Cycling is one of the healthiest exercises for maintaining a healthy and active lifestyle, but not everyone can handle an outdoor bike. The best way to acquire a realistic cycling workout at home without suffering the hassles of bike maintenance is to invest in an upright stationary bike.

Upright bikes simulate the exact movements involved in outdoor cycling, giving your body a thorough, low-impact workout. As compared to recumbent bikes, an upright bike gets more muscles grinding, positioning your body the way an actual bicycle would: with the torso leaning forward and pedals right below the hip. Various brands are producing upright bikes today, ranging from affordable, minimalist models to eccentric gym monsters.

The best exercise bikes cost somewhere between $800 and $2000, a hefty sum that usually deters hordes of buyers. If you do not wish to indulge in such extravagance, however, you will find that there are plenty of remarkable exercise bikes costing even less than $500. To help you on your search, we have combed through dozens of affordable models, ranking them based on performance, build quality, and design. Here are our picks for the 3 best exercise bikes under $500!

Best Upright Exercise Bikes Under $500 (Comparison)

ProductKey FeaturePrice
Sunny Health & Fitness SF-B2883 Upright - ( Editor's Choice)Programmable monitor, Self-level pedalsCheck Price
Nautilus U616 Upright BikeBluetooth console, 25-level resistanceCheck Price
CIRCUIT FITNESS AMZ-594U Upright Exercise Bike300lbs weight capacityCheck Price

(Editor’s Choice):  Sunny Health & Fitness SF-B2883 Upright Exercise Bike

When it comes to budget gym machines, Sunny Health & Fitness is a brand with no challengers. Their gym machines serve up advanced, well-rounded performances without demanding astronomical prices, and the Sunny SF-B2883 Upright Bike is a perfect example of that.

Costing barely $350, the Sunny SF-B2883 bike is a powerful workout bike that utilizes magnetic resistance. Its 6.6-pound flywheel is integrated with an intricate belt-drive system that resembles the smooth, natural feeling of outdoor biking. You can tune the flywheel resistance to 16 different levels, based on your workout plan or capacity. This is not a feature you find in a typical spin bike and even the ones that do allow resistance manipulation require bothersome manual labor to get the job done. Sunny’s upright bike, however, lets you adjust resistance levels instantly through its in-built digital console. If you plan to conduct a HIIT workout at home, you’ll love this feature.

The exercise bike’s digital monitor is a remarkable piece of technology. It is split into two colored display panels, unlike the monotoned displays you see in cheap bikes. The monitor tracks and outputs your activity statistics, including speed, time, RPM, distance, and calories burned with striking precision. What makes it truly distinct is its programmability; you can load up numerous workouts and schedules onto the console, customizing its display according to your workout needs. The exercise bike handles are fitted with pulse sensors that feed your heartrate readings into the console. Not only is this handy for health-conscious & older individuals, but it also paves the way for accurate, effective HIIT workouts that require detailed statistics for success. The console also carries a BMI application that you can use to estimate your daily physical progress.

Moreover, the exercise cycle is geared to enhance your comfort. Its padded seat is adjustable not only vertically, but also horizontally, which is something you don’t see in most gym equipment. Its pedals are engineered to self-adjust their level relative to your stance. Featuring a non-slip texture and saddle straps for support, these pedals will siphon off the feeling of imbalance that conventional exercise bike pedals often spur. If you decide to place the exercise bike on uneven or carpeted floors, just stretch out the exercise bike’s inbuilt floor-units to enhance stability.

The Sunny Upright Bike can support people weighing up to 240lbs with its muscular steel frame. Whether you are looking to lose weight or train your body, this exercise bike possesses just the tools you need for optimizing your workout.

Programmable digital consoleMust be plugged in to use the console
Integrate Pulse sensorsBike handles are not adjustable
240lbs weight capacity
16-level magnetic resistance
Self-leveling, stable pedals


The Sunny Upright Bike takes cost-effective indoor biking to new heights with its arsenal of comfort features. Its digital console resembles the monitors found in expensive gym machines, with an ability to channel various workout presets while tracking heart rate, BMI, RPM, and activity statistics. With 16 levels of magnetic resistance and 240lbs weight capacity, this exercise bike offers a well-rounded experience suitable for any home.


Nautilus U616 Upright Bike

Nautilus is a trusted brand in the world of gym equipment, and their U616 Upright exercise bike proves that in every aspect. Although it’s pricier than the Sunny SF-B2883, it also brings a greater distribution of features to supercharge your workouts.

The Nautilus U616 is a black, steel upright bike with a magnetic resistance flywheel. The bike’s construction is reassuringly sturdy, with thick, stabilizing beams that can take up to 300lbs of weight without a sweat. Its driving system is specially designed to accommodate such heavy folks. The belt runs along with the flywheel in an optimized pattern that can endure heavy, resistant usage, even during long workout routines. This is what enables it to have 25 levels of magnetic resistance that you can sort through according to your intended workout intensity.

The exercise bike’s digital console is a DualTrack LCD more advanced than any bike you will find under the $500 umbrella. It supports Bluetooth connectivity which you can utilize to access a range of smart functions by connecting it to your phone or tablet. From app-based tracking to free virtual reality simulations, the console functionalities will have you motivated round the clock. There are 29 different workout programs coded within, each organized to provide effective workouts. There is even a USB port and speakers built into the exercise bike. You can charge your smart device by connecting it to the console, placing it in the integrated device holder, and channeling your favorite songs, through the audio jack/bluetooth, into the speakers. How convenient is that for a low budget exercise bike!

In terms of hardware, the Nautilus U616 exercise bike is considerably well-equipped compared to conventional exercise bikes. Upright bikes are often criticized for having uncomfortable seats that lead to a condition called saddle sore, which is why people lean towards a recumbent exercise bike. The Nautilus bike, however, has overcome this issue through an exceptionally comfortable seat. The seat is ergonomically shaped to accommodate the contours of you hips, backed by generous amounts of padding that will keep you painless and soothed.


DualTrack LCD monitor with Bluetooth supportThe seat height may be insufficient for people over 6'2
29 preset workout programsThe bike must be plugged in for resistance
Built-in USB port and speakers
Padded, comfortable seat
25 magnetic resistance levels


Nautilus U616 Upright Bike is meant for those who seek smart technological functionality alongside a rigorous workout. The bike’s DualTrack LCD is laden with exciting features to keep you entertained while you burn calories through 25 levels of resistance. Its comfortable seat further adds to the overall convenience, making Nautilus U616 the perfect exercise bike for a challenging yet fun indoor biking experience.


CIRCUIT FITNESS AMZ-594U Upright Exercise Bike

Circuit Fitness has crafted an amazing exercise bike in their AMZ-594U model. Equipped with a variety of convenience tools, the bike is specialized for home gym environments.

The Circuit Fitness AMZ-594U exercise bike employs magnetic resistance in its flywheel to drive performance. It is composed of high-grade industrial plastic and steel, with foam padding on handles and seats. As compared to conventional exercise bikes, the Circuit Fitness AMZ-594U is a slim cycle that matches a stationary bike stand in terms of space occupancy. It stretches to 37.5 x 22 x 54 inches in length, width, and height, fitting in almost anywhere without obstructing crucial floor space. On top of that, it is fitted with dual transport wheels for easy movement. If you are strapped for space or dislike overly bulky gum machines, the Circuit Fitness AMZ-594U is the bike to own.

Moreover, Circuit Fitness has installed a refreshingly versatile digital monitor into the Circuit Fitness AMZ-594U. It relies on LCD technology to enhance readability and actively tracks your workout statistics, including time, RPM, calory count and distance traveled. Although we did find the calory counter to be less accurate than other bikes, the tachymeter readings were precise. There are also dual pulse sensors placed within the handle for measuring your heart rate. If you enjoy a good cardio workout at home, the pulse sensors can significantly extend your workout effectiveness. You can cycle through 15 different workout-presets on the monitor while making use of the inbuilt USB port and retractable device holder.

The special bike handles are contoured aptly to support your weight and inspire you to attain the ideal posture. Circuit Fitness promises a weight capacity of 300lbs for AMZ-594U. As the seat is adjustable in 4 directions, this further diversifies the range of people who can use this exercise bike. If you are taller/heavier than most people, it can be an agonizing task to find supportive exercise bikes under $500, which is why the Circuit Fitness cycle ranks among our top 3 picks. Ditch your search of an expensive exercise bike for sale and invest in the Circuit Fitness AMZ-594U next time you visit the bike shop.


Contoured, comfortable handlesCalory counter can be inaccurate at times
4-directional seat adjustmentLCD requires a direct electrical connection
Enhanced monitor readability
Retractable device holder
Space-conscious design


The Circuit Fitness AMZ-594U exercise bike goes the extra mile to support people with outlying physical traits, like exceptionally tall heights or heavy bodies. Its digital console, with the integrated USB port and retractable device holder, carries 15 workout-presets to support all difficulty levels. Its space-conscious design and convenient wheels round it up as the best exercise bike for home use.



Each exercise bike caters to different types of cyclists, and it can be challenging to find a well-rounded model without pulling out ridiculous amounts of cash. Our top 3 picks, however, prove that you can acquire a top-notch biking experience while spending under $500. Among the 3 exercise bikes we chose, the Sunny SF-B2883 rose as our favorite model.

Not only is Sunny SF-B2883 cheaper than most competitors in the $200-500 range, but it is also incredibly well-equipped with biking essentials for advanced athletes. Its programmable console parallels expensive bike models with various presets and 16-level resistance that will boost your workout. The bike’s self-leveling pedals and low weight outstripped Nautilus U616 in terms of convenience. The Circuit Fitness bike could not keep with Sunny’s tracking accuracy, which nailed heart rate, calorie, and BMI calculations. Such well-versed functionality is what makes the Sunny SF-B2883 our Top Pick for all budget shoppers.

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