Since we are nearing this year’s Mother’s Day, we will dedicate all our reviews for this week to all the women – moms or not. Whether you are looking for a gift for the most important woman in your life or yourself, we will spare you of the legwork and present you our best recommendations based on our own research and other users’ reviews.


Most of the time, your choice of a watch depicts your personality. And the market is never short of options for the right watch that matches your mood or look for the day. Like jewelry, a watch is a woman’s prized possession.

The birth of men’s and women’s smartwatches revolutionized the way we look at the time and even how we use it. For a woman, a smartwatch is helpful to stay on track of her schedule, have something that reminds her of important tasks for the day, or just simply a beautiful piece that complements her fashion style.

Women’s smartwatch should have the right features that match a woman’s routine and specific needs. Are you the on-schedule, always-on-the-go gal? Do you need a watch that can help monitor your health? Do you want to stay connected to your work or business 24/7? The perfect ladys smart watch can do that all for you. The choice is just yours.

Now, the market for wearable technology – smart watch ladies included, is expanding to cater to the specific needs of a modern woman. We have a fitness watch for women, a health monitoring women’s smartwatch, or a smartwatch that connects to your smartphone or laptop so you’ll be notified of calls, messages, emails, and important to-do’s.

Is investing in a smartwatch women worth it? Is a women’s smartwatch a good gift for your mom, daughter, wife, girlfriend, or any important woman in your life? A sounding “Yes!” it is!

Here at Top Best Reviews, we’ve checked the market for the best smartwatch for women. We used the following criteria to judge our choices and to narrow it down to our top 3 recommendations.

  • Functionality
  • Style and design options
  • Ease of use
  • Battery life
  • Compatibility (with your smartphone)


NameKey Feature 
New Apple Watch Series 6 (GPS, 40mm) - Silver Aluminum Case with White Sport Band- Editor's ChoiceAlways-on Retina displayCheck Price
Garmin 010-02172-21 Vivoactive 4SPersonal Garmin coach for runningCheck Price
SAMSUNG Galaxy Watch 3 (41mm, GPS, Bluetooth)Bixby voice functionCheck Price


New Apple Watch Series 6 (GPS, 40mm) – Silver Aluminum Case with White Sport Band – Editor’s Choice

If you are looking for a stylish, functional, and reliable women’s smartwatch and are willing to pay a good price for it, then Apple will not disappoint you.

This women’s smartwatch is everything but premium – from the straps to the face designs, and the functions, it can cater to every kind of woman and her unique needs.

The New Apple Watch Series is one best running watch for women. It has a fitness feature that tracks your movements and fitness activities, including running, cycling, yoga, and even swimming. You can also sync your iPhone to your smartwatch to track your running path on the map.

As a fitness smartwatch, it also has strong health functionalities like blood oxygen monitoring. It’s like a pulse oximeter embedded in your smartwatch. If you are particular about close monitoring heart health, this women’s smartwatch also has an ECG app. And if you want to know more about your sleeping hours and patterns to find a way to improve them, you can also take advantage of its sleep app.

The New Apple Watch Series 6 (GPS, 40mm) – Silver Aluminum Case with White Sport Band syncs with your Apple devices to get notified by incoming calls, messages, and emails. You can also play music directly from your women’s smartwatch. Apple Pay is also another accessible feature in your smartwatch. And of course, you wouldn’t miss Siri since he stays with you through your smartwatch as well.

Now, this isn’t just a women’s smartwatch, it is everybody’s watch. But for a woman, you can still further the customization not just through its features, but also its design. Apple offers a lot of customizable and stunning watch faces to choose from. And with its infamous Retina display, you can view time and a host of features 2.5 times brighter than what other smartwatches can deliver.

Health apps – blood oxygen, ECG, sleepSome users find the battery drains fast
Tracks your activity – time-lapsed, calories burned, laps
Seamless connection and syncing with your Apple and non-Apple devices
Stunning and customizable face designs
Always-on Retina display
Different colors, designs, and materials for the watch straps


The New Apple Watch Series 6 (GPS, 40mm) – Silver Aluminum Case with White Sport Band does continue to improve its features. You have a handful of health monitoring and fitness features, seamless synchronization with your other Apple devices, and stylish watch faces and strap bands that match the kind of woman you are.


Garmin 010-02172-21 Vivoactive 4S

Gift her with a watch that matches her personality and at the same time, monitors her health with this women’s smartwatch.

If you are keen on monitoring your daily health for early intervention, the Garmin 010-02172-21 Vivoactive 4S can help you with that. It features the Pulse Ox, which can show you your everyday respiration and hydration levels, menstrual cycle, heart rate, stress levels, sleep patterns, etc. Some of the data can help you find your perfect form while working out, or get insights on which areas in your life you can improve on. Though remember that these functionalities cannot be a substitute for other medical devices and doctor’s advice.

This womens smartwatch android can sync with compatible smartphones. If it is an Android phone, then you can also reply to messages directly from your women’s smartwatch. Meanwhile, you will be notified of incoming emails, calls, and other alerts while you run or away from your phone.

The Garmin 010-02172-21 Vivoactive 4S can also help you with your fitness goals. It is loaded with indoor sports apps to guide you with your daily fitness activities, with running, biking, swimming, and yoga to name some. It also features animated workouts you can follow from your smartwatch, which also fits your goals like Pilates, cardio, etc.

This Android smartwatch for women can also play music with or without headphones. You can stream using Spotify, Deezer, or Amazon Music (require subscription). You can also download your favorite songs directly to your device for uninterrupted listening on-demand.

This women’s smartwatch has a smaller screen, which fits most women’s wrist circumferences. It also features a rose gold accent on the watch face, providing a subtle feminine touch. You can also personalize your watch by downloading different animated watch faces, widgets, and apps via Connect IQ.

Comprehensive health monitoringLimited features for non-Android phone users
Pre-loaded fitness apps
7-day battery life for smartwatch mode; 5 hours for GPS and music mode
GPS tracking feature – when paired with your smartphone
Personal Garmin coach for running
Garmin Pay


Android smart watches for women? The Garmin 010-02172-21 Vivoactive 4S is a good choice. Do not be fooled by its simple feminine design – it is loaded with features, especially in the fitness and health monitoring department. You can also stream music, personalize its interface, and connect with your smartphone to stay updated with important notifications and messages.


SAMSUNG Galaxy Watch 3 (41mm, GPS, Bluetooth)

Does the woman in your life fancy a rose gold smart watch? Then gift her one that is best in class – a rose gold watch that comes in 2 sizes, customizable watch face (choose from 50,000 options), and is durable, water-resistant, and can withstand weathering, pressure, and wear and tear (did we say, military-grade durability?).

This women’s smartwatch, firstly, provides you with freedom from carrying your smartphone literally in your hands all the time. Yet, you do not have to worry about getting disconnected from important calls, messages, and emails. Paired with your smartphone via Bluetooth, you can still be alerted with notifications and act on the urgent ones right away.

You can also make calls or send messages directly from your smartwatch. With the Bixby voice function, this women’s smartwatch can “read” the notifications for your convenience, act on your command like asking to call someone or respond to a message.

Battery concerns? No problem. This gold smartwatch has an improved battery life and can be easily beefed up via Wireless Power Share, an exclusive feature you can take advantage of if you have a Samsung Galaxy smartphone.

As with other powerful women’s smartwatch, it can boost your fitness undertakings by providing monitoring of important aspects like calories burned, laps, heart rate, etc. All of these insights can be easily viewed in your Samsung Health app. Your smartwatch can automatically detect your current movement like swimming, running, biking, etc., and categorize the stats accordingly.

Android watches for women like the SAMSUNG Galaxy Watch 3 (41mm, GPS, Bluetooth) can also help you monitor your sleep hours, even your stress levels, and breathing. And then it provides you with insights on how to sleep better to improve your overall health.

Tracks your movements/fitness activities automaticallySome users find the battery life not long enough to last a day
Stress, sleep, breathing tracker
Hard fall detection
Bixby voice function
Compatible with Android/iOS
Streams music


If you are looking for a more normal-looking watch (rounded face) yet with the powerful features of a women’s smartwatch, then a SAMSUNG Galaxy Watch 3 (41mm, GPS, Bluetooth) is a great investment. It is compatible with both Android and iOS smartphones, stylish without being too showy, and is every inch a rose gold watch fit for the modern woman.



Final Verdict

The market for women’s smartwatch is vast, but when it comes to long-lasting performance and investment value, only a few brands have truly marked their places.

Female smart watches need to have a variety of options when it comes to design, has to have a great battery life, and has to be customizable to fit her fashion or mood for the day. Aside from its impressive functionality, the New Apple Watch Series 6 (GPS, 40mm) won our hearts as the best smart watch for women on this list because of its Always-on retina display that shows everything in your smartwatch with clarity even in broad daylight.

The New Apple Watch Series 6 (GPS, 40mm), even on itself, is a powerhouse women’s smartwatch that provides you with accurate readings about your essential health vitals like oxygen levels, heart rate, and sleep hours. The compatible fitness apps are also broad, allowing you to choose the best one that will compliment your fitness goals.

The woman/women in your life, even yourself, deserve the best women’s smartwatch. It is every inch a worthy investment.

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