Best Meat Grinders For Deer
(Last Updated On: March 3, 2019)

Looking for a meat grinder that can fulfill your kitchen requirements? In that case, you have come to the right place because we have a few recommendations for you in order.

Meat grinders aren’t the most common piece of tech you will find in the kitchen but they are very useful if you happen to be someone who loves hunting or butchering his/her own meat at home. For many cooking recipes, you may need meat mince that is not always readily available at home.

In that case, a meat grinder will come in real handy. And not just for homely purposes, if you have a meat shop and you are looking for a meat grinder that can perfectly grin fibrous meat without any clogs or hassle, you will really appreciate what we have in store for you.

However, most of the people do not really know what to look for when they are in the market searching for a reliable, quality meat grinder. The recommendations we have for you in this regard are among the best meat grinders for deer you will find in the market.

But before we let you take a look at them, you need to keep the following things in mind when you are out buying a meat grinder.

Power Source

The first and foremost thing you need to consider is the power source of the meat grinder you are buying. It also depends on your usage. If you have large quantity of meat that you will have to grind regularly, you must definitely go for an electric meat grinder. They are powerful and more reliable, fast when it comes to grinding tons of meat. Otherwise, for homely purposes, manual grinders work well as well.


The next thing you need to consider is the durability factor in meat grinders. These grinder are not just hard to find but they also happen to be quite expensive. You need to rest assure the grinder you have chosen for yourself is going to last for years. This isn’t a product that you can go out and buy every other day. Buying a stainless steel grinder will prove to be more durable as compared to plastic grinder.

Ease Of Use

A lot of these meat grinders come with complex functionalities that are mostly hard to understand. Go for something that is easy to use and does not consumes a lot of your time understanding the basics. Also, make sure the grinder you are buying is also easy to clean. The hygiene really matters when it comes to kitchen appliances. So, make sure you buy a grinder that is easy to use, is functional and can be cleaned up thoroughly.

So, these are the few things that you must keep in mind when buying a meat grinder. Moving on, following are a few of our recommendations that you can take a look at if you want to buy an efficient meat grinder for your requirements.

Best Meat Grinders For Deer (Comparison)

Meat GrinderCapacity 
STX International Turboforce II200 lbs/hourCheck Price
LEM Products Big Bite500 lbs/hourCheck Price
Weston Pro Series 10-3201-W725 lbs/hourCheck Price


STX International Turboforce II

The first product in our list of recommendations for best meat grinders for deer is a topnotch grinding machine from STX International.STX International Turboforce II Best Meat Grinders For Deer This grinder is one of the best grinding machines that you will find in the market, one that grinds your meat really fast and comes with enough extras that it can be used to grind any kind of meat.

This is an electric grinding machine and its weight is almost 12lbs. STX International has raised the cost of its products with the launch of this grinder. It happens to be quite expensive if we compare it to the other available STX International grinders but 4000-TBII comes with a lot of features other than being a common grinder.

For the money, you don’t only get the three kinds of speed in the grinder but you also attain five grinding plates, three different stainless-steel blades, three different sausage tubes and one beaner plate that you can use for making sausages. So, as you can see from the above mentioned details, this grinder is a dream come true for those who have always been looking for a single machine that can fulfill all their nitty gritty requirements.

STX International has made 4000-TBII one of the most versatile grinders in the market and with the help of these added extras; the grinder allows you to complete any type of cooking projects that could involve grinders. Not to mention, this also happen to be the best feature of STX-4000-TB2. As for the design and aesthetics of this machine, they are also very eyeing pleasing. The grinder comes with contemporary look that is going to add grace in your modern kitchen. The sides of the grinder are covered with black plastic and the grinding parts, feeding trays are made up stainless-steel, all of these components make this grinder look amazing sitting on your counter-top.

Another feature that we would like to mention here about this grinder is that it comes with integrated quad-air cooling system. This keeps the functionality of the grinder up to the mark and extends the time of its life. You can say that the air cooling system doesn’t let the device heat up and keeps it cool so that it can function for a longer period of time. Since, the grinder comes with numerous functions, those who are looking for a simple grinder may get confused in the beginning but not to worry, the grinder also comes with a user manual that will walk you through the entire process of using STX-4000-TB2 efficiently. All in all, this grinder is definitely recommended who have the habit of taking a lot of help from their meat grinders.

Grinds Meat FastNot Affordable For Most People
Easy To Put Together
Doesn’t Make Any Noise
Offers Numerous Features


The STX-4000-TB2 comes with a lot of functionalities and features. It offers you wide range of grinding options and number of stainless-steel blades. Even though, most of the cooks may not need all the features but buying this grinder can prove to be really useful in the long run.



LEM Products Big Bite

LEM is known for manufacturing grinders solidly out of stainless steel in different sizes.LEM Products Big Bite Best Meat Grinders For Deer The size we recommend you in this article is .50HP that you can easily use for grinding deer meat. The Big Bite Electric Meat Grinder is not just heavy and a solid meat grinder but it also comes with great looks and versatile features. The whole series of these grinders come with a number of grinders in different sizes and power strength. The piece is known for its quality workmanship and does not make any noise, both of these things you will rarely find in any other model of this price range.

In this product review, we will particularly describe LEM Product Big Bite .50HP and according to use, it is one of the best sizes you can make use of for grinding deer meat. The main difference among all the other sizes of LEM Products Big Bite Electric Meat Grinder is power and size only, as for the features, they also come as the same in every LEM product. In case, you are looking for a smaller or a bigger size, you can check out their other available products. There are so many grinding machines available from this company that almost anyone can find exactly what they are looking for.

This grinder however comes with an extremely strong engine that it allows you to grind large quantities of meat, even if you have thicker and larger pieces. The strong engine will not need to take breaks and you can continue grinding your meat without any hassle or the worry of your machine heating up. It is best for those who grind meat very often and don’t like to go to the market every time. LEM products manufactured this grinder keeping in mind the requirements of those who want to grind meat fast and real quick.

The manufacturer also provides you with a 5-year warranty of their product so in case you feel it is not performing the way it used to, you can always take it up with the manufacturer and get it fixed right away. The design of this grinder comes in brushed of stainless steel finish that is going to add up to the charm of your kitchen. It is a small machine that you can easily place on your shelf or your countertop in the kitchen. The stainless-steel finish also minimizes the stains of fingerprints that are bound to get to your machine while grinding, keeping your grinder sleek and new.

The grinder comes with several accessories such as added tray for storing knife and plate along with extended auger pulls. The device is extremely easy to use and riffling pattern in head pushes meat forward real quick with minimum user interaction. This means, you will not have to spend hours exhausting yourself before you can get your mince from the machine. The grinder literally takes care of everything by itself, leaving you to do little to nothing.

Comes With 5-year WarrantyExpensive
Great For Grinding Large Quantities Of Meat


LEM Products is mainly known for manufacturing grinders that provide extreme power and strength. If you happen to be someone who always has to grind large quantities of meat, that too very often, then device is the one for you. The 5-year warranty will also make it worth your while.




Weston Pro Series 10-3201-W

Moving on, the last recommendation on this list is Western Pro Series 32.Weston Pro Series 10-3201-W Best Meat Grinders For Deer We are sure that you must have heard about how powerful this grinder is but is it really worth the money? Let’s find out.

The price of this meat grinder is quite a lot if we compare it with the other western meat grinders available in market. Most of the people, often try to contemplate if we spending so much money on a meat grinder is worthy or not and lucky for you, when it comes to Western Pro Series 22, we have the answer. The grinder provides enough speed and power so that you can easily grind your large quantity of meant, without even a flicker of hassle. In case, you don’t like waiting a lot while grinding your meat, this meat grinder also makes sure that your mince is ready within minutes once you start grinding.

Another benefit of spending money on this grinder is that it is going to save your time you spend cleaning clogs. Now, you will not have to stop your process and unclog your grinder because Western

Pro Series 22 has got you covered. The device is heavy and strongly built, since you will be grinding a large quantity of meat, having a grinder that has firm built is extremely necessary. Another ability of the grinder is that it can chop smaller bones that most of the other grinders fail to do. If it’s one thing that this unit is not lacking, it’s power. It has plenty of it. Because of the 1 HP motor, the Weston 22 electric meat grinder can handle whatever you want to throw in it. The grinder can efficiently handle fibrous meat like elk and deer.

The grinder has the ability of grinding 725 pounds of meat in one hour. Isn’t that amazing? The motor of Western Pro Series 22 is also air cooled which means heating up will never be an issue with this device nor will it be a concern. The grinder also makes literally no noise which may come as a surprise to a lot of people since most of the grinders of this capacity usually create a lot of havoc, which happens to be a yet another reason why you should consider buying this grinder.

The grinder is extremely easy to use and simple to clean. It will literally take no time for you to understand it correctly and the cleaning mechanism is also very simple. If you happen to be a hunter, who loves hunting deer or a butcher who butches his meat on a regular basis, this grinder is exclusively designed to fulfill all your requirements. So, as you can see, you get a lot of power, strength and features if you buy this product than we must say that it is definitely worth the price.

Great For Commercial UseNot Suitable For Daily Home Tasks
Solid Build


So, if you are looking for a grinder that can be easily cleaned up and grinds your loads of meat real quick, consider buying yourself Western Pro Series 22. It is efficient, classic and comes with great functionality. Not to mention, this grinder is going to last for years without even breaking a sweat.



So, these were a few of our recommendations regarding best meat grinders for deer. These are the most functional grinders you will find in the market. If you think there is another grinder that we should add to this list, don’t forget to let us know in the comments below.



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