Best Hiking Boots For Backpacking
(Last Updated On: January 4, 2019)

It’s a straightforward law of backpacking: make use of the lightest boots thinkable, and you may save dynamism. So why shall we be held rounding within the best hiking boots for backpacking? While trail runners are nice for moving bright and debauched, you will need something huskier and even more helpful for big heaps or uneven, murky ground.

Now, with modern construction techniques, the best hiking boots for backpacking permit you to relish that provision without feeling like you’re dragging blocks around on the bases. Start your journey with our preferences below.


Best Hiking Boots For Backpacking (Comparison)

Hiking BootWeight 
Merrell Men's Mqm Flex Mid Waterproof (Editor's Choice)1 lbsCheck Price
Oboz Sapphire Mid Waterproof2 lbsCheck Price
Salomon Men's X Ultra 31 lbsCheck Price
Zamberlan Trackmaster GTX2 lbsCheck Price


Merrell Men’s Mqm Flex Mid Waterproof – (Editor’s Choice)

A sole TPU heel counter protected feet documented on practical ancestries, while branded M Select DRY waterproofing kept With M Select hiking boots for backpacking Merrell puts a very thin waterproof coating (alike one cars uses in rain bullets) underneath the MQM Flex’s upper. But, due to the hiking boot’s typically mesh face, dry time do not hurt, in spite of the water-resistant crust.

LightweightNone That We Could Find
Easy On Feet


One of the best hiking boots for backpacking because they are very lightweight, feels very comfy and fits nicely on your feet. These shoes also have no downsides which make them stand farther than other backpacking boots.



Oboz Sapphire Mid Waterproof

Oboz uses B-dry water-resistant technology with breathable upper crust to make your feet as comfy as hiking boots for backpacking For sole they use PU for stronger grip. The upper sole is made of Nubuck material.

ComfortableNone That We Could Find
Strong Grip
Water Proofing Is Top Notch


These hiking boots are for women whom looking to have best experience while wearing backpacks they are comfortable yet have strong grip for trials also the quality of water proofing is excellent.




Salomon Men’s X Ultra 3

Men’s X by Salomon has comfortable heel with OrthoLite material to protect your feet and hiking boots for backpacking Water proofing levels are very high you can even take your boots in deep water and they will sway it. Their material is not breathable so, you can experience sweaty feet in humid and hot conditions.

PowerfulNot Breathable
Ortholite Integrated


Salomon Men’s hiking boots for backpacking are very strong, keep you grip even very muddy grounds also their waterproofing is very powerful they can keep themselves waterproof even if you stand in a lake for a while. On downside, they do not have breathable material so, you can suffer sweat and heat in humid climates.




Zamberlan Trackmaster GTX

Trackmaster GTX are powered via PU sole which makes them extremely strong and gripping and you can stand comfortable even with hiking boots for backpacking It’s Waterproofing even beats the quality of Salomon Men’s X. You can melt the snow on them and they will not pass through your boots at all. Like Men’s X their upper material is not breathable. Better than Solomon but not extremely good.

Good BuildBreathability Is Average
Very Fitting


Zamberlan truckmaster has very good and sturdy material. They are also very comfortable and fits perfectly to your feet. The only downside is that they have the bad breathability and that’s all



How To Buy The Best Hiking Boots For Backpacking?

Backpacking can be extremely strenuous for a feet because doing so requires hiking on different terrains you could visualize. That is why it is recommended that you buy the proper backpacking boots that may give your toes the support that they must avoid injury.

When you are going backpacking, you are doing all the work. But having said that, no matter what happens in your feet will likely be felt inside the other places of your body at the same time much like your legs, back, shoulders and neck. So if you avoid the right backpacking boots, your entire body rather than only your toes, will be affected the aftermaths.

Backpacking boots are acknowledged to become the most important equipment you should bring about a hiking trip. If you are not wearing the appropriate hiking boots on your backpacking trip, the feet will feel terrible and this also could greatly get a new whole experience with the backpacking.

There are 2 types of backpacking boots you could select from. You can go for the leather kind or lightweight type. Leather hiking boots for backpacking trips isn’t only comfortable however they are highly durable too. They can work for a number of years although you may put them on every day. Its material also allows waterproof spray paint used on it that is very beneficial for trekking wet terrains.

Lightweight backpacking boots, alternatively, now offers comfort but are not as durable because the leather ones. But the plus side to this kind of backpacking boots is that it is a bit more affordable than your leather boots. Whatever sort of hiking boots you would like, what’s most critical quite simply opt for the one which gives feet the correct fit.



Light weight hiking boots usually are made of waterproof leather and nylon. This makes these boots lightweight and offers them breathability and ventilation. Ventilation makes perfect, especially during warm weather, since this allows the hiker’s feet to be dry and totally free of blisters. Hiking boots involving nylon or polypropylene insoles and polyurethane midsoles are likely to give are more durable support and shock absorbency.

One in the attributes of hiking boots which might be light in weight is they require hardly any “break-in” time. Because these are created from nylon and leather, these boots currently have some flexibility. Another advantage these kinds of boots may be the low impact they have got about the environment. They are constructed with smaller lugs therefore the imprint they avoid is less shallow as opposed to deeper imprints put aside by a few of their heavier counterparts. This actually contributes to less soil erosion, laptop computer for your environment. A disadvantage in lightweight hiking boots could be the seams. Since these are nylon and leather, they can be several seams in the pair of boots. Where there are seams, there may be the potential with the boot to return apart.



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