Best Coffee Makers For Backpacking
(Last Updated On: January 26, 2019)

Do you love coffee and camping? Well, that is a lovely combination, but some people may believe that it is hard to achieve both of these simultaneously. Well, let us tell you otherwise.

If you are looking for an espresso maker that will allow you to have your favorite beverage on the go, then you have come to the right place because we have a few recommendations for you in this regard.

There are hundreds of portable coffee makers available in the market so to be honest, it is not a rocket science to find them but what is difficult is to choose the right product for yourself. Nobody wants to end up regretting the purchase they so wholeheartedly made.

So, keeping that in perspective, we have a few tips to share with you. Keep these things in mind when buying a coffee maker for backpacking and you will make the right choice for sure. We have also compiled some of the best coffee makers for backpacking below in this publication. We recommend you have a look at them.

Compact Size

The first and foremost thing to consider when buying a coffee maker for outdoor use is its size. You cannot carry huge coffee makers with yourself. Choose something lightweight and that should come in a compact size.  Once you have begun surfing, we are absolutely certain that you will find plenty of options in the market that are compact in size and design.

Ease Of Use

Your coffee maker should come off with ease to use. You do not want to spend hours every day before you can get your favorite beverage in the morning or any other time you like, especially when you are out in the middle of nowhere. Choose something that is easy to use and can be steamed up with the click of a single button.


Since you will be camping, there is not just coffee that you will need. You may want to have tea at times or hot chocolate at others.  There are many portable espresso machines in the market that allow you this comfort. All you have to do is thoroughly search the market before making your final purchase.

Price Range

This is something you need to consider yourself. Check how much budget you have for this shopping and go according to that. Do not overbudget. There are many pocket friendly coffee makers available in the market. all you have to do is search thoroughly, compare products before you make your final purchase.

So, these were a few things that you need to keep in mind when buying a coffee maker for camping. If you keep them in mind, you will never regret your purchase. So, these are a few recommendations we have for you in this regard.

Best Coffee Makers For Backpacking (Comparison)

Coffee MakerCapacity 
Wacaco Minipresso GR77 mlCheck Price
Winterial Compact Percolator50 mlCheck Price
Coleman QuikPot Propane Coffee Maker250 mlCheck Price


Wacaco Minipresso GR

If you love coffee and you are looking for espresso makers that can accompany you on all your outdoor ventures, then you must take a look at Wacaco Minipresso GR, an extremely compact espresso maker for all your necessities.Wacaco Minipresso GR Best Coffee Makers For Backpacking

The Minipresso comes with a very portable design with a height of 7 inches and if you’re confused then we would like to clarify, yes, it does make espresso. It is truly designed for all those coffee enthusiasts who want to have their favorite beverage whenever they want and wherever they want. And when we say that it has got everything you need, we say it with surety, the whole package comes with a pressurized system, shot basket and a cup.

The design is very compact, and it comes in cylinder shape, very easy to put in bag and not even feel if its there. Once you start twisting off the machine from each end, you will see the mechanics, at one side, you will see the brew chamber where you can add 8 grams of a coffee at a single time whereas at the other end, you will see the chamber for hot water. Be careful while refilling it because if it overflows, there is a chance you could burn your hand or anything with hot water. Once you want to make coffee, all you have to do is give it a pump and you will have your espresso in a single shot.

The machine may not feel like an espresso machine, but it does make a great espresso for sure. You can also put this espresso machine in your backpack’s side pocket, a perfect companion for your trip up the hills, isn’t it? The weight of this espresso maker is 12.8 ounces that is just the weight you want when you’re looking for a companion that can be put into your bag.

The coffee maker is not dishwasher safe and we recommend you watch it thoroughly with hot water before storing it.

LightweightEspresso Quality Isn’t Topnotch
Compact Design
Makes Espresso In A Single Shot


For those who want a lightweight companion for trips that can provide their favorite beverage on the go, Wacaco portable minipresso is a product that you should definitely consider. It is extremely lightweight, and it makes espresso in a single shot. An espresso maker that you can literally carry anywhere.




Winterial Compact Percolator

Let’s talk about traditional and conventional designs in coffee makers.Winterial Compact Percolator Best Coffee Makers For Backpacking The Winterial Compact Percolator is another one of the best coffee makers for all your camping and backpacking adventures, this one comes with some needed features and it does make the best espresso on the go.

The best part about this percolator is that it is highly compact and easy to carry due to its lightweight and magnificent design. This coffee maker is great for getting away with your partner or even for fishing trips with your friends. The actual pot for this single percolator is the coffee cup itself. The coffee maker comes with two cups and all you need is a power source to charge up this espresso maker and have your favorite beverage.

Unlike other coffee makers, you do not require electricity to charge this up instead, you need heat. A portable burner that is easy to carry is the perfect answer when it comes charging this thing up. Another feature that add to this coffee maker’s grace is that it is very easy to use. From setting up this thing to pouring your hot coffee into you’re the cup, you only need 5-8 minutes and that is good time duration when you are out in the woods.

The coffee maker has 2 main compartments. The water goes into the lower compartment whereas you add the coffee ground in the upper section, just below the filter. Go and do something else while your coffee is done. This can be the perfect Father’s Day gift. It makes two cups of coffee at a single time that is a good capacity and since it doesn’t take any time to brew your beverage, you can make the next round right after the first has been finished.

Easy To CarryRequires A Separate Heating Burner To Operate
Easy To Use


This coffee maker comes with a very traditional design and has a very conventional look to it. It is easy to carry and is also efficient to use. Produces the best cups of coffee in the woods and is highly recommended.



Coleman QuikPot Propane Coffee Maker

Good coffee while camping in the middle of nowhere is a must and you can have just that if you go for Coleman QuickPot. Another one of our highly recommended coffee makers for backpacking and to have caffeine of the go.Coleman QuikPot Propane Coffee Maker Best Coffee Makers For Backpacking Coleman is known for all their quality products and that includes outdoor camping gear. Company’s reputation does speak for itself and you should definitely check their catalog out.

The company has understood all your camping requirements very well and have come up with this design for the QucikPot. The coffeemaker can be used when there is no access to electricity or any other power source for making espresso. It is compatible with two or three camp stoves that people usually take alongside of them and it can provide you with your caffeine for the day when you go hunting, tailgating, camping, thus anywhere you want and everywhere you want.

You can easily customize the strength of your coffee and its flavor just like you do with your home brewing system. This coffee maker comes with many functional features and it adds to the versatility of it. The InstaStart push button ignites the power of this coffee maker with just one push and you can easily use it one propane cylinder that lasts almost 4.5 hours.

The coffee maker also has a pause and serve feature that allows you to pause the coffee brewing in the middle of the process and serve it according to the strength you want. It can brew up to 10 cups very easily and provides maximum capacity for a portable burner. It can prepare tea, coffee or hot chocolate for you just the way you want which makes it your best campaign accessory. The coffee maker is also very durable and easy to clean.

Easy To UseBulky Design Compared To Others
Easy To Clean
Has A Lot Of Capacity


If you are looking for coffee maker with more capacity, then you should definitely choose Coleman’s QuikPot. It is very easy to use, and you can make coffee instantly. It is also budget friendly and will cost you little to nothing.



So, these were a few of our recommendations regarding best coffee makers for backpacking. If you have any questions or recommendations. Please leave us with your feedback and we will absolutely get back to you.



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