Best Espresso Machines For Coffee Shop
(Last Updated On: January 22, 2019)

Are you thinking about opening up your own coffee shop or a small-town cafeteria? Well, in that case, buying a commercial espresso machine must be on you list of things that you need to buy.

Opening up a cafeteria isn’t an easy thing to do. There are a lot of things you need to consider like the location, the interior of your café, the entire setup, the furniture and the fact that how you will be able to run it efficiently.

Another thing, however, that you most definitely need to consider is buying an efficient and commercial espresso machine. Yes, your café will not be called a café if it doesn’t serve hot mouthwatering coffee.

There are hundreds of espresso machines available in the market but the fact you need it for a coffee shop, things may seem a bit more complicated than they really are. You need to consider a lot of things before you buy an espresso machine and for starters, here are a few things you need to keep mind. Also we have compiled some of the best espresso machines for coffee shops below in this publication. We recommend you have a look at them.

Determine Your Commercial Needs

Most of the people who go ahead, straight in the market without understanding what they really need, make the biggest mistake. The first and foremost step of buying a commercial espresso machine is understanding your needs. Think about how many cups of coffee you’ll be serving on average, daily. That’s a start.

Consider Service Agreement

Now that you’re buying an espresso machine, the service it will require over the course of a time should be brought into consideration. Always check from the seller if they provide proper servicing of the machine or not. if they do, you are good to go.

Cost Of Service

Let’s say there is no service agreement, your device breaks down, what are you going to do now? Go for something that ensures durability and has spare parts available locally, in case it breaks down and needs repairing. Also, estimate the cost of service you will require over a span of one year on a machine that you are buying.

Exchange/Return Policy

It so happens that sometimes, you like a machine in the market but when you bring it the coffee shop and begin using it, it doesn’t seem that much impressive anymore. In this case, you need to always check for an exchange or return policy. So, if you do not like the machine, you can easily return or exchange it with the seller.

In-house Cleaning

The espresso machine that you’re buying should be easy to clean. You do not want to make a mess at your coffee shop so always opt for a machine that is not just easy to handle but is also easy to use, maintain and clean. The cleaner you keep your espresso machine, the longer it will last.

So, these were a few tips that you need to keep in mind when buying an espresso machine for a coffee shop. Keeping these things in perspective, you will be able to make the right choice for yourself. Now on to recommendation, here are a few of our suggestions that you can check for espresso machines.

Best Espresso Machines For Coffee Shop (Comparison)

Espresso MachineWeight 
La Pavoni BAR-T 2V-B130 lbsCheck Price
Breville BES980XL Oracle34.5 lbsCheck Price
La Marzocco Classic Linea 2EE300 lbsCheck Price


La Pavoni BAR-T 2V-B

An international frontrunner for manufacturing espresso machines, La Pavoni was established in Milan, Italy in 1905 and has been known as one of the best manufacturers of commercial coffee making machines. Their machines are not just well-established for the functioning they provide but also for the aesthetics and sleek designs they have introduced.La Pavoni BAR-T 2V-B Best Espresso Machines For Coffee Shop

Getting down to BAR-T 2V-B, measures approximately 30-inches, smaller in size yet it has a lot of features that can add up to the glory of your coffee bar. The main features of the espresso maker are internal electro-pump, water softener, two flexible stream jets and a hot water tap. The electric pump means you will not have to wait hours before you get your product from this espresso machine, instead, it will be making you, your favorite beverage in just a couple of seconds or so. The electronic pump of this machine comes integrated and is internal, but you can also request for an external pump if you need from the company.

The BAR-T 2V-B also comes with separate solenoids that allow several users to make coffee or their favorite beverages simultaneously. Once you have installed this in your cafeteria, you will not have to wait to make your favorite drink only because somebody else is using it. For safety purposes, this machine comes with a vacuum valve installed in it. It allows the unit to relieve any vacuum or unwanted suction and prevents from the unit from collapsing because of too much pressure.

Another feature that enhances the quality of this espresso maker is the double scale gauge, with the help of that, now you can monitor the boiler and pump pressure simultaneously. The espresso maker may seem a bit complicated at the beginning but knowing these smaller details will help you operate this thing efficiently. The water softener feature is also fantastic, in case you want more concentrated coffee, this feature will soften the water to maximum range and provide you with an optimized result.

Water SoftenerIf You Do Not Install The Water Softener Your Warranty Will Be Void
Easy To Use
Comes With Several Solenoids


If you’re looking for an espresso machine that not only fulfills all your café requirements but also adds to the grace of your main countertop, BAR-T 2V-B is an espresso maker that you should definitely consider. It comes with a lot of features and provides optimized results for commercial use.



Breville BES980XL Oracle

Most of the people who are looking for an espresso machine often question that why Breville named one of their best espresso machines as “Oracle”? To that question, we have answer and that is, the BES980XL Oracle has all the features you need for brewing your favorite drink.Breville BES980XL Oracle Best Espresso Machines For Coffee Shop

The machine is totally worth the price and it comes with too many features that are almost impossible to get in an espresso maker for this price. This is the first espresso maker in the market that can be used as automatic and semiautomatic espresso maker. The first advantage of this machine is that it is semiautomatic, and it allows you to do some of the work yourself if you like to. Secondly, the grinding chamber and the brewing chamber are built together as one when it comes to super-automatic. All the features of Oracle are designed around improving the overall experience of the user.

It comes with a dual boiler and that is among the most expensive features of this espresso machine. This dual boiler allows you to steam and brew milk at the same time. it allows the temperature stability during the entire brewing process. They both are made up of stainless-steel and the temperature on both boilers can be controlled separately that allows more precision. It also comes with dual pumps, one for steam and one for espresso. The dual pumps ensure constant pressure while you’re pulling shots. Another feature that adds to the grace of this machine is preinfusion. This avoids channeling that is a very common problem when pulling shots.

The machine comes with a short clock and it calculates your time while you have been pulling shots to provide you with an estimate of your time. Oracle comes with three heating systems. It means that instead of using one heat element for steaming, brewing and brew-head, now there will be three separate heads. It also comes alongside a cup warmer that has its own heating element and doesn’t take up heat from the boiler, providing you with maximum efficiency. you can also adjust Oracle according to your requirement while pulling volume shots. Last but not the least, the machine also comes with a milk frother and an integrated grinder.  The BES980XL is by far the best espresso machine you will find in the market.

Upgraded FeaturesYou Won’t Be Able To Volumize Your Grinding Level
Effective Triple Heating System


If you are looking for an espresso machine that is going to last longer and has all the necessary features, you should definitely consider getting Breville BES980XL Oracle. This is one of the best espresso machines you will find in the market and has a lot to offer you.




La Marzocco Classic Linea 2EE

La Marzocco is another one of the great names you hear when you think about buying an espresso machine for your coffee shop. They are known for manufacturing one of the most functional espresso machines and every piece they produce has its own features and functionalities.La Marzocco Classic Linea 2EE Best Espresso Machines For Coffee Shop

The operation style of Classic Linea 2EE is semi-automatic, thus you can make use of it just according to your requirement. This is another espresso machine that comes with dual boiler system and provides maximum efficiency. it is a saturated group design and cannot be found anywhere else. The machine comes with a PID temperature controller and adds to its already enhanced features. The body is manufactured completely with stainless-steel, ensuring its durability.

The machine also comes with stainless-steel portafilters and advanced precision baskets that enhance the user experience. The Classic Linea 2EE features a steam actuation knob that allows the user to relive the internal steam just by rotating this knob. It also relieves the machine of excessive pressure. The boiler is dual whereas the pump type is single, and it is external rotary pump.

The Classic Linea 2EE does not come with a water filter so in order to make concentrated coffee, you will require proper filtration of the water you’re using. It provides enough voltage so that it can steam up and make use of both boilers on an optimal level. This espresso machine is extremely easy to use but it does require professional installation. In case you were wondering if it could be installed all by yourself, you thought wrong.

It is great for setting up in a professional and commercial use. The tank capacity is enough to make 100 cappuccinos a day. The dual boiler makes brewing and steaming extremely easy. The product also comes with a steam wand and a milk frother that you can use according to your own requirement. It does not have an integrated grinder, that means you will have to grind your coffee prior to using this espresso machine.

This is another one of the best espresso makers you will find in the market. it is highly affordable and the way it has been manufactured, it is ready to last for a lifetime. The features may not be that much enhanced as compared to other espresso machines of this type and on this price, but the product does speak for itself and is among our high recommendations.

Stainless Steel BodyDoesn’t Have A Lot Of Features
Easy To Use
Dual Boilers


If you’re looking for an espresso machine that is not too complicated to use and answers all your basic requirements, considering the Classic Linea 2EE isn’t such a bad choice after-all. It is easy to use, sleek in design and comes in all stainless-steel body that is ready to last for a lifetime.




So, these were a few of our recommendations regarding best espresso machines for coffee shops. If you have any questions in this regard or have any recommendations that you would like us to add, feel free to contact us in the comments below. We appreciate your feedback.



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