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Purity rings for females shot to popularity in 90’s. Christian parents who desired to encourage chastity into their daughters began providing them with these products. They were constant reminders of a pledge to help keep their virginity until marriage.

The main thing to consider in purity rings are symbols of sacredness. They can range between scripture to symbols. These features help young ladies remember their devotion to God and sexual asceticism.
If you are looking to get purity rings then take a look at our handpicked and reviewed top 10 best purity rings.

Top Best Purity Rings Reviewed (Comparison)

Purity RingMaterial 
“True Love Waits” Crystal Band Purity RingStainless SteelCheck Price
"True Love Waits” Ring Sideways Cross Purity RingStainless SteelCheck Price
Bella Lotus 18K Rose Gold Purity RingWhite Gold PlatedCheck Price
Christian Woman’s Stainless Steel “With God All Things are Possible” Purity RingStainless SteelCheck Price
“Trust in the Lord with all your heart” Prince Solitaire Chastity Purity RingStainless SteelCheck Price
“True Love Waits” Sterling Silver Purity RingStainless SteelCheck Price
“True Love Waits” CZ Heart Solitaire Chasity Purity RingStainless SteelCheck Price
Silver Scripture Ring “I Know the Plans I have For You” Purity RingStainless SteelCheck Price
Princess Cut “True Love Waits” Purity RingStainless SteelCheck Price
Women’s Crown of Thorns Purity RingStainless SteelCheck Price


True love waits, Crystal Band Purity Ringbest purity rings

Stainless steel purity ring. Crystals triggered the top one half of the head. A scripture “true love waits”, 1 Timothy 4:12, is engraved in black on the bottom 1 / 2 of the eye. The font is cursive. It is very cute purity ring indeed.

Luxury LookCan Be Misunderstood as Two Different Rings
Crystal Creates an Aura


True Love Waits Ring Sideways Cross Purity Ringbest purity rings

Stainless steel purity ring. Center cross made from 13 clear cubic Zirconia. The number of stones symbolize the apostles and Jesus Christ. Black engraved scripture raises the back 50 % of the head. The scripture reads “true love waits”, 1 Timothy 4:12.

Cross in the Center is Eye CatchingCross is Controversial in Some Sects
Zirconia Makes it Look Stunning


Bella Lotus 18K Rose Gold Purity Ringbest purity rings

This purity ring is produced with Bella Lotus material and 18 white plated gold. A pearl (0.24”) sits within the center. Cubic Zirconia stones offset this jewel. The color on the band is a nice rose.

White Gold PlatedDesign is Not Very Popular in Young Girls
Unique Design


Christian Woman’s Stainless Steel “With God All Things are Possible” Purity Ringbest purity rings

Stainless steel purity ring with comfort fit. Engraved for the face is really a scripture “with God as much as possible are possible”, Matthew 19:26. No raised surfaces or interior markings.

Inspiring ScriptureSimple Design is Not for Everyone
Basic But Appealing Design


“Trust in the Lord with all your heart” Prince Solitaire Chastity Purity Ringbest purity rings

Petite, metal purity ring. Six cubic Zirconia stones surround this guitar rock band. A larger, heart-shaped cubic Zirconia stone rests inside center. On the back half the head, engraved black enamel scripture rests. The scripture arises from Proverbs 3: 5, “trust inside Lord with the heart.”

Popular in Young GirlsThe Scripture is Hidden Unless You Twist it
Best Seller Gifted ring on Valentine’s Day


True Love Waits, Sterling Silver Purity Ringbest purity rings

Sterling silver purity ring. Simple face having an engraved scripture “true love waits”, 1 Timothy 4:12. Font employed for wording is unassuming, classic.

Pure and SimpleGirls who like Fancy Designs this will not go with your Taste
The Scripture Really Stands Out in This Purity Ring


“True Love Waits” CZ Heart Solitaire Chasity Purity Ringbest purity rings

Petite, stainless still purity ring – that’s all heart (literally). A large, cubic zirconium, heart-shaped stone rests in the heart of the group. Towards the back from the face is black enamel graving of an scripture “true love waits”, 1 Timothy 4:12.

Elegant ShapeThe Scripture is not Visible you need to Twist the Ring to See it
Excellent for Delicate Hands


Silver Scripture Ring “I Know the Plans I have For You” Purity Ringbest purity rings

Silver, stainless purity ring. Sparkling, raised edges makes jewelry sparkle. The rest of the band carries a high polish. It’s also comfort fit the exterior is engraved while using scripture “I be aware of Plans I have available for you . . . In Christ Jesus”, Jeremiah 29:11.

Cubic Stones Made of ZirconiaSlightly Masculine Design
Eye Catching Design
Great for Both Casual and Fancy Events


Princess Cut “True Love Waits” Purity Ringbest purity rings

Remarkable, dual face, stainless purity ring. One third on the face showcases 11 clear cubic zirconium stones. Two-thirds with the face reveals the scripture “true love waits”, 1 Timothy 4:12.

Dual SidesComplaints of Scratches on this Purity Ring
Engraved Phrase
Cubic Zirconia


Women’s Crown of Thorns Purity Ringbest purity rings

Stainless steel purity ring that has a dark enamel band displaying an elevated crown of thorns. The word “purity” extracted from scripture, Matthew 5:8, is engraved inside interior. The edge on the face and thorns are light silver.

Silver with Black Enamel makes this Ring Stand OutIts unisex so, not on Very Feminine Side
Beautiful Design


Purity Rings Buyer’s Guide

Purity rings appear in a number of styles and metals. The one thing they’ve already in keeping is because encourage purity and abstinence and symbolize purity of mind, body, and heart. These rings might be worn by males or females and therefore are typically fond of the teens or teenagers as gifts. Sometimes you may see these rings generally known as promise rings or chastity rings.

Males and female teens and adults from the largest portion in the population that wears purity or chastity rings. The rings are supposed to be reminders and statements on abstaining from sex until marriage. The rings speak from the young people’s decision to keep pure, and perhaps remind them in their choice in tough situations where they are often influenced to compromise their beliefs.

Chastity rings also be commitments to God to keep pure – not merely physically, but mentally and emotionally, too. They often have phrases with them that remind the wearer in this commitment, for instance “True Love Waits” or “One Life One Love” engraved into your metal.

Traditionally, the child receives the ring from your parent from the opposite gender. The father increases the daughter her ring along with the mother provides the son his. This isn’t necessary, even though it is normal. Either parent gives the ring on the teenage boy or girl. A church could give their youth rings. Boyfriend and girlfriends may also exchange purity (or promise) rings to spend on the other as well as their belief. If you would like to utilize an engagement ring to symbolize your resolve for awaiting “the one” before making love, invariably you could buy yourself one.

Common Styles

Purity rings are far away from uniform. There are shared characteristics, there is however a chastity ring on the market for virtually any jewelry preference.

Shapes and Styles

When you are considering shapes and styles, you can obtain many methods from a straightforward engraved gold band for an acrylic ring. You can get intricate designs which include a cross and key, hearts, vines, flowers, and the like. Some designs need cubic zirconium accents. The choices actually are endless. Purity rings doesn’t have to be boring; you can obtain a beautiful little bit of jewelry together with wearing your resolve for abstinence, God, as well as your future spouse on your own finger with the world to view.

Where to Find Yours

Well we covered above already you can check out top 10 best purity rings or you can go to your local Christian stores to seek out some purity rings in your case.


Purity rings allow you to utilize your beliefs with certainty, reminding yourself of your respective promise to be pure and potentially inspiring others to check out your example. With all with the different amounts of rings in existence, there isn’t any reason to think you’re wearing your ring completely away from duty; the rings may be beautiful and eye-catching too. If they get people’s attention and invoke questions, you might be capable of spread thinking about remaining pure until marriage along with other teens and youngsters. If you’re a parent that is researching purity rings as a way to give that you your kid, get yourself a feel for that type of jewelry that like and continue to search. There are ceremonies linked to the presentation of purity rings that you could be serious about looking at. Those ceremonies are certainly not required, obviously, as a way to give or obtain a purity ring.


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