What You Need To Know About Shower Heads
(Last Updated On: December 6, 2017)

Shower heads are in every home and using it is part of daily routine for us. They are in every bathroom and if you are looking to upgrade or just looking for options you have to know certain things about this common bathroom accessory.

Shower heads have not remained the same as they were decades ago, the new shower heads that are being manufactured are all about attractive designs and efficient performance. In 1992 the water conservation act was made into our daily lives and the flow of the shower heads was limited to a number of 2.5gpm max. This regulation was implemented in collaboration with EPA and has led to reduction in the energy costs for households.

When we look for a shower head we mostly go for the one with the beautiful design or what fits well in the shower space, but there is more than that you have to look for to make the best purchase. So what should you look for in a shower head when you buy one? Let’s get into it.

Water Usage

The most important thing when you look for a shower head is how much water will it use? You wouldn’t want a shower head that use a lot of water when you shower that is just waste of money in terms of energy cost and the shower head cost itself. In the old days the shower heads used anywhere from 4gpm to 6gpm (Gallons Per Minute) and that is just waste of water. Today you will find shower heads that use about 2.5gpm at max and at bare minimum you will find shower heads using water at 1.5gpm. The standard water pressure in your home is about 80psi and at that pressure you can easily install a 2gpm to 2.5gpm spec shower head and it will work very well.

Low-Flow Shower Head Misconception

There is a misconception among people that using a low-flow shower head will reduce the water pressure to a dribble and it will be just a waste of money. There were old models of shower heads that did do just that but the latest shower heads we see in the market today are developed with previous issues resolved. The latest shower heads use small apertures and air to increase the water pressure. Latest shower heads not only just use less water than the older ones but also provide a better water pressure as well.

Efficient Shower Head Test

You can check any shower head if it is effective and does it conserve water by just using a simple technique. Take a bucket with 1 gallon capacity, turn your shower on and if the bucket fills up in 15 seconds your shower head is using water at around 4gpm, if the time is around 10 seconds it means your shower head is using water at 6gpm. The 2.5gpm shower head takes 25 seconds or more to fill up a gallon.

If you use shower heads that are efficient and have EPA WaterSense rating on them you can easily reduce up to 40% on your energy costs and combined it can make a big impact on preservation of our environment. To choose the best shower head follow the link.

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