Types of Shower Head
(Last Updated On: December 15, 2017)

As we have discussed that Shower Head is one of the most important bathroom accessories without a doubt. Choosing a shower head for your bathroom does not only affect your showering experience but also affects your energy cost as well. So you have to know your priorities and your needs in a shower head. The main factor after energy conservation in a shower head is the height range of the whole family, obviously of there is a big gap between the heights of family members you would have to choose a shower head accordingly.

Before you can make any choice on shower head you have to know what kind of shower head are available in the market. There are different kinds of shower head one may be all about amenity and luxury and other may be fulfilling one’s need to shower in the end it all comes down to priorities and showering style. The other factor also to consider before selecting any shower head is that if you have a standing shower space or a bath tub. The bath tub will limit your options in a shower head so it’s better to have a standing shower space in your bathroom. So what kinds of shower head are there? Let’s get into it.

Types of Shower Head

  • Wall Mounted

The most commonly used of all shower heads is the Wall Mounted Shower Head. The wall mounted shower head as stated by it’s name is fixed on to the wall where it’s position remains the same after fitting it. People who are tall will have a trouble with this shower head as you cannot adjust it after you have fitted it on the wall. The older models of this shower head have a lot of issues with water pressure as well but the latest models have that issue fixed. The neck of this type of shower head is movable and the latest models do give different spray options now as well.

  • Hand Held

The hand held shower heads offer great flexibility to it’s users as they are attached with a flexible hose to the water supply and only have a holder mounted on the wall to hang it after use. Multiple spray options are available with this kind if shower head and are very easy to use as you can target the water spray on to the desired area. This is great if you want to shower your baby or pets and it doesn’t waste water because the option of turning the water on or off is at your finger tip all the time.

  • Body Spray

The body spray shower heads are the luxurious type of all the shower head types. These shower heads provide user with the option of multiple shower heads fitted into the wall to spray water from different angles at the same time. This is great if you want a massage or spa feel with your shower and it may be not very effective in conserving water.

  • Rain

The rain shower heads are mounted on the ceiling of your bathroom and are gaining popularity because of the spray style. The water from this shower head drops down to the user very lightly as if you standing in the rain. The head of these shower heads is quiet large so it offers a lot of coverage to the user. The experience with the rain shower heads is quiet relaxing especially if you come home after a stressing day. Standing underneath these shower heads makes you feel as if you are enjoying a tropical rain.

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