sure you are properly hydrated before and during your hike. This would include drinking a lot of water as well as a sports drink within your choice, orange juice and other liquid can also be a good option. Caution for those who have indulged in alcohol the night time before, you might like to have some additional time for hydrating yourself and recovery since you person’s body is already dehydrated.

Step 3

Dress with the conditions. Wear light colored. lightweight clothing helps in avoiding dehydration and protects the epidermis from exposure to the sun. Use products made out of breathable man-made materials. Wear sunscreen of the spf45 or maybe more and sunglasses when the trail is provided for free of shade.

Step 4

Take some light snacks with the trip. These could include dried nuts and fruit or virtually any granola or power bar. Slightly salted snacks will assist replace the salt you could lose from sweating.

Step 5

Take your efforts. Take frequent breaks to hydrate as well as keep fatigue manageable. Listen to the body and know the body’s limits.

Step 6

Have fun!



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