When going camping, every space and tool matter. You have to pack light without forgetting the essentials. You might have to do certain compromises with certain conveniences, but at least you bring enough that will make your trip enjoyable and with fewer hassles.

And if you are bringing the rest of the family with you, you have to take note of each member’s needs. Having kids may mean more in your pack, and it is a must that you carry a family camping tent that has enough space for everyone.

A complete family camping trip gear should include a big camping tent. It has to have ample space for both your things and the family members. It should also be sturdy enough to withstand rain or strong winds but must be easy to set up and pack, too. And bonus if it is lightweight and compact to carry.

Camping with kids is surely a fun and memorable experience. You might hear some protestors for the lack of Wi-Fi or air conditioning, but if you include trips like this regularly, children who know how to find enjoyment in the great outdoors are generally happier and more content. They can also learn a lot of practical skills from camping trips that they can use in their lifetime. Just at least, do not cave into bringing more gadgets with you.

In exchange for foregoing their conveniences at home, at least make them a comfortable space to rest during your camping trip. Here at Top Best Reviews, we checked your online options for the best family tent to bring. We used the following criteria to narrow down the choices to our top 3 recommendations:

  • Space
  • Durability
  • Ease of setting-up and packing
  • Weight
  • Weather resistance
  • Comfort

Here’s our 3 recommended and best family camping tent for your next family getaway.


NameKey Feature 
Coleman Elite Montana Tent with Lights- Editor's ChoiceDesigned with the WeatherTec system which makes it water-resistant; Comes with LED lights with 3 operating modes – low, medium, and highCheck Price
Columbia Mammoth CreekComes with removable space divider; Omni-shield technology for water resistanceCheck Price
Wenzel 8 Person Klondike TentA total of 98 square feet of space including the screen roomCheck Price

Coleman Elite Montana Tent with Lights – Editor’s Choice

This family camping tent can also pass as a family cabin tent with its room and height that are both generous to house about 8 people at the same time.

The whole space measures 16 x 7 feet and is about 6 feet and 2 inches in height. That’s 112 square feet of space for your family and your belongings. You can fit in up to 3 queen-sized airbeds, with enough remaining space for your things. You can also walk tall and straight inside, much like having your own cabin in the woods. Did I just say it is also a good family-size tent for glamping?

If you are eyeing on going several nights of a family camping trip, then the installed LED lights can definitely help you thrive at nighttime. This family camping tent comes equipped with 6 built-in CPX LED lights that can provide up to 100 lumens of light. The lights can be powered by either 4 pcs of D batteries or the included CPX-6 power cartridge with an energy pack. The energy pack is rechargeable and can also power your other gadgets via the built-in USB slot.

Your family camping tent will also be visible enough in your surroundings without distracting the surrounding wildlife too much.

If you are worried about encountering a rainy camping trip, or just simply anticipating the worst and getting ready for it, then you’ll have peace of mind with the Coleman Elite Montana Tent with Lights. It is equipped with the WeatherTec system, a technology that defers water penetration from all the sides, top, and bottom of your family camping tent. This makes it the best waterproof family tent.

In addition to providing you the ease of access and protection from rain, this family camping tent utilizes a door and windows that fold up only allowing light and wind but not rain. It is angled such to be able to do this, which also circulates the air and provides good ventilation inside.

This family camping tent is also easy to install. Usual first-timers might take about half an hour at most, but once you get hold of the process, it becomes easy-peasy at around 15 minutes. And as easy as the assembly, so as the pack-up. The whole system makes it easy for you to fold and pack away your tent in the included carry-on.

Designed with the WeatherTec system which makes it water-resistantThe raised door sill can trip you while entering or leaving your tent
Generous room (16’ x 7’) and height (6’2”)
Easy to install and pack away
Comes with LED lights with 3 operating modes – low, medium, and high


Coleman subjects their tents to strict quality control. They test them under the most common and natural weather conditions you can experience in a family camping trip such as rain and wind. Their tents are especially designed to withstand untoward weather disturbances that are fairly common. The Coleman Elite Montana Tent with Lights is a good investment for your family.


Columbia Mammoth Creek

If you need a large family tent that is flexible for your needs, this family camping tent is for you.

First, the Columbia Mammoth Creek has a removable room divider, which allows you to create a private space within the same tent. But if you need more room with better air circulation, you can always set the configuration back to the open one.

Next, tent camping with kids will need a lot of wiggle room for them to be comfortable. This family camping tent measures 14’ x 8’ or 112 square feet of floor area. Its height measures 6’3”, allowing you to roam inside without crouching. This wide-open space also encourages good ventilation, making it comfortable to stay inside sans the AC.

More on comfort, this huge tent for camping has vents and mesh covers that allow as much air inside for proper circulation.

Despite these open spaces, you will not worry about rain getting inside. The windows are made to be pop-up, so they can remain open to allow air to come inside minus the rain. In addition, this family camping tent is made of fabric that is coated to repel water. The technology called Omni-shield allows your tent to dry faster so you can easily pack it away, as well as stays light even after soaking in water.

The Columbia Mammoth Creek is also easy to assemble. Just follow the instructions in the manual. You can also feel the same convenience when it’s time to pack away, allowing your kids to help you with the task.

Generous space at 112 square feet, 76” in heightThis is basically just water-resistant but not water-proof
Comes with a removable space divider
Omni-shield technology for water resistance
More ventilation


The Columbia Mammoth Creek fits most modern family campers with its features like generous space, including space divider, water-resistance technology, and areas for ventilation.


Wenzel 8 Person Klondike Tent

If large cabin tents would suffice your need but you need something more portable, the Wenzel 8 Person Klondike Tent fits your requirements.

This family camping tent is the most generous when it comes to space among the other tents on this list. It measures 16’ by 11’, and 6.5’ in height. And wait, there’s more! You will also get a screen room, which is about an extra 60 square feet of space.

Now the screen room is a featured space, which allows you to have an area that receives light and air more handsomely than the main space. You can use this as your base during the daytime, a sheltered area to eat or work on something, or extra space for your things.

The Wenzel 8 Person Klondike Tent considers itself as an all-weather family camping tent. It has mesh windows and a roof to allow good air circulation but not the bugs. This makes it a good day family camping tent.

When it comes to durability, this family camping tent is made of polyester fabric with PU coating. This weather armor is water-resistant, the same as the rest of the elements like the double-stitched seams, even the threads, and zippers. It is also with fiberglass-like frames and has corners engineered to provide stability and extra support for high winds.

A total of 98 square feet of space including the screen roomThe mesh covers make the space too cold
With a screen room
Mesh windows and door, and extra mesh vents in the ground, for better air circulation


If you need more space to divide your activities during a family camping trip, you’ll definitely appreciate the Wenzel 8 Person Klondike Tent’s spacious area.


Final Verdict

Family cabin camping trips should always be a memorable and pleasant experience. And packing the right camping gear can make or break it, especially when you have kids. A sturdy and resilient tent is an essential investment if you want a good compromise between safety and comfort in the great outdoors.

The Coleman Elite Montana Tent with Lights got the right size and space for your family of 8, making it the best tent for family camping. It is also a good investment with its sturdy material and built. Its outstanding water resistance and stability make it great to use no matter what the weather is your family will encounter.

In addition, the Coleman Elite Montana Tent with Lights is thoughtfully designed and the best family tent to provide you the comfort and space you need while your family explores the world outside your home.

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