Best Hiking Boots For Desert
(Last Updated On: January 4, 2019)

If you aren’t accustomed to it, it may seem on the desert as hot, dry, harsh, hazardous and never very appealing. To the contrary, desert hiking can be hugely rewarding and pleasurable for many reasons.

Desert Hiking has certain rewards but to gain those pleasing feels ensure that you have the best hiking boots for desert. Anyhow, given below are few benefits of desert hiking.

  • Pleasant temperatures. The desert might not be hot. Avoid the summer season. The winter offers great hiking temperatures. On the warmest days you may plan your hikes to prevent the greatest part on the day.
  • The insufficient biting insects Those from northern states and provinces where we have been suffering from mosquitoes and black flies for some individuals hiking season will especially can see this.
  • Off-trail hiking. The desert terrain permits you to see for miles and as a consequence invites hiking even areas without trails. Without trees and fewer vegetation, it’s simpler to manage crossing the desert keeping a distant destination around the corner.
  • Diversity of terrain. We sometimes talk about our tours on the American Southwest as “Erosion Tours.” Every area may be affected differently and carved by a lot of water, wind and ice erosion. The resulting variations in land formation include: canyons, natural bridges, arches, windows, pinnacles, tuffs, slot canyons, hoodoos, badlands and sand dunes among others. An amazing diversity of unique forms all waiting for being explored and photographed.
  • You’ll find an abundance of that from the vastness from the desert landscape.
  • Panoramic Views. The desert is significantly from flat. Desert hiking offers countless chances to climb rock mountains to achieve vantage points for any great view.
  • Plants and animals. The desert houses a great assortment of lifeforms that will not exist somewhere else.

Best Hiking Boots For Desert (Comparison)

Hiking BootMaterial 
Lowa Men's Zephyr Mid TF Hiking Boot (Editor's Choice)Leather & SyntheticCheck Price
Rothco Forced Entry BootsLeatherCheck Price
Under Armor Men's Speedfit Leather BootsLeatherCheck Price


Lowa Men’s Zephyr Mid TF Hiking Boot – (Editor’s Choice)

The Lowa brand has been doing business of creating hiking boots for merely 90 a few years all boots are handcrafted in Europe of high quality materials.Best Hiking Boots For Desert The Zephyr Lowa Men’s Hiking boot possesses an upper part made from leather and fabric and is also well-ventilated. The sole is manufactured out of rubber and possesses an excellent grip and texture for desert hiking. It’s a mid-cut boot that features a padded collar and tongue for substantial cushioning. The lining was created to wick away moisture plus helps you to add insulation and comfort. The boot features a removable climate-control footbed to maintain feet cool.

LightweightNone That We Could Find
Does Not Require Break-In Time Period


One of the best hiking boots for desert. Zephyr are lightweight comes with Gore Tex and does not require any break in time. Just wear them without worrying much. The best part is that these hiking boots are free of drawbacks.



Rothco Forced Entry Boots

The Rothco Forced Entry boots make the perfect choice for those people who are employing a small budget.Best Hiking Boots For Desert They are meant to contain the comfort of a tennis shoe together with the robustness of a boot. They are manufactured from leather and suede which has a rubber sole. The upper materials offer breath-ability in summer. The sole is with the mountaineer style and possesses textured grips to assist navigate the dessert terrain.  The boot should withstand experience sun and rain with rust-proof eyelets. These boots furthermore have a steel shank inside to help you add support to make hiking rough terrain relaxed.

InexpensiveCan Be Slippery On Damp Conditions


Cheapest yet best hiking boots for desert. They are truly inexpensive though provides outstanding value. The material is impressively durable and comfort level for feet are also high. The downside is also not very negative, but it can be slippery on damp conditions but you rarely going to go through dampness in desert. So, Rothco are excellent desert hiking boots.



Under Armor Men’s Speedfit Leather Boots

The Under Armour Speedfit hiking boot was made with the reassurance of mind and wears a lot more a footwear compared to a boot.Best Hiking Boots For Desert It is made out of synthetic material and it has a sole that has aggressive traction lugs for stability and grip when hiking. The boot boasts an anatomically molded upper that is created to fit well. The seams and forefoot are welded in such a way to present an incredibly comfortable fit. Inside the boot is often a molded sock liner that features a polyurethane foam top and PU base. Externally the boot includes a heel counter which gives support and enables the boot to fit the end.

LightweightNot Suitable For Heavy Usage
Beautiful Design


UA Speedfit are very comfortable, lightweight and good looking American made hiking boots. They offer the wearer comfort as well as agility. But on downsides, these boots are not suitable for heavy usage and difficult terrains.



Things To Know About Desert Hiking In Winter

Above we discussed some advantage of desert hiking in summers, but you can also do hiking in winters and following things you can expect in winter desert hiking.

  • You still have to carry lots of h2o while not nearly as almost as much as in hotter temperatures, however it doesn’t always have to weigh you down. We’ve learned that using waist packs lets us carry enough water for the day-hike of perhaps 6 or 8 hours (2 full 1-litre Nalgene’s per person). With the weight directly over our hips, we barely notice we’re carrying any weight in any respect.
  • Most consumers are scared of snakes though the poisonous variety, rattlesnakes, are hardly ever found in winter months after we do nearly all of our desert hiking. They only appear once the days get hotter and spring moves into summer. Even then, sound judgment and caution will help you avoid an encounter.
  • Since nearly all of the rain falls during the summer time monsoon season, danger for flash floods is just not extremely high in the winter months. Even so, in case you are hike is thru a slot canyon, you need to look into the weather forecast for your area. A flash flood is a result of water gathering from rains that could fall in areas far. Don’t camp in washes don’t forget which simply since it is not raining in which you are, does not mean you’re protected from a flash flood unless you’re on high ground.
  • Most vegetation within the desert has thorns or cactus barbs attached but considering that the vegetation is additionally sparse (apart from the washes) it’s easily visible and in most cases avoidable even if you’re hiking off-trail.
  • Although morning might be quite warm, nighttime temperatures can drop below freezing. You’ll should be prepared for this, should you be backpacking and camping.
  • Getting lost anywhere can be a very bad thing. The remoteness of the many desert locations help it become much more important to possess a compass and topographical map and learn how to utilize them.
  • The deserts from the American Southwest are incredibly open to everyone who wishes to explore them. Just prevent the summertime and go properly prepared. You’re sure to use a rewarding hiking experience.



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