Elliptical machines have become one of the most popular home gym equipment in recent years. Being lightweight and versatile, ellipticals slide smoothly into any workout routine or location, but unlike most gym machines, they don’t cost a fortune to purchase and maintain. Believe it or not, you can acquire a reliable elliptical trainer without roofing through the $300 margin.

An elliptical operates through a flywheel-based design, fusing the dexterity of a treadmill and exercise bike to give you the most stable running experience. As compared to typical exercise machines, an elliptical workout is incredibly low-impact, making it safer for beginners and older folks. Most ellipticals sport dual handles for your arms and allow you to tune the wheel resistance according to your preferences, so you can dive into intense aerobic exercises, burning calories, shedding fat, and training both your upper and lower body. You can even adopt a balance training regimen through an elliptical’s incline/tilt settings.

If you seek the most extensive workouts under a modest budget, and without stuffing your home with multiple exercise machines, an elliptical trainer should be your first choice.  We have compared top elliptical brands in the industry, narrowing down the best machines at a reasonable price tag. Read on to discover our top 3 picks among the best elliptical machines under $300!

Best Elliptical Machines under $300 (Comparison)

ProductSize (L x W x H)Price
Sunny SF-E905 Elliptical Machine - ( Editor's Choice)28" x 17" x 57"Check Price
MaxKare Elliptical Machine41" x 19" x 63"Check Price
Plasma Fit 2-in-1 Elliptical Machine 21.5" x 35.5" x 58.25"Check Price

(Editor’s Choice):  Sunny Health & Fitness SF-E905 Elliptical Machine

Sunny has stormed the gym equipment industry through an arsenal of specialized, affordable workout machines, with the SF-E905 Elliptical Machine at their forefront. This remarkable cross trainer bumps up the convenience of home gyms in every aspect you can imagine.

Engineered from premium metals, the Sunny SF-E905 occupies only 28”x17” inches of ground space. You can cram it conveniently in a small room or corner, allowing about 12 inches of frontal space for handle movement. Unlike the monstrous machines you normally see at a gym, the Sunny SF-E905 can be rolled around and adjusted without any strenuous effort. The front unit is equipped with a set of tough wheels that carry the machine confidently. Once assembled, the machine’s weight maxed out at 69 pounds, making it one of the most compact elliptical options out there.

What makes the Sunny SF-E905 truly exceptional is the level of cardiovascular engagement it offers as a budget elliptical machine. There are two handles welded into the machine in an ergonomic position. While one handle is fixed, allowing you to charge up your legs independently, the upper handle is belted into the flywheel system. This enables access to a myriad of cardio workouts involving not only the arms & legs but also the chest, shoulder, and back as well. A smooth dial lets you tinker with the flywheel resistance across 8 levels. Although the elliptical machine’s stride length is only 11-inches, the intensity-centric design makes up for it. Despite its compactness, though, the elliptical can support people weighing up to 220 lbs. Teenagers and short people find it especially suitable as compared to a heavyset elliptical cross trainer.

Also, Sunny Elliptical Machine offers an array of tracking functions comparable to the best home gym equipment. The elliptical gears calculate your workout statistics with pinpoint precision, allowing you to determine the time, speed, calory, and distance measurements through the in-built Digital Monitor screen. There is also a hand pulse sensor implanted in the handle. If you need to keep an eye on your heart rate during workouts, just grip the sensor and enjoy live heart rate readings. Such an assortment of technical modules is astonishing to find in a home gym machine under $300, and when you consider the machine’s muscular construction, it’s no surprise that Sunny SF-E905 is the best elliptical machine for budget buyers.

Integrated Heartrate SensorCan be loud at high speeds
Compact, wheeled frame for easy movementDoes not support heavyweight people (more than 220 lbs)
Digital monitor for fitness tracking
8-level Magnetic Resistance settings
Built-in floor stabilizer


Sunny’s SF-E905 elliptical machine erases the stigma surrounding cheap workout equipment. It is loaded with fitness tracking modules and intensity settings, all within a sturdy, lasting build. Being incredibly compact, this elliptical machine fits any residence without conspicuousness, emerging as the perfect home gym machine for the entire family.

MaxKare Elliptical Machine

The gym equipment market can be strikingly disheartening when you possess a larger frame than most people. A gym machine under $300 is unlikely to accommodate tall or heavy folks, which is why the MaxKare elliptical machine ranks among our best budget options. This elegant elliptical goes the extra mile to support people with varying body types, both in comfort and functionality.

The MaxKare trainer is constructed from high-grade industrial streel with careful craftsmanship. Its beautiful black body boasts 286 lbs of weight capacity, radiating a sense of power and reliability that you wouldn’t expect from a budget elliptical. Its 11lbs (5kg) flywheel ensures fluid, unflinching motion during long workout sessions. MaxKare employs magnetic resistance technology to optimize the flywheel performance; you can dial up its resistance by 8 levels. What’s more, the elliptical’s stride length stretches to more than 14 inches! If you are familiar with the dynamics of modern gym equipment, you know how astounding these specifications are for such a low-priced machine.

Each element of MaxKare Elliptical extends its convenience. The foot pedals are crafted with an extra-large base and shaped to match your natural foot posture. If you often struggle to fit your bulky shoes on gym machines, you will love the MaxKare elliptical. The pads are lined with an anti-slip covering to maximize balance, especially for tall people. Like the best elliptical machines, there are 2 handles integrated into the MaxKare frame to offer you a diverse range of muscle workouts. There is no seat though, so if you were hoping to engage in elliptical bike exercises, the MaxKare may not be for you. When it comes to fitness tracking, the MaxKare elliptical offers standard time, speed, and distance measurements, as well as a pulse chart for health-conscious aerobic workouts.

Adjusting the MaxKare elliptical machine into your residence is swift and painless. Its front bar includes a portable wheel, so you only need to lift the back by a slight degree to get the elliptical machine moving. Also, its frame is narrower than most elliptical machines, so you can slide it into limited spaces without overturning the entire room’s layout. The machine’s support units are capped with anti-slip sleeves, which grants it greater stability on carpets and hardwood floors alike. If you weigh more than most and fear toppling over, you don’t need to wait around for a heavy elliptical for sale. Treat yourself to the MaxKare Elliptical Machine.


Excellent weight capacity (286lbs)No bike seat
14-inch stride lengthLacks level adjustment feature
Convenient phone-holder pocket
Extra-large Pedals
5kg Magnetic flywheel


Adorned with an exciting array of modules, the MaxKare Elliptical is a reliable addition to any home gym. Unlike most of the low-priced exercise equipment you see today, it is geared towards people who are taller/heavier than average. With a 14-inch stride length and magnetic 5kg flywheel, the MaxKare Elliptical is a dream machine for those seeking advanced cardio at home.

Plasma Fit 2-in-1 Elliptical Machine

Plasma Fit’s 2-In-1 elliptical is a massively underrated gem among low budget workout equipment. It not only provides conventional standing workouts but also brings the desirable low-impact routines of exercise bikes within your home gym.

The elliptical’s body is a pristine steel compound soldered for durability. Being a hybrid cross trainer machine, it features a front-fitted flywheel different from most ellipticals. There is an adjustable bike seat attached right above the paddle holds, which allows you to switch from bike workouts to standing routines in an instant. Don’t worry, the elliptical’s balance is spectacularly optimized through mighty tubular beams. They support the bike from all 4 directions with unyielding confidence, so you don’t need to fret about falling over during intense, varied exercises. The elliptical machine offers dual handles to further extend its practicality. Due to their straight, uniform design, though, the handles can become uncomfortable to hold during extended workouts.

The dual bike-elliptical design renders Plasma Fit one of the most comprehensive workout machines you can find under $300. Not only does it let you fire up all your core, lower body, and upper body regions with fruitful cardiovascular routines, but you can also whittle down the impact of each exercise. The paddles and bike seat come together to guard your sensitive joints, especially in the knees and vertebrae, from direct thrusts. If a stand-only elliptical machine is too strenuous for you, the Plasma Fit is sure to satisfy your physical needs. You can also monitor your activity statistics through the in-built LCD monitor, which includes heart rate readings.

Plasma Fit claims a weight capacity of 250lbs for their 2-in-1 elliptical machine, which is decent compared to a typical low-priced trainer. The machine’s appearance, however, is more attractive than you would expect. It is accented with silver and black panels and emblazoned with Plasma Fit’s logo. Coupled with its compact dimensions (21.5” x 35.5”), Plasma Fit becomes a splendid accessory for any room.

Beautiful silver-black designContour-less handles can get uncomfortable
Hybrid body (bike+elliptical)Complicated assembly process (may require expert assistance)
250lbs weight capacity
Adjustable & comfortable bike seat
Compact, space-saving frame (21.5”x 35.5”)


The Plasma Fit 2-in-1 Elliptical Machine outstrips the competition with an innovative, hybrid body at a ridiculously affordable price. Its silver-black body is not only beautiful but also inspires the confidence of durability that all gym machines must possess. If you seek intense, athletic workouts without having to spend precious sums, the Plasma Fit elliptical machine is your ideal match.


A low-priced elliptical machine always invokes the fear of cheap, unreliable construction and limited functionality, and for good reason. Most affordable gym machines tend to lack the fervor and strength a cardio workout demands, but our top 3 picks today have eradicated that assumption. These masterpieces from Sunny, Plasma Fit, and MaxKare bring rows of advanced features in powerful bodies. Among them, however, the best elliptical machine is undeniably Sunny’s SF-E905 model.

The Sunny SF-E905 trainer dishes the exact meal of comfort, convenience, and durability you crave from a low budget elliptical machine. Its elegant frame takes up the least amount of space among the competition, which is often the greatest concern when it comes to home gym equipment. The machine’s contoured handles and streamlined paddles were remarkably more comfortable than Plasma Fit and MaxKare, making it better suited to longer exercise sessions. And most importantly, Sunny’s warranty (1-year frame + 90-parts) was unparalleled by both competing brands, making it the best elliptical machine under $300.

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