Silicone bags are reusable and loved by everyone. These bags regularly are machine washable and can handle the even higher temperature. They are considered far better than traditional disposable plastic bags. Silicon bags are not only environmentally friendly but are economic as well.

These bags are made up of 100 percent platinum silicone material with an easy zip shut the top and can provide extra freshness to the food stored in the bags. The bags are available in several sizes and can store fresh as well as left-over. These bags are available online and differ in quality, size, price, and other features.

The availability of a high number of bags may make it difficult to choose the best one for your need. To make the right decision while purchasing Silicon bags you should know its qualities and features that help them in keeping the stored food fresh for a longer period.

On Amazon, you can find several silicon bags options, so here we have brought a buying guide to make a smart purchase. Just know some of the features of these bags and decide which bag is the best suitable for you?

Beneficial Features of Zip Bags for the Users

Reusable zip-lock bags do not damage easily because they are made of high-quality material. These bags have the following advantages due to which users prefer to buy these bags:

  • It can keep the food fresh and secure
  • The bags are fully secure
  • Resealable Packaging and Reduced Waste
  • Easier Life of Home Owners
  • It can Keep Water and Air Outside

These zip and plastic bags are quite economical and supposed to be a perfect solution for storing food. These packagings are doing well as they are quite flexible. Now let us check some of the top-rated zip pouches on Amazon. We will compare the features that will help you in deciding to make a smart buy.

Top Three Zip Pouch Brand on Amazon

SKQUE BPA Free Leakproof Bags – (EDITOR’S CHOICE)



These are the food storage bags with extra safety and ziplock. These bags are perfect for travel, fruit storage, and are BPA free. These freezer-safe bags can be bought in any of the three sizes like small, medium, and large. The seller of the SKQUE bag is a reliable one and is providing 12 packs in a single order. The cost of these bags is quite pocket friendly i.e. $19.99. As far as the pros and cons of these packs are concerned then for your convenience we have listed them below:

Airtight and leak-proof
Reusable and High Quality
BPA free and made of food-grade silicone
Can be used either as lunch bags or for travelling


These silicone bags are the perfect fit to store the meal and leftover. Bags can save your money and storage and are safe than traditional Tupperware or any other plastic storage boxes. You cannot only be used for food storage but also for packing toiletries or personal items. Bags do not produce bad odors even if you will store them in the freezer. One of the best parts is that you will get 12 bags in a single order, while other sellers are offering 2-4 bags in this rate.


These silicone containers are highly versatile, reusable, and ideal to store food and personal items as well. They are completely leak-proof and safe that can provide you 100% safe and moisture-proof storage. These bags can handle extreme temperatures. Easy-to-clean and reusable bags are microwave safe. Bags can repel oil and grease naturally. Some of their pros and cons based on user reviews are listed below.


Microwave Safe or Safe for MicrowaveTake more space in the freezer
Safe for DishwasherUser has to wash them properly
VersatileAre quite more expensive than plastic bags


Bag users can store their food items or any personal belonging as well. They do not create a mess in the fridge and are considered better than plastic bags. You can store wet food or meat in the bag and the lock is also quite reliable as well of these bags. Bags are presentable and secure, they are considered as a reliable food storage option.



SHPure Reusable Storage Bags

These airtight and leak-proof container bags are available on Amazon and are perfect to save your food like snacks, soups, smoothies, sauce and sandwiches, and other food items either liquid or solid. You will get 2 large and 2 medium bags in a single order. The cost of these bags is $17.99 for 4 bags in total. As per available customer reviews the pros and cons of these bags are listed below:

These bags are leakproof with double lock
Bags cannot maintain the shape of delicate food
The bags are made of BPA and Lead-free materialUser may have to use the zip delicately
All bags are easy to clean and dryMay have to give a proper dry to the bags to remove any bad odour
Can save the storage and quality is comparable to TupperwareMay take some time to reach to the customer
Bags are money-saving


In a set, the user will get only 4 bags. Bags have an expandable base that can help in cooking, cleaning, and packing functions. You can easily open and close the bags. Even during traveling, you can also put your mobile phones to save them. Bags also have a measuring scale at the backside that can help you in identifying the food quantity stored in the bag.

A Comparative Discussion of All Three Ziplock Silicon Bags

PropertySKQUE BPA Free Leak proof Bags - EDITOR'S CHOICE NESTFORIASHPure Reusable Storage Bags
SizeSmall, Medium, LargePortableMedium, Large
Number of units in a setTwelve(12) and Fifteen(15)Two(2)Four(4)
Available ColorsGreenBlue/Green, Pink/ClearTransparent
MaterialSilicon, PlasticSilicon, plastic, glassSilicon, plastic
Sold ByHC_ShopMega Deals and SavingsSHPure


Wrapping It Up

There are plenty of reusable bags available for online buyers of different brands. While drying these bags you should turn them inside out. Moreover while washing in the dishwasher you should also try to wash them inside out and definitely it will come out clean. Even if you are cooking any freezer meal, then also these bags will work perfectly for you.





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