Best Espresso Machines Under $150
(Last Updated On: January 20, 2019)

Planning on buying a brewing system for your homely needs? Well, if you are, then it is about time you did your research on the matter. Buying a coffee maker isn’t an easy job, most of the people think that they can just go ahead in the market and make top choice but that is not how it works, does it?

Buying a coffee maker is as tough as brewing coffee manually. You have to beat it right or you will not be attaining any foam on your coffee. Same way, you need to make sure that you opt for the right brewing system according to your needs, so you don’t end up wasting your money with a lot of regret on the go. We have compiled some of the best espresso machines under $150 below in this publication. We recommend you have a look at them.

Here we have 5 things that you need to consider before you go ahead and choose the right coffee maker for yourself.

Ease Of Use

Your coffee maker should come off with ease to use. You do not want to spend hours everyday before you can get your favorite beverage in the morning or any other time you like. Choose something that is easy to use and can be steamed up with the click of a single button.


We can completely understand that now you have made up your mind to buy an espresso machine, you actually want to have a nice coffee in the comfort of your home. Look for something that produces thick crema with original taste. Always go for an espresso machine that provides more power to the process.


You should be able to use all kind of pods, beans and grounds with your espresso machine. There are many espresso machines in the market that allow you this comfort. All you have to do is thoroughly search the market before making your final purchase.


It should require little counter space if you want something for your home. Big coffee brewers do not look homely in the comfort of your kitchen. Once you have begun surfing, we are absolutely certain that you will find plenty of options in the market that are compact in size and design.

So, these were the things you must keep in mind when buying a brewing system for your homely needs. We hope these tips were able to sort some confusions out. for our recommendation, please read further and find out more about the espresso machines you can buy under $150.

Best Espresso Machines Under $150 (Comparison)

Espresso MachineWeight 
Hamilton Beach 407929.37 lbsCheck Price
De'Longhi EC1556.68 lbsCheck Price
CISNO NCC-N012.4 lbsCheck Price


Hamilton Beach 40792

If you’re looking for a coffee maker or an espresso maker, one that will allow you to make delicious gourmet coffee in the comfort of your home, then Hamilton Beach’s 40792 Espresso Maker is a product that you should consider for sure.Hamilton Beach 40792 Best Espresso Machines Under $150

This espresso maker is quite famous because it comes with most of the upgraded features that other espresso makers have, yet it cost little to nothing as compared to them. Let us share a quick insight regarding this espresso maker with you so that you can decide for yourself if this coffee maker is the answer you had been looking for, or not.

This machine is quite Italian in terms of design, it comes with a fifteen-bar pump style that provides an Italian touch to its performance. The 40792 Espresso Maker is mostly renowned for the rich crema it produces while making your coffee and the superb extraction. Another feature that adds up to the grace of 40792 is its filter holder with a slide, patented and lock mechanism. The machine itself is very easy to set up and it also comes with a steam wand, another feature added to its brewing system, one that makes it even easier to steam or froth milk.

The best part about Hamilton Beach Espresso Makers is that every machine comes with a removable drip tray and a detachable water reservoir. 40792 also features a pressure pump that is very efficient and dependable and is among the many reasons why people find this espresso maker one of the best in the market.

Most of the brewing systems that you will probably find in the market aren’t easy to operate for everyone. It takes time and effort in order to learn how to use these brewing systems correctly with this coffee maker, your life will get a lot easier because of its great user-interface. If you want an espresso machine that is easy to use and can be affordable as well, Hamilton Beach has got you covered.

Cup WarmerFilter May Oxidize Overtime
Detachable Water Reservoir
Easy To Use


If you want an espresso maker that comes with all the upgraded features and can be handled easily, Hamilton Beach 40792 is your go-to product. It is easy to use, comes with a steam wand and makes delicious espressos and lattes in the comfort of your home.




De’Longhi EC155

If you’re looking for an espresso machine so that it can add grace to your apartment’s table top, let us inform you about DeLonghi EC155, one of the best brewing systems you will find in the market and after reading this review, you will be able to make up your mind whether it is something you should go for or not.De'Longhi EC155 Best Espresso Machines Under $150

The build quality of this espresso machine is nothing phenomenal, but it is also nothing like other espresso machines that you will find in the market on this rate. The entire body of this coffee maker is built with black hard plastic whereas the parts that actually brew your coffee are of stainless steel, making it one of the most convenient to use brewing machines. The EC155 is a machine that is known to last longer than anything else in your home, so you can rest assured regarding its durability.

The main and most highlighted feature of this machine is that it provides 15 bars of pressure that is more than enough to brew you a concentrated coffee or an espresso. The power that this small machine provides to your homemade coffee is mostly seen at the cafes where this job is done by much bigger coffee makers. Another rare feature that this espresso maker has is that c=it can brew your coffee from pods and beans, both. So, on a tough morning, if you don’t want to go ahead and grind your coffee, the EC155 will most definitely be your favorite companion.

It also comes with a good capacity water storage tank, shot bandwidth and ground storage bin. With the help of this machine, you can pull two shots simultaneously, but you will notice somewhat lack in machine’s power supply when your brew two shots together. Another notable feature of DeLonghi EC155 is that it is extremely easy to use. The machine begins to self-prime with the click of a button and you will not have to go about for hours, reading manuals, on understanding how to kickstart this machine.

The drip tray and water reservoir of DeLonghi EC155 pops out very easily and it is also very convenient to clean. The internal mechanisms of this machine can also be cleaned thoroughly only if you take a complete protocol as mentioned in their user manual, if you do that, your machine will never go rusty.

The whole package comes with a cup warmer, frother, filter system and a basic cup. The cup warmer is a winner because it keeps your coffee topnotch until the time you serve it. So, if you want something for your countertop in minimal price range, DeLonghi EC155 is your espresso maker to go for.

15 Bars PressureQuality Issues
Beginner Friendly
Cup Warmer


DeLonghi EC155 is something that you should definitely consider if you don’t want to spend a lot on your espresso maker. It is convenient, easy to use and comes with a great power source that will be enough to brew you outstandingly concentrated coffee.





If you love coffee and always want it on the go, then you must be looking for an espresso machine that you can always keep at arm’s length.CISNO NCC-N01 Best Espresso Machines Under $150 Lucky for you, we have something that is going to fulfill all your needs very efficiently.

Cisno NCC-N01 automated portable espresso machine is everything you need. It is an electric, portable espresso machine that can be operated through clicking a single button. It will provide you with 15 bars of pressure that can make you’re the best coffee on the go. The device is able to heat up water up to 195 degrees Fahrenheit on an optimal temperature and is powered by removable lithium battery that you can charge for later use. The 15-bar pressure that this espresso maker produces, helps it to be compared to much more expensive coffee machines available in the market.

The product comes with a streamlined design and a compact design. The whole espresso is manufactured in such a way that you can carry it easily in your backpack or travelling bag while you’re out for camping, hunting, fishing or anything for that matter. The espresso machine is suitable and compatible with the genuine Nespresso and sealed reusable stainless-steel capsules for ground coffee. Another upside of this coffee maker is that you can use it to brew mint or tea, according to your own preference.

The espresso itself is very easy to use and it is entirely up to you if you use cold or hot water for making your coffee because it can heat up your beverage really quick. It is easy to clean as well, all you have to do is run it empty and you’re well to go if you have not inserted any coffee capsule, if so, then you may want to clean the coffee bean residue that may be left inside as well. The rechargeable battery is one of the main reasons why you need this in your life if you love coffee on the go. You can easily recharge its battery with your car charger while you’re not brewing anything. It will keep your brewer charged at all times. At full battery charge, you can make over 100 cups of coffee before the battery runs out, isn’t that cool?

The whole package comes with a temperature probe, heating discs, a maximum water level indicator and a filter screen, all of this helps you while making the best cup of coffee. So, if you want a coffee maker for all your outdoor activities, you honestly have a winner.

PortableMay Not Be Affordable For All
Compact Design
Provide 15 Bars Of Pressure


The Cisno Espresso Machine isn’t that cheap for a compact espresso maker but given its portability, power and coffee making strength, it sure is worth the money. You will hardly find any portable espresso maker that is as good as this one on the market.




So, this was all on our recommendations regarding best coffee makers under $150. If you have any questions in this regard or any recommendations for that matter, don’t hesitate to leave us with your feedback or you can contact us by email as well. We appreciate your feedback.



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