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(Last Updated On: December 21, 2017)

Shower heads as we all know are very important part of our bathrooms and one of the essentials in bathroom accessories. With the passage of time technological development has made shower head better for use and more efficient as well. The 1992 Energy Pact was created in efforts to conserve water and make it’s use efficient as the global green initiative. This milestone pact changed the shower head production and manufacturing completely as new developments have to be made to come where we are today in terms of shower head performance and quality.

But what are we witnessing today? We are here to educate you on a certain issue that needs to be addressed. There are a lot of shower heads in the market today which are manufactured by local manufacturers as well as international manufacturers. The thing is not all the shower heads claim to be as efficient as they advertise and claim to be following the rules and regulations of 1992 Energy Pact.

What is Energy Pact 1992?

Energy Pact made into law had one purpose only to save and conserve as much energy as possible. That led to an impact on the manufacturing of shower heads, shower heads before the pact used anywhere between 4gpm to 6gpm which was a lot of water being wasted. The pact limited the shower head water use to 2.5gpm at max. This resulted in shower heads being developed that not only use less water but also provide high water pressure as well.

What Can You Do?

As a shower head user it is for each one of us to play our part in choosing a shower head which is not only better performer and efficient in cutting down energy cost but also manufactured by the guidelines provided for water conservation.

WaterSense Shower Head Benefits

A max 2.5gpm capacity shower head can prove very beneficial for the user as it is using less water and the energy cost straight away drops by 40% and the little annual savings can lead to bigger things. This energy saving on individual level will combine to make a bigger impact on the efforts we are making to reduce CO2 emissions. The less energy usage by each one of the household will on a bigger scale reduce the need to produce energy on national level thus reducing the dependency on sources which produce energy resulting in CO2 emissions.

The other thing people are skeptical about the shower heads which use less water is the water pressure. They think that less water means less water pressure and the shower head will not provide sufficient water to shower. That is not the case at all, the latest technology has allowed for the manufacturing of shower heads with small apertures and air infusing method, which allows for the shower heads to provide optimum water pressure at the usual 80psi water pressure from the storage tanks. So no need to worry about that. To Choose the best of all WaterSense Certified Shower heads follow the link best shower head.

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