Best Bicycles For Adults
(Last Updated On: January 2, 2019)

Getting a bicycle if you are an adult is a tough task compared to getting one for a kid. Getting a bicycle today for yourself is confusing because there are so many options available in the market, so much that even if you start with a made up mind with a specific type of bicycle in mine, you will end up with confusion that’s it. That doesn’t mean that bicycles available in the market are of substandard quality no they are not. We have compiled some of the best bicycles for adults below in this publication so you can make a choice without getting into any kind of confusion.

If you decide to get a bicycle on your own then you should keep in mind few things that will allows you to make a smart decision. Small little details that most of us ignore can contribute greatly in getting you a bicycle that is well suited to your needs. So let’s start with the factors that contribute to a smarter buying decision when it comes to bicycles.


The first thing that you should keep an eye on is the frame of the bicycle. Frame of the bicycle is the base of the bike and if the frame is not good on bike your overall riding experience will take a hefty toll. So what should you look for in a frame? For start check for the manufacturing material of the frame. You don’t want a frame that is made of cheap material or a material that is not suited for the purpose. The best and the most commonly used material to make a bicycle frame is the aluminium which is lightweight as well as strong.

Then there is the frame size, the frame size contribute to the overall size of the bike. If the frame size is very large and you are not a tall person then getting a bike with large frame size is not a smart move. Below is chart that will help you in this matter.

Rider HeightFrame Size
4’11” to 5’3”13” to 15”
5’3” to 5’7”15” to 17”
5’7” to 5’11”17” to 19”
6’0” to 6’2”19” to 21”
6’2” to 6’4”21” to 23”
6'4" and above23”+

Consult this table so you have an idea of what size bike frame will fit you according to your height so you can enjoy a better riding experience.


The next thing that you should consider when getting a bicycle is the comfort level of the bike. Since you will be riding the bike for mile on a stretch you should be able to feel at ease when riding a bike and the whole riding experience should not cause fatigue to your body. There are multiple factors that contribute to a comfortable riding experience first there is the seat of the bicycle. The sear of the bicycle has to be as soft as possible and should be made of soft foamy material and there are some bikes that offer a shock absorber beneath the seat to make it more comfortable for the rider. The there is the grip of the handle, the grip of the handle has to be soft yet should have good grip both at the same time so you should go for a grip that is soft.

Now let’s get into the best bicycles we have on here for adults.

Best Bicycles For Adults (Comparison)

sixthreezero EVRYjourney Hybrid Cruiser Bicycle39.7 lbsCheck Price
Diamondback Overdrive ST Mountain Bike31 lbsCheck Price
Tommaso Imola Road Bike25 lbsCheck Price


sixthreezero EVRYjourney Hybrid Cruiser Bicycle

The first bicycle we have on here is the EVRYjourney bike produced by sixthreezero.Best Bicycles For Adults This particular bike is a cruiser bike as you have noticed that by looking at the name of the bike. The manufacturer, sixthreezero is a well known manufacture of bicycles and their cruiser bike for female is the best selling cruising bike and one of the highest rated as well. This particular bike also has very high ratings. So how it fared in our review? Let’s find out.

Starting with the design of the EVRYjourney bike and it has a very good build quality making it a very durable bicycle. The material used in the construction of this bike is of high quality. The EVRYjourney bike overall is a very comfortable bike to ride on. The seat of this bike is packed with foam making it very comfortable to sit on. The grips of this bike are soft and provide a good feel in the hand without causing any discomfort. The EVRYjourney bike is fully customizable you can attach baskets and other add-ons according to your needs. The EVRYjourney bike is made to accommodate every person between the height of 5’4” and 6’5”.

When it comes to features the EVRYjourney bike has front rear brakes for stopping power. The frame of the EVRYjourney bike is aluminium making it very strong and lightweight. The EVRYjourney bike comes with one speed, 3 speed, 7 speed and 21 speed settings option you can choose whichever you like according to your requirement. The tires on this bike are 26” and 2” wide semi slicks which are very good for grip, stability of the ride and comfortable as well.

When it comes to performance the EVRYjourney bike is a well made and durable cruiser bike which provides a very good ride for daily commute or for long journeys. The overall riding experience of this bike is very comfortable and easy going. There have been no reported issues regarding this bike’s performance or build quality.

The only thing that can bother users is the assembly, assembling this bike can be heard for some users.

ComfortableHeavy Weight
Excellent Build Quality


If you are looking for a cruiser bicycle that is simply best in it’s class then look no further than EVRYjourney cruiser bicycle by sixthreezero.




Diamondback Overdrive ST Mountain Bike

The next bicycle we have on here for adults is the Overdrive ST produced by Diamondback.Best Bicycles For Adults Diamondback is a reliable name when it comes to production of quality mountain bikes. This particular bike here is one of their best mountain bikes that they have produced. The Overdrive ST bike has high ratings. How it fared in our review? Let’s find out.

Starting with the design of the Overdrive ST bicycle the bike has aluminium frame which is not only strong but  lightweight as well contributing a lot in overall weight reduction of the bicycle. The Overdrive ST bike overall is very durable with high quality parts used to construct it. The seat of the Overdrive ST bike is very comfortable to ride on making the overall riding experience very comfortable. The grips of this are also very soft and durable and cause no fatigue to the hands over long duration use.

When it comes to features the Overdrive ST bike has Tektro mechanical disc brakes on the front and the rear for a very good stopping power. The 10mm suspension on this bike is very good for shock absorption and it makes a lot of difference in the overall comfort of the bike. The spokes on the wheels of the Overdrive ST bike are made of stainless steel which makes them super strong and contribute to the overall durability of the bike. The tires on the Overdrive ST bike are 27.5” and are 2” in width making them very good for mountain biking.

When it comes to performance the Overdrive ST bike is very durable and is provides a very comfortable riding experience to it’s users. The Overdrive ST bike provides a very good option for the users who are interested in mountain biking. The Overdrive ST bike absorbs the impact of the rough riding surface beautifully.

The only thing that bothered us about this bike is that the pedals do not feel very well made and you  might need to upgrade them.

DurableQuality Of Pedals Not Good
Excellent Suspension
24 Speed Settings


If you are looking for a very  good mountain bike that is well made and very comfortable to  use then look no further than Overdrive ST bike by Diamondback.




Tommaso Imola Road Bike

The last bicycle we have on here for adults is the Imola produced by Tommaso.Best Bicycles For Adults Tommaso is a well know manufacturer that has pioneered the road bike category of bicycles and it produces the best road bikes available in the market today. The road bike in question here is one of the best road bikes in the market and it has close to perfect ratings as well. So how it fared in our review? Let’s find out.

Let’s start with the design of the Imola bike and it has a beautiful design. The build quality of this bike is excellent and it has a high quality construction quality as well. Overall the Imola bike is very durable. The Imola bike provides a very comfortable ride for miles. The seat of this bicycle is very comfortable and made of good quality material. The grips of the Imola are also very comfortable and cause no fatigue to the hands over long duration riding. Imola bicycle is available in variety of sizes for heights up to 6’5”.

When it comes to features the Imola bicycle has an aluminium frame which is strong yet lightweight. The frame design is very well thought out and it has a very good geometry contributing a lot to overall comfort of the riding experience. The tire size of the Imola bike is 700 x 25c which provides a good grip and a comfortable ride to the user. The derailleur on the Imola bike is Shimano Claris which works best for seamless transition between gears. The 3 x 8 gears on the Imola bike are very wel suited for beginners.

When it comes to performance there is no other bike that comes close to the level of performance of this bike. The ride quality is excellent. The build quality of the Imola bike is excellent and the parts are manufactured paying a close attention to detail. The lightweight Imola bike is perfect option for road bike. There have been no reported issues regarding it’s performance or build quality.

High Quality ConstructionNone That We Could Find
Beautiful Design
Well Designed Frame


If you are looking for the best road bike than look no further than Imola bicycle produced by Tommaso.



The bicycles that have been listed here for adults are some of the best in the market. If they have any reported issues regarding their performance or build quality they have been mentioned here in this publication. We hope you find this publication useful. Let us know what you think about these bikes in the comments below.



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