Best Coffee Makers For College
(Last Updated On: January 27, 2019)

Are you off to college for a few years? Well, then you must be thinking about buying a lot of stuff for your dorm room. In that case, you don’t want to forget about your daily caffeine intake and lucky for you, we have a solution.

Buy yourself an espresso maker that can help you with all your coffee cravings even when you’re thousands of miles away from home. We all want to take our entire home when we move out, why don’t you buy yourself a compact coffee maker that can ease up your pain?

So, in order to buy yourself a coffee maker, you must take a look at a few things before you make your purchase. Buying a coffee maker that can be optimal in use isn’t an easy thing to do. You need to consider a few aspects and then decide. Also we have compiled some of the best coffee makers for college below in this publication. We recommend you have a look at them.

And Keep these things in mind and you will end up making the right choice for yourself.


You are going to a hostel and chances are that you will not have enough space to carry a large size coffee maker with you. So, in that case, choose something lightweight, one that comes in a compact size and is easy to carry. Once you have started surfing, we are completely confident that you will find lots of possibilities in the market that are small in size and shape.

Ease Of Use

Your coffee maker must come off with comfort to use. You do not want to devote hours every single day before you can get your beloved beverage at the sunrise or any time you want. Select something that is easy to utilize and can be steamed up with the snap of a lone switch.


The espresso machine that you’re buying should be easy to clean. You would not want to make a mess of everything in your dorm room, so always opt for a machine that is not just easy to handle but is also easy to use, maintain and clean. The cleaner you keep your espresso machine, the longer it will last.

So, these were a few things that you must keep in mind when buying a coffee maker for college, by keeping these tips in perspective, you will be able to buy your product very easily.

So, now we have a few recommendations to share you with as well in this regard. Read further and you can consider a few options for your purchase.

Best Coffee Makers For College (Comparison)

Coffee MakerWater Capacity 
Hamilton Beach FlexBrew 4997610.14 ozCheck Price
Cuisinart DCC-300010.14 ozCheck Price
Nespresso Essenza20.3 ozCheck Price


Hamilton Beach FlexBrew 49976

This may have caught us by surprise, but Hamilton Beach FlexBrew Coffee Maker is one of a kind and something that you should think about buying if you are off to college. Let’s get into the detailed review about this coffee maker and you can have a more detailed insight about this product.

First things first, this coffee maker comes with a glass carafe and tons of unique attachments that will help you make the best coffee first thing in the morning. The attachments include a drip tray for small accessories, a black funnel that can be inserted into the single serve side for brewing, brew basket for the carafe side, and a pack holder. It also comes with a detailed user-guide that can be beneficial for a lot of people and this coffee maker has a warranty of 1-year.

The best part about this coffee maker is the convenience it provides for switching between single-serve and traditional pot brewing. It comes with a drip tray as mentioned above and you can also convert it into stowaway compartment for attaching small stuff such as the pack holder. The carafe is also extremely easy to use, and you can pour in water without having to worry about spilling it all over the place. It also comes with dual reservoirs and water window that will allow you to peep in to see how much water is left to use. It has a pause and serve function as well. The entire button control system is extremely easy to use and user-friendly as well.

The separate reservoir for each side is another favorable thing about this coffee maker and the glass windows just add to the glory of it. The cup rest system of Beach FlexBrew Coffee Maker works as a compartment as well and its very useful. You can store attachments there that you are not using or use once in a while. It has easy and flexible coffee brewing options on demand along with easy water filling tanks. Since the thing is small, you do not have to worry about dragging the whole thing to fill in.

Offers Brewing FlexibilityCannot Program Single Serve Side
Programmable Timer & Clock
Auto Shutoff Function


Hamilton Beach FlexBrew Coffee Maker is a total steal because of its easy to use features and pocket friendly price. It is not even huge in size so one can easily carry it to hostel or college, wherever you want.




Cuisinart DCC-3000

The next product that we have on our highly recommended coffee makers list is DCC-3000 by Cuisinart and it is among the best coffee makers you will find in the market.Cuisinart DCC-3000 Best Coffee Makers For College This piece of art comes with too many features, ones that are written down to provide you with more details on the coffee maker.

The coffee reservoir system of DCC-3000 is one of its most notable features. If you want to quit using a carafe, then you should definitely try out this coffee maker because the company has manufactured their brewer just like a water dispenser. The coffee in this coffee maker is stored in a 12-cup reservoir that is attached right next to the water tank whereas the brewing process takes place entirely inside the system. Once the machine is done brewing, you can get your coffee, one cup at a time, from the dispenser. This is one incredible feature Cuisinart has integrated in this coffee maker, but you need to make sure that you do not let the coffee stay in for too long it could get bitter and stale.

There is a fuel gauge at the front of this coffee maker that tells you how much coffee is left in the reservoir. Some other features that DCC-3000 comes with include a charcoal water filter that provides you a clean tasty cup of coffee, a permanent gold tone flat filter for the convenience of the user and an easily removable water tank for easy filling. Also, for those who prefer coffee without sediment, the coffee maker comes with a pack of paper filters for their convenience.

The programming of this coffee maker is also very easy to use and extremely convenient. All you have to do is set the time when you want your coffee and the machine will do the rest. You can also adjust the setting of the brewer if you want lesser cups. The device also happens to be very attractive and it is going to add to the grace of your dorm room for sure. It is a heavy, sturdy and strongly built machine that is going to last for a long time.

Convenient Coffee Dispenser DesignFuel Gauge May Be Inaccurate At Times
Provides Complete Programmability
Brews Great Coffee


If you want something stylish and thoroughly functional for your time away from home, DCC-3000 has got everything you need. It provides a great taste, is very easy to use and is great for carrying outside of home.




Nespresso Essenza

Mini espresso machines have become a thing recently due to their compact design and ease of use.Nespresso Essenza Best Coffee Makers For College Nespresso Essenza Mini Espresso Machine is the smallest coffee maker that you will find in the market. you will be surprised to know that Nespresso collaborated with 2 different companies to manufacture this espresso machine. Let us provide you with all the details below and you can see for yourself.

This coffee maker is an automatic pod-based machine and it is best for those who want their caffeine every now and then. It provides 19 bar high pressure pump that gives an extremely amazing brewing experience. It has a rapid heating system and it only takes 30 seconds to be fully functional.

The design of this espresso maker is no doubt the best and smallest in the market. it takes little to no space on your counter or shelve and its sleek design also won it the Red Design Award in 2017. The lightweight of this coffeemaker does provide it an advantage. You can keep it easily on your counter or even store it in your cupboard after you are done using.

The ease of use of Essenza Mini is exemplary, it hard takes a minute to heat it up and during the morning rush, you will never forget to take your caffeine intake if you choose to buy this espresso maker. Since it is a pod-based espresso maker, you don’t even need to deal with the messy powder. All you have to do is pop in the espresso capsule and turn on the power button, the machine will take care of the rest on its own. The coffee maker will stop automatically once your espresso is done. It comes with a 19-bar pressure so if you’re concerned regarding the quality of your espresso, you will be thrilled to know that it provides you with just the taste you want. It also has preset drink volumes that will allow you to choose your drink from a variety of options.

The cleaning up after use is also very easy. You do not need to clean the coffee capsule since it is pod-based coffee maker. The water tank, drip tray and drip grid can be removed from their respective places very easily and you can wash them with convenience. The machine will also power-off after 9 minutes of inactivity that saves power as well.

CompactSmall Water Tank
Easy To Use
Adjustable Drink Volume Options


If you want something highly affordable, compact in design and something that has a lot of features, go for Nespresso Essenza Mini Espresso Maker. It is the best choice gives its amazing features and programmability.




So, these were a few of our recommendations regarding best coffee makers for college. We hope this has provided you with some insight and now you can explore your options easily. If you have any questions in this regard, do not hesitate to contact us or you can easily provide us with your feedback in the comments below.



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