Best Crossbows For Youth
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Crossbows are fantastic, if you are a hunting enthusiast then you must be in love with these things. If you have kids they must see you and would want to go on a hunt with you or you are just starting out with crossbows in a young age then you will be looking to own the first crossbow. Now the thing is that there are so many crossbows available today and with so many different options that it is really hard to pick one for the young ones. So to simplify the things we have compiled some of the best crossbows for youth in this publication below that are available today in the market. But before we get into that we will first discuss some things that are necessary to consider when choosing a crossbow for the young one.

Now if you want the young ones to be interested in the hunting sport and excel at it you should start with the crossbow that should prove to be easy for them so that they don’t give up after 2 weeks the day you buy it for them so keep in mind these things:


Whether you are getting a crossbow for expert skill level or for your kids the first thing that should always be a priority is the safety. Crossbows may sound like fun put they are lethal and any loss of concentration during use can prove to be lethal for oneself and others and kids are more prone to the danger of crossbows. So to tackle this you should look for a crossbow that has anti-dry fire mechanism that will restrict the crossbow from firing when no arrow is loaded. The second thing that is a good thing to have on a crossbow is a auto-trigger safety mechanism that turns the safety lock on automatically on a crossbow.


Now the thing with kids is that they don’t stick to one thing for a very long time as they don’t know what they want to excel in yet. So if you are thinking of buying a $500 crossbow for them and they end up tossing it away after two weeks of use then that is a big waste of money. We have listed some budget friendly options below that perform well as well and have safety features on them as well do check those out.

Weight & Dimension

Before choosing a crossbow you should have a look at the weight and the dimensions of the crossbow. You don’t want your kid to have a crossbow weighing over 5lbs or 6lbs because that will be hard to carry and hard to use for them and you want things to be easy for them at the start so they don’t lose interest. The second thing to look for is the dimensions you don’t want a crossbow for the kids that they can’t even position it to a firing position properly so sort that out too before buying.

Draw Weight

Consider choosing a crossbow that has low draw weight. Higher draw weight crossbows will be harder to cock for the kids as it will require too much force. Consider an option between 50lbs to 100lbs draw weight and if you think your kid is stronger then you can opt for 150lbs range but a crossbow with that much draw weight will be too powerful for a beginner.

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Now let’s get into the best crossbows for youth we have compiled.

Best Crossbows For Youth (Comparison)

CrossbowDraw WeightWeightSafety Mechanism 
Barnett Recruit Youth 30 Crossbow30 lbs6.3 lbsYesCheck Price
Barnett Recruit Youth 100 Crossbow100 lbs6.4 lbsYesCheck Price
TenPoint Wicked Ridge Ranger Crossbow150 lbs5.9 lbsYesCheck Price


Barnett Recruit Youth 30 Crossbow

The first crossbow we have on here is the Recruit Youth 30 crossbow produced by Barnett.Best Crossbows For Youth Now Barnett is a very reliable manufacturer when it comes to all types of crossbows. This particular model produced by Barnett is one of the top rated models. This crossbow is well suited for the youth who are looking to start with crossbows. So how it fared in our review? Let’s find out.

Let’s start with the design of the Youth 30 crossbow. The whole build of this crossbow is made suitable for small frame body making it ideal for young ones. The lightweight design makes it very easy to handle and the build quality is very solid making it very durable. The butt pad on the Youth 30 is also adjustable.

When it comes to features the Youth 30 has everything you’d want in a crossbow for the kids. This particular crossbow has a draw weight of only 30lbs making it very easy to cock for the kids. The Youth 30 crossbow can shoot the arrow at the speed of 140fps. This crossbow at length measures at 34.25”and the width of the crossbow is 18.25”. At axle to axle measurement the Youth 30 crossbow measures 16.125”.

When it comes to safety this crossbow has an anti-dry fire mechanism restricting the crossbow to only firing when an arrow is loaded on the crossbow. The design of the crossbow allows for the most vibrations produced by the firing of an arrow to be absorbed within it. The Youth 30 crossbow comes with a rope cocking device which is good since some crossbow manufacturers don’t provide that with the purchase. The scope on this crossbow features a red dot sight.

When it comes to performance the Youth 30 crossbow performs very well without any issues. The crossbow is lightweight making easier to handle by kids. The high build quality allows for somewhat rough outdoor use without sustaining any damage and the overall design is very well suited for kids.

The 30lbs draw weight is a good thing but some areas have local laws which prohibit the use of crossbows that have such low draw weight for hunting, check your local laws before buying. The scope bothered us a little since there is no zoom on it and you might have to upgrade it for better aim.

Easy to CarryCheck Local Laws Regarding Low Draw Weight For Hunting
Easy to Use
Anti Dry Fire Mechanism
Comes With Rope Cocking Device


Overall the crossbow Youth 30 by Barnett is not only suited for kids but it’s a very good option for handicapped people too. The low draw weight and high quality construction makes Youth 30 a very good option for the youth when it comes to crossbows.




Barnett Recruit Youth 100 Crossbow

The next crossbow we have on here is the Recruit Youth 100 produced by Barnett as well.Best Crossbows For Youth Barnett as we have mentioned above is a very reliable name when it comes to crossbows and not just crossbows for youth but for high performance models as well. The Youth 100 crossbow is one of the highest rated models by Barnett and is a step up from the Youth 30 that we discussed earlier, kind of like the big brother of the Youth 30. This crossbow is well suited to the youth with some kind of basic experience with crossbows before. How it fared in our review? Let’s find out.

Let us start with the design of the Youth 100 crossbow. This particular crossbow like it’s toned down version the Youth 30 has a small frame design along with adjustable butt pad. The Youth 100 also is a lightweight crossbow weighing in at 6.4lbs. The build quality on this crossbow is very good making it durable for outdoor use by the kids.

The features on the Youth 100 are pretty much identical to the Youth 30 but are worth mentioning. The draw weight of the Youth 100 is 100lbs making it a little harder to cock than Youth 30 but it produces more power and speed than Youth 30 with Youth 100 firing an arrow at 256fps. The length of this crossbow measures at 34.25” while the width measures at 18.25”. The axle to axle measurement of the Youth 100 is 16.125”.

When it comes to safety the Youth 100 features an anti-dry fire mechanism restricting the crossbow to firing capacity only with an arrow loaded. The design of this crossbow has a very good vibration absorbing capability making it very stable when shooting arrows. The trigger has a metal injected molded construction and it is compatible to use with crank cocking device. The Youth 100 comes with a rope cocking device and the scope of this crossbow has a red dot sight.

When it comes to performance the Youth 100 performs really well as did the Youth 30. The build quality lives up to Barnett’s reputation. The 100lbs draw weight is an upgrade for the kids who have gotten used to the low power of the Youth 30 or if your kid has the body strength they can start off with the Youth 100 as well. The rope cocking mechanism helps a lot in the cocking and the 100lbs draw weight is not much to handle with the device in hand.

The scope on this has no zoom and might need to be upgraded for better performance during the hunt.

Small Frame DesignMight Need To Upgrade Scope
Anti Dry Fire Mechanism
Vibration Absorption Design


If you are looking for an entry level crossbow for your kid the Youth 100 by Barnett is a very good option. The Youth 100 is also well suited for female shooters as well. The Youth 100 is very well equipped to take down a small target while hunting.




TenPoint Wicked Ridge Ranger Crossbow

The next crossbow we have on here is the Wicked Ridge Ranger produced by TenPoint crossbow manufacturer.Best Crossbows For Youth TenPoint is also a reputable manufacturer of all types of crossbows. This particular model is also one of the highest rated crossbows in it’s class. This crossbow is better suited for youth with good physical strength as it has more power than the crossbows discussed above. How it fared in our review? Let’s find out.

The design of Ranger crossbow features a very lightweight construction in fact this crossbow is the lightest we have on here in our list. The crossbow has a small frame design as it should considering the users of this crossbow. The build quality of the Ranger crossbow is excellent making it extra durable.

When it comes to features the Ranger crossbow has a draw weight of 150lbs making it more powerful than the already mentioned crossbows on here. The Ranger crossbow can shoot an arrow at speed of 300fps making it very effective while hunting. This crossbow measures 33.9” in length and 19.9”in width while uncocked and the cocked state width of the Ranger crossbow measures 22.6”.

When it comes to safety the Ranger crossbow has an anti-dry fire mechanism which prevents the crossbow to be fired with no arrow loaded. Apart from that the Ranger crossbow also has auto engaging safety mechanism allowing the trigger latch to go up automatically. The design of the Ranger crossbow absorbs the vibrations while shooting an arrow perfectly making it very stable in use. The scope on the Ranger crossbow is a multi line scope which has 3x zoom as well along with waterproof construction. The self retracting rope mechanism on the Ranger crossbow reduces the draw weight by 50% so cocking this crossbow is really easy. The Ranger crossbow comes with a ACU52 cocking device and has a limited lifetime warranty from the manufacturer.

When it comes to performance the Ranger crossbow performs excellently. The strings on the crossbow are strong and long lasting. The Ranger has a very good scope for it’s class. The stocks on the Ranger crossbow are durable and well made. There are no reported issues regarding the durability of this crossbow. This crossbow is well suited to females and youths who are willing to get into hunting and want an effective crossbow with them.

LightweightNone That We Could Find
Self Retracting Rope Cocking
Auto Engaging Safety


The Ranger crossbow by TenPoint provides a very good option for the youths who want a serious and effective crossbow to start developing the passion of hunting. The Ranger crossbow is lethal against small to medium sized targets at normal range but at close range it can tackle a large target as well.




The crossbows listed above are one of the best crossbows out there available in the market for youths and teenagers who are looking to start with the hunting sport. The price range of these crossbows is under $300 and we have found them to be budget friendly without compromising on the performance bit. We hope you find this publication useful. Let us know what you think about these crossbows in the comments.



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