Is It Safe To Cook In Copper Cookware/Pan?

If you are browsing around for a copper cookware then you must be having a lot of questions in your mind and one of them will certainly be “Is Copper Cookware Safe to Use?” the answer to that question depends greatly on how you choose the copper cookware for your kitchen and which type or configuration are you going to opt for.

Copper cookware has a lot of benefits and naturally with every man made object there are some disadvantages as well. Aesthetically copper cookware is a very appealing product to have in your kitchen and apart from that copper is a very good conductor of heat as well so it has it’s uses in the cooking world as well. Copper cookware can be very expensive to own compared to the other metal cookware you will find in the market. Copper also is toxic in nature if consumed in large quantity otherwise in adequate quantity it is a necessity of your body.

Benefits of Copper Cookware in Cooking

As you must have understood by now that copper is a very good conductor of heat next to gold and silver and having cookware made out of gold and silver can prove to be very expensive. So copper it is then. Now copper cookware comes in very useful when you are looking to cook something delicate that requires precision temperature adjustment and nice even distribution of heat throughout the pan. Copper cookware mostly available in the market is lined with stainless steel or tin to eliminate toxicity element of the copper while maintaining the same good heat conduction quality of the copper.

Something About Copper Itself

Copper is  necessary element for your body and the composition of red blood cell contains iron and copper to begin with. Copper is also vital for the immune system and the blood vessels of the body. When it comes to food copper is consumed by humans on regular basis, enough to fulfil the requirement of copper in the body. Shellfish, whole grains, potatoes and some green leaf foods contain copper. So the point to state here is that the copper is not bad for you if consumed in a quantity that is suitable for human body anything in excess can be bad for you.

Safety Aspect of Copper Cookware

There are stainless steel and tin lined cookware available in the market and the lining on the copper cookware is there to eliminate the toxicity factor of the copper and avoiding the situation where copper in large quantities get mixed in your food while cooking which can cause nausea, diarrhea and vomiting. But you do have to be careful when it comes to cooking acidic food in bare copper cookware that has no metal lining, acidic food can react with the copper on the cookware and a lot of the copper in can dissolve into your food which can prove to be harmful if you consume it.

Cleaning the Copper Cookware

Read the instructions manual that came along with the copper cookware to know which method is good and is recommended by the manufacturer for that specific cookware. Generally you should avoid abrasive cleaning material like oven cleaner or soda to maintain it’s aesthetic appeal for a long time. To clean copper cookware you should always go for anti-tarnish cream and to avoid warping you should allow your copper cookware to cool down before you start cleaning it.

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