If you are planning to take your home-based business a notch higher, but do not want to invest in bigger equipment yet, considering a decent-sized, countertop commercial mixer would be your best bet. It got the capacity, functionality, and heavy-duty performance. And those elements are essential if you want to whip considerable quantities of your bread and pastries enough to fill a small bakery.

Some startup bakery owners want to keep their shops in neighborhood small level. Some just want to take their time in honing their flavors and signature creations first before going big. Regardless of the reason, investing in the right equipment is essential. A bread machine mixer that will help you do mix batches of dough at a time is a great help when it comes to mass production.

Now, aside from capacity, you need your commercial mixer to be heavy-duty to mix bigger batches of dough efficiently without overheating. Manufacturers do not recommend mixing the dough as often using a traditional kitchen mixer because the motor power and the dough hook might not be able to handle it. Thus, a commercial mixer is appropriate for bakeries since it comes with a more powerful motor that can handle dough mixing effectively.

And of course, there are some features that you should also look for in a commercial mixer. The mixing motion can do a lot of difference as it will help you mix the dough faster and more effectively. The planetary motion is so far what’s most efficient here. Meanwhile, a strong and durable mixing bowl is also a must since it needs to hold the heavy dough and keep itself steady during the mixing motion. And you should also consider features like good attachment-to-bowl contact, bowl guard, are speed adjustments.

Not sure if you’ll pick the right commercial dough mixer to work with? We researched 3 of the top commercial mixer models that are fitting for startup bakery owners. Check them out here.


NameKey Feature 
KitchenAid KSM8990DP 8-Quart Commercial Countertop Mixer- Editor's ChoiceEquipped with 500 watts, 1.3 HP, high-efficiency DC motorCheck Price
Happybuy Commercial Food Mixer 10Qt 450WComes with 10-quart 304 stainless steel bowl with a safety guardCheck Price
Globe SP08 8-Quart 3-Speed Countertop Planetary MixerFeatures a 15-minute timer with touch panel controlCheck Price



KitchenAid KSM8990DP 8-Quart Commercial Countertop Mixer – Editor’s Choice

Who would go wrong with a KitchenAid? It comes with a complete line of aesthetically-pleasing, functional, and high-performing mixers catering to different needs and preferences. And this KitchenAid 8-quart mixer is just fitting for startup bakery owners can utilize as they scale their business.

This commercial mixer is equipped with a powerful 500 watts, 1.3 HP, high-efficiency DC motor. This allows it to work on different types of dough and produce many batches of it. It produces powerful torque that helps it go on for long periods without overheating. Despite the motor power, this power horse still runs quietly and smoothly.

This KitchenAid 8 qt mixer has enough capacity to knead the dough for about 8 loaves of bread at once. You can also whip enough cookie dough for 13 dozen basic cookies. It can work on 16 cups of flour at a time, allowing you to produce enough quantities to fill your bakery or get those bulk orders for events.

Meanwhile, the mixing bowl is made of brushed stainless steel for extra strength, stability, and durability. This also will go well as easy cleaning and can be put safely in a dishwasher. This commercial mixer’s bowl is also integrated with a J handle for ergonomics and accessibility.

This KitchenAid commercial mixer utilizes a bowl lift mechanism that keeps the attachment-to-bowl contact consistent and in an effective ratio. It allows for proper positioning while providing stability during the mixing process. It is strong enough to support the total weight of the bowl plus the ingredients.

You can whip from your KitchenAid pizza dough, bread dough, and other thick-yeast dough from scratch, too, with its included PowerKnead dough hook. The spiral design allows for effective mixing so that all the ingredients will be incorporated and distributed into the dough properly. Meanwhile, this commercial mixer also includes a food-grade stainless steel wire whisk in an elliptical design for fast and consistent mixing. It also comes with a flat beater that is also made of purely stainless steel, which is great for cake batters or doing some mashed potatoes in large quantities.

You can tell the KitchenAid commercial mixer apart from the artisan’s and classic’s with its orange power cord.

Equipped with 500 watts, 1.3 HP, high-efficiency DC motorExpensive
8-quart capacity
Bowl-lift design
Stainless steel, J-handled, dishwasher-safe bowl
Comes with stainless steel attachments
Effective attachment-to-bowl ratio
Comes in different color options


The KitchenAid KSM8990DP 8-Quart Commercial Countertop Mixer is a fool-proof and great investment for startup bakeries with its powerful and reliable performance. Yet, this commercial mixer can still be used at home for personal use or home-based business as it does not take up that much space on the countertop.


Happybuy Commercial Food Mixer 10Qt 450W

From the looks alone, you can definitely tell that this is a commercial mixer. Its heavy-duty build is clearly made to handle huge quantities and is ready for continuous operation. The Happybuy Commercial Food Mixer line also comes in different sizes; choose the one that will fit your target or usual production for more efficient use.

The Happybuy Commercial Food Mixer 10Qt 450W is the entry-level size and comes with almost full stainless steel parts and a mechanism. It features a carbon steel stand and support with rubber footing for extra stability and support. This commercial mixer also uses a 10-quart mixing bowl that is made of 304 stainless steel to hold large quantities of ingredients effectively. Use it as a pizza dough mixer to get ready with many pizza doughs at once for your pizza business to save time.

This reliable bread mixer is powered by a 450-watt high-performance motor that allows you to work on different types of dough and in large quantities at once. This commercial mixer features a 3-speed adjustable operation to work on different recipes. Choose between 110, 178, and 390 RPM for optimum results.

I am also particularly excited about this dough mixer machine having a splash guard feature. It comes with a safety guard attachment to keep the dough from spilling out. The grill design reduces the amount of splashing while mixing a lot of ingredients. And it also helps in cleaning it faster and more efficiently.

The Happybuy Commercial Food Mixer 10Qt 450W also makes a great dough kneader with its stainless and heavy-duty dough hook. Meanwhile, it also comes with a beater attachment and a wire whip to process batters, softer doughs, and even your icing. This commercial mixer is versatile to work on all of your bakery creations.

For a more effective operation, you can also maximize its height adjustment feature. Choose the appropriate height between the attachment and the bowl that can thoroughly mix your ingredients. This is particularly helpful when processing smaller quantities as you can make the attachment closer to the bowl.

450-watt high-performance motor; 3-speed adjustment (110, 178, and 390 RPM)Some customers complain of receiving dented bowl
Comes with 10-quart 304 stainless steel bowl with a safety guard
Adjustable bowl height
Comes with complete attachments – dough hook, beater, and wire whisk
Comes with a carbon steel stand with rubber footings


The Happybuy Commercial Food Mixer 10Qt 450W is great to use in small businesses with its powerful and reliable performance. The safety guard is a great plus.


Globe SP08 8-Quart 3-Speed Countertop Planetary Mixer

This commercial mixer can be put on a countertop safely and securely even while operating. It has wide base support and a sturdy mount for the motor and attachments. It looks classic with its white powder coating and stainless steel aesthetics.

The Globe commercial dough mixer features an 8-quart, stainless-steel bowl that can be lifted and lowered using a lever system with dual bowl clamps attached to the machine. For safety and user protection, the mixing operation stops when the bowl is lowered so you don’t have to worry about splashing ingredients around. The stand comes with non-slip, rubber footings.

Meanwhile, this commercial mixer features 3-speed adjustments. This allows you to optimize the speed according to the results you desire. Operation is powered by a 0.25 HP custom-built motor that produces high torque for dependable performance.

Though it looks classic, this startup bakery mixer features a modern, touch control for timer adjustment. Yes, this commercial mixer has a 15-minute timer to allow you to move on to your other tasks while it mixes with fewer worries.

This Globe bread kneader comes with a complete set of attachments including a stainless steel wire whip, an aluminum spiral dough hook, and an aluminum flat beater.

Powered by a 0.25 HP custom-built motorTall for most storage cabinets
Three-speed operation
Features a 15-minute timer with touch panel control
The machine automatically stops when the bowl is lowered
8-quart bowl capacity
Comes with a splash cover


The Globe SP08 8-Quart 3-Speed Countertop Planetary Mixer works efficiently and effectively in a commercial baking environment. This commercial mixer is a good choice for startup bakeries because of its intuitive operation and reliable performance. Having that timer is a plus point.


Final Verdict

It is hard to single out the best mixer for baking because of varied needs. As for startup bakeries, something that is not too big yet is reliable for continuous operation is a great investment.

If you have the budget, you can splurge on a KitchenAid KSM8990DP 8-Quart Commercial Countertop Mixer. For me, every baker will surely have many years of great memories in one.

The KitchenAid KSM8990DP 8-Quart Commercial Countertop Mixer has the most powerful motor on this list, so you are guaranteed stable and powerful operation, perfect for your startup bakery. Aside from performance, the beautiful color choices add some sort of personalization to your shop’s kitchen. You have a personal commercial mixer that does not look generic or just another appliance.

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