An electric treadmill is a perfect tool for home-based exercise. Whether you plan to lose weight or train your body, the specialized mechanics of a treadmill can speed up your fitness goals. Being automated, the electric treadmill beats manual machines in convenience and comfort, allowing access to a range of intense workouts right inside your home.

Electric treadmills are produced with a variation of designs and functionalities. While some feature bestial motors for gym-level running performance, others focus on compactness and ease of use. The best treadmill achieves a balance between both intensity and convenience while sailing within affordable waters. Most of the popular electric treadmills, like a Life Fitness treadmill, drive away budget buyers with their intimidating $1500+ price tags. Rest assured, however, that you can find a well-rounded treadmill experience without having to spend over $400!

We have compared the best low-budget electric models in the treadmill industry, ranking them based on versatility, durability, and daily performance. You will be surprised to discover our top 3 picks that execute masterful treadmill workouts with shocking sub-$400 prices!


Best Electric Treadmills under $400 (Comparison)

ProductKey FeaturesPrice
MARNUR Electric Folding Treadmill - ( Editor's Choice)2.5Hp motor, 15 training presetsCheck Price
Goplus 2 in 1 Folding TreadmilllHorizontal folding design, dual operation modesCheck Price
MaxKare 1.5HP Electric TreadmillMulti-layer shock absorption beltCheck Price

(Editor’s Choice):  MARNUR Electric Folding Treadmill

MARNUR’s electric treadmill rose among the competition with unprecedented skill. Founded upon a tough, durable frame and packed with advanced gym technologies, this folding treadmill blew away even its expensive counterparts, clinching our best treadmill title under $400.

The MARNUR electric treadmill is equipped with a spacious 17”x 43” tread deck laying out plenty of space for ambitious strides. To enhance your workout comfort, MARNUR has layered the belt with dual shock-absorbent skins that reduce the impact on your feet. It can endure up to 220lbs of weight, which should suffice for most folks. The belt is fueled by a 2.5HP motor. Casual exercise often requires only around 1.5-2.0 units of horsepower, which makes the MARNUR motor a delightful power feature. You can boost your runs up to 8.5mph on the deck. To further intensify your exercise, you can raise the belt to 3 incline positions that simulate a natural slope or hiking track.

If you desire marathon-like running sprees or athletic workouts at home, you will often end up spending $1000+ on a flashy treadmill for sale, and you certainly would not expect a sub-$400 treadmill to entail such rigorous training support. This is exactly why MARNUR electric treadmill ranks so highly on our list. Moreover, as compared to the best treadmill options, the MARNUR motor generated negligible noise during high-speed operations. We could sense the machine’s steel frame canceling out unpleasant noises and vibrations. When combined with its inherent foldable treadmill design, MARNUR’s quiet, stable body becomes ideal for small-storied apartments or noise-conscious environments.

Another great aspect of MARNUR electric treadmill is its integrated fitness tracking technology. The machine carries an exciting LCD panel with 15 preset training modes, optimized according to your speed, time, pulse rate, and calorie readings. Its button layout makes it easy to modify treadmill speed, intensity, and workout routines while running. There are crafted pockets engraved into the panel to accommodate a tablet, water bottle, and safety key. Such customizability is what makes this MARNUR masterpiece the best treadmill for home.

Powerful 2.5HP motor (reaches 8.5mph speeds)Not suitable for overweight (220+ lbs) people
Wide, dual-layer tread belt (43” x17”)The incline must be adjusted manually
Foldable, soft-drop design
3-level adjustable incline
Fitness tracking monitor with safety key


When it comes to home exercise, there is little the MARNUR electric treadmill fails to provide. The machine’s 2.5HP motor and shock-absorbent belt allow you to reach incredible running speeds while generating minimal levels of noise. With a hydraulic drop frame, this portable treadmill fits in any home or office, satisfying both beginners and advanced runners.

Goplus 2 in 1 Folding Treadmill

The Goplus treadmill strives to limit its space consumption with an innovative design. Goplus has reimagined the machine’s folding mechanism and accessory layout, producing one of the best treadmill models for home.

Manufactured from high-grade alloy steel, the Goplus treadmill supports two modes of operation. Unlike a typical foldable treadmill, it compresses into a horizontal position rather than vertical, with the handrails sliding down to surround the tread deck. This enables you to boot up the belt and keep walking even when the machine is folded. Apart from on-the-go, hassle-free exercise, we discovered numerous benefits that you will reap from this distinct machine. Even the best treadmill appears out of place and unattractive when left in a vertical fold position, ruining the aura of any room. The Goplus treadmill, however, can be conveniently rolled under a desk or bed, through in-built transportation wheels, for quick storage and minimized spatial footprint. This advanced space management is what makes Goplus one of our top 3 best treadmill picks.

Furthermore, the Goplus machine relies on an impressive 2.25HP motor to deliver intense treadmill exercise. Its speed limit depends on the handrail position. When folded, the belt can go up to 4km/h, while in an unfolded position, it can dash near 12km/h speeds. It is optimal for conducting a HIIT treadmill workout or rigorous jogging at home rivaling the best treadmill models. Although the deck size (40”x16”) falls behind the best treadmill options in the market, it is notably wide for a sub-$400 product. The belt’s massive 265lbs weight capacity is certainly an outlying quality among the best treadmill variants in the budget arena.

The digital monitor is another unique feature of the Goplus 2-in-1 treadmill. It is integrated into the deck-front rather than the handles, which allows you to monitor your fitness statistics even when the handrails are folded. If you have poor eyesight though, it might be tough to make out the small monitor while walking. The treadmill is equipped with Bluetooth speakers and a remote-control system to spice up your workouts. You can blast your favorite music right from the machine while adjusting its intensity through a remote. Such technological features are native to ridiculously expensive gym equipment, and their inclusion in the low-priced Goplus is an automatic qualifier for our best treadmill list.


Built-in Bluetooth SpeakersMonitor location makes it difficult to read
Distinct horizontal folding designNo incline functionality
Remote-control monitor
Operates while folded
Specialized 2.25HP motor


Goplus 2-in-1 Folding machine stands as the best treadmill for space-conscious locations, like an apartment or office. It retracts into a horizontal position, with the shock-absorbent tread belt operating in folded mode to allow quick exercise. Coupled with an array of technological accessories, like Bluetooth speakers and remote-control functionality, Goplus is undoubtedly one of the best treadmill models in its price range.


MaxKare Electric Treadmill

If you have ever researched home gym equipment, you have probably heard of MaxKare. This globally praised brand maintains a mighty catalog of machines, each loaded with the best treadmill qualities at affordable rates. Their electric treadmill aced the game in every dimension and outstripped the best treadmill models we tested under $400.

MaxKare Electric Treadmill boasts a sturdy build and folding capability. Its tread deck, stretching 43 inches long and 17 inches wide, offers a generous amount of space for high paced workouts. The belt is powered by a 1.5HP motor. While this may seem lackluster compared to the best treadmill models you see in the market, most home-based exercises can juice an exciting workout from 1.5 units of horsepower. You can adjust the speed from 0.5mph to 7.5mph, and regardless of workout fervor, the motor will operate peacefully and without producing noticeable noise.

Moreover, the belt displayed some of the best treadmill shock-absorption during our testing. MaxKare has infused multiple layers of premium, cushioning material beneath the belt, including EVA for impact reduction and foam for noise cancellation. This innovative belt design makes for a comfortable and shock-less ride that whittles down your stride impact with an efficiency rivaling the best treadmill models. If you often experience foot sore or ankle pain on home exercise equipment, MaxKare Electric is the best treadmill model for your home gym.

This treadmill machine carries an exceptional monitor panel with rows of quick-access buttons. You can switch the treadmill speed, mode, and workout rigor with a single touch through the soft, readable button set. There are 12 preset programs installed into the LCD, and if you aren’t a fitness expert, they will serve to eliminate the inefficient workout choices often driven by having a treadmill at home. This level of digital engagement is a rarity among low-budget machines, which is what renders the MaxKare Electric treadmill one of the best home gym equipment for price-conscious buyers.

12 preset programsCannot support weights over 220lbs
Easy, quick-touch control panel1.5HP motor may be insufficient for fast-paced running
Multi-layer tread belt
Noiseless, energy-saving motor
Wide belt surface area


MaxKare Electric Treadmill dishes out a well-rounded performance spiked by an exceptionally shock-absorbent belt, quiet motor, and 12 workout presets. Its digital functionalities are not something you find in a treadmill Walmart or other budget stores sell, which is how it won a place among our top 3 best treadmill models under $400.


Purchasing an electric treadmill is never a spontaneous decision. There are countless factors you need to consider before you swipe your card, but our top 3 picks today are a safe investment for anyone. Among all the products we tested, the most outstanding model was MARNUR’s Electric Folding Treadmill.

MARNUR has managed to stream top-notch gym attributes in its sub-$400 electric treadmill, providing access to intense, 2.5Hp workouts at up to 8.5 miles per hour. Its tread-belt area and incline facility beat the Goplus treadmill’s specifications, which underperformed in both categories. Also, MARNUR’s power and speed limit could not be matched by MaxKare’s 1.5HP motor. The machine provides 15 different training programs in its digital panel, designed to help beginners and passionate athletes alike. When not in use, it shrinks to a compact, folded frame with hydraulic suspensions and transport wheels. You cannot find such a well-balanced wardrobe of features in a machine as low-priced as the MARNUR electric treadmill, which is why we deem it worthy of our Editor’s Pick!

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