Best Meat Slicers For Jerky
(Last Updated On: March 6, 2019)

Have you been looking for the right meat slicer for jerky? In that case, you have come to the right place because we have a few recommendations for you in order.

Finding the right meat slicer for jerky can be tricky because not everyone knows what they are really looking for. There are hundreds of pieces available in the market and that is why the process of buying the best meat slicer can get complicated and you could end up regretting your purchase.

Which is why, we have compiled some of the best meat slicers for jerky below in this publication. You can take a look at these recommendations and choose the kind of meat slicer you want.

But before we tell you what we have on the recommendation list, we would like you to read our buyer’s guide. It will tell you about the exact thing you need to look for when buying a meat slicer.

Ease Of Use

The meat slicer you are about to buy should be easy to use and should not consume a lot of your time understanding the basics of it. Some meat slicers are really hard to use given they come with a lot of functionalities. If you are not fond of complexities, make sure you choose a grinder that is easy to understand and use.


Make sure you buy a heavy duty meat slicer. The durability of your slicer matters a lot and it should last long. Buy slicer that come with stainless steel bodies instead of plastic ones. Stainless steel slicers last longer as compared to the other slicers and they are more compact as well.

Power Source

Last but not the least, you need to consider is the power source of the meat slicer you are buying. It also depends on your usage. If you have large quantity of meat that you will have to grind regularly, you must definitely go for an electric meat slicers. They are powerful and more reliable, fast when it comes to slicing tons of meat. Otherwise, for homely purposes, manual grinders work well as well.

So, these were a few things you need to keep in perspective when buying a meat slicer. Now, here are a few recommendations for you in that regard.

Best Meat Slicers For Jerky (Comparison)

Meat SlicerCutting Thickness 
KWS MS-10NS Meat Slicer0" - 0.4"Check Price
BESWOOD-250 Meat Slicer0" - 0.5"Check Price
Valley Sportsman Meat Slicer9" - 16"Check Price


KWS MS-10NS Meat Slicer

For our first recommendation, we have KWS MS-10NS Premium Commercial 320w Electric Meat Slicer.KWS MS-10NS Meat Slicer Best Meat Slicers For Jerky If you are looking for something on the budget and not too expensive, this meat slicer is definitely going to grab your attention. We have used it again and again and we love it so much which is why this is on the top of our list.

This meat slicer is a perfect fit who are looking for a commercial meat slicer but with homely aspects. The meat slicer comes in a small size and it will have no problem slicing large quantities of meat for you within a short period of time. And not just that, you can also use it for slicing vegetables, cheese and fruits. The machine is not as heavy as other meat slicers you find in the market but it still weighs somewhat 39.2 pounds so you would not want to be dragging it around your home.

This unit features a good-sized but smaller food tray and will easily handle slabs of meat up to 7.5” high. As long as there is sufficient counter space, this meat slicer can easily work within a home kitchen environment and that is one of the reasons why we love it so much. If you love cooking your own deli meat or even have a small business enterprise, this meat slicer is highly recommended for you. You can easily cut the slices and pack them in a polythene bag for storing in the freezer for weeks. The meat slicer comes with .4HP motor that is not going to get tired even if you constantly use it for several hours.

The meat slicer comes with a large 10” steel Teflon-coated blade that will slice food up to 7.5”L. the slicing thickness range is 4” that is excellent for attaining minimal sized slices for cooking. The meat slicer also comes with a waterproof on and off switch that assures safety when your hands are wet while you use the slicer. The design of this meat slicer is same as 420w which vowed a lot of people but with lesser price, so what are you waiting for then? Go ahead and grab this meat slicer before it runs out of stock.

Waterproof Power SwitchWeight May Come Off As A Bit Off Putting To Some Users
Best For Home Kitchens


The meat slicer is compact in size and comes with a very affordable price. If you are looking for a meat slicer that offers you minimal features but huge power range, then 320w Electric Meat Slicer is the best choice for you.




BESWOOD-250 Meat Slicer

If you happen to be in food business, you know exactly how important consistency is but that also doesn’t mean you manually have to cut through tons of meat to achieve the desired results.BESWOOD-250 Meat Slicer Best Meat Slicers For Jerky Which is why, we have recommended you to use meat slicers and the next recommendation on our list is BESWOOD-250 Meat Slicer, it is the best food slicer we recommend for both, home and commercial use. This means, you can rest assure if you buy this meat slicer, it will be the fastest slicing machine for your home requirements or your small food enterprise.

The weight of this meat slicer is approximately 33 pounds and that makes it convenient for home kitchens because you can easily drag it around the kitchen. The meat slicer is also subjected to heat treatment and the chromium-plated carbon steel blade makes it even strong and durable so that it last you for a long time. The chromium that shelters the carbon steel defends it from erosion which can blowout to other gears of the machine as well. That means your meat slicer will outlive several of the appliances in your kitchen because of its sturdiness and resilience.

In case you are worried about the noise most of the meat slicers produce, there is good news for you, the BESWOOD-250 meat slicer comes with a V-belt that prevents the machine from making any kind of extra noise or vibrations while you are using it. Most of the previously manufactured meat slicers had the tendency of skidding on the counter while you are cutting meat and that would make it really hard to use but this meat slicer comes with rubber feet that grips the counter tightly, preventing the machine from skidding when its cutting something hard.

The BESWOOD has also ensured the safety of the users while manufacturing this machine by using a blade ring guard that will protect your hand from accidentally cutting itself. The entire body of this slicer is made up of aluminum which will withstand any kind of intense use and will last you for a lifetime. Another added feature of this meat slicer is the built-in blade sharpener that consists of two stones, providing you consistently with a sharp blade that can cut through hard surfaces really quickly.

And not just that, this meat slicer is not just limited to slicing meat, but you can also slice a number of foods from it like vegetables, fruits, cheese and so on. The meat slicer is extremely quiet while cutting which makes it ideal for small businesses and home usage.

Comes With V-beltExpensive
Can Cut Through Any Kind Of Meat


If you are looking for a meat slicer that is safe to use and doesn’t make a single noise, then BESWOOD-250 Meat Slicer is the one you have been looking for. It is extremely easy to use, comes with V-belt, procures safety and slices any kind of food which means, this one is a perfect fit for all your requirements.



Valley Sportsman Meat Slicer

Our last but not the least recommendation is a stainless steel electric food and meat slicer by Valley Sportsman.Valley Sportsman Meat Slicer Best Meat Slicers For Jerky This is a meat slicer that is really off the radar and we would like to bring it to your attention that this is an amazing unit. Let’s talk about all the details of this meat slicer here.

This meat slicer comes with a number of features that we have talked about in our previous meat slicer reviews but the first thing we would like to mention here is its 180 watts AC power that is sitting right under its hood. The meat slicer also brings you built-in, side adjustment system and other major components that are solidly built out of durable stainless-steel.

The meat slicer is really easy to assemble and disassemble. The company has really noted how important it is to keep the meat slicer clean which is why they have made the disassembling very easy and the whole devise just comes of real quick for you to clean out. As mentioned in the previous recommendations, meat slicers have a tendency to slip on the counter top which is why; Valley Sportsman has made this slicer sturdy by adding a nonslip feet built onto the underside of the unit.

Whether you want to slice portions of ham or cut down chunks of beef, this meat slicer will take care of everything in your kitchen. This meat slicer comes with a heavy duty 8.7inch design that is really hard to find in the market these days. The blade of this meat slicer can be adjusted according to the requirement of the user. With the help of removable parts, you can make sure that hygiene is given the best attention that you can. The design of this meat slicer is extremely sleek and it is going to add beauty to your kitchen.

You can easily disassemble it and store it in your cupboard if you don’t want it to take space on your counter. Another thing that may tempt you to buy this meat slicer is that it comes in a very affordable price range. It is economical and doesn’t add to much burden on your budget. It is lightweight and you can easily carry it around the kitchen as well.

Sturdy Stainless Steel DesignNot Associated With Any Renowned Brand Even Though Its Performance Is Topnotch
Easy To Disassemble
Powerful 180W Motor


If you are looking for a meat slicer that is sleek in design and can be stored in the cabinet if you do not want it taking too much space on your counter, you should definitely go ahead and buy valley Sportsman 8.7 inch Meat Slicer. It is easy to use, comes in an extremely affordable price and provides a lot of features.



So, these were a few of our recommendations for best meat slicer for jerky. If you think there is another meat slicer that we should know about, don’t forget to let us know in the comments below.



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