Things To Look For In A Smart Video Doorbell
(Last Updated On: January 15, 2018)

Smart Video Doorbells are becoming more and more popular as the time is passing by and is the next trending smart gadget for homes. They are no doubt very useful and amazing gadget to install in your home to improve your home’s security system.

Choosing a smart video doorbell for your home can be challenging and is not as easy as you expect it to be. More and more technology upgrades means you have to know what they bring to the table and your research doesn’t stop there, you have to know if the upgrades are any use to your home and what can be better for your home’s need.

If you don’t do your proper research before buying a smart video doorbell you will be just wasting your money and will end up with a product that will prove to be more of a headache than a resourceful gadget that was meant to make your life easier. So for that purpose we have broken down our research in few of the factors which are the most crucial in selecting a smart video doorbell and are enough for any individual to make a choice for their next smart video doorbell.

So which things should you be looking for in a smart video doorbell? Let’s get into it.

1. Smart or Connected?

The first question you should be asking yourself is that if you want a smart video doorbell or a connected video doorbell? If you don’t know the difference between the two, let’s start with that.

  • Connected Video Doorbell

Connected video doorbell in essence is a simple doorbell which has the capability to record footages and relay them onto the desired device with the help of a video camera on board. The limitations of the connected video doorbell is that they cannot be connected to any of the smart home gadgets or smart home system and are limited to a single connected device which controls the video doorbell, that device can be your mobile phone or your tablet which has the control app installed on it.

  • Smart Video Doorbell

Smart video doorbell in short is the upgraded version of the original concept of the video doorbell which can not only prove to be an eye in front of your home but also can be connected to your smart home system or pre existing smart devices in your home.

Which One to Choose?

The thing about smart gadgets for your home is that they are very compelling and there is a good reason for that too. They are proving to be very convenient for us and are very good at what they do. If you already own a smart home security system you would definitely want a smart video doorbell than a connected one because you would want your doorbell to be a part of the security system you have in your home. This will make all the security devices including the doorbell accessible to you on a single panel.

And if you don’t have any pre existing smart devices in your home chances are you will install them in the future and buying a smart video doorbell for your home will be a part of future proofing your doorbell.

2. Will it Work with your Current Doorbell?

If you are choosing a video doorbell for your home you will have this question in mind that will it replace your current doorbell or work with the current doorbell. Well if you buy a new video doorbell and the doorbell you already have installed in your home doesn’t have video capability, it’s not a smart move to keep the old doorbell along with the new video doorbell.

There will be two scenarios when you will be choosing a video doorbell for your home, the first one will be that you will not have any kind of doorbell in your home and if that is the case you will probably go for a battery powered video doorbell which is understandable because installing a doorbell for the first time in your home will lead to new electrical wiring leading up to the point where the video doorbell is to be installed. There is only a slight hitch to it which is the battery powered video doorbell will prove to be a task when it comes to charging up the battery whenever it is drained and if that happens when you need the video doorbell to be operational which in most cases is when you are not at home then your stuck with a gadget which you paid for, without a power source.

The second scenario is that you already have a doorbell in your home and you want to upgrade it to smart video doorbell then you have to make sure that the power required by the upgrade model is the same as the one you are replacing. Just making sure of this you can save a lot of money, time and unnecessary headache when installing your new video doorbell as it will use the old power line and you will just have to screw it on the designated spot. The smart video doorbells which are not battery operated are also smaller in design making them discrete and discrete design is a huge plus when it comes to saving them from vandalism.

3. Internet Connectivity

This factor you have to consider when you have decided upon getting a smart video doorbell for your home. It is very crucial to have a strong and high speed Internet Connection at your home without that you will not be able to reap the full benefits of the smart video doorbell.

To do so you have to have your wireless router placed within the range of your smart video doorbell so that the signal strength is always strong for the smart video doorbell. The main thing that is required of the internet connection by smart video doorbell is the upload speed because most of the work done by the doorbell will be relaying the live video on to your smart device or to the cloud storage. We recommend you at least have 1.5mbps of upload speed on your Internet Connection for smooth operation.

There are certain models of smart video doorbells available in the market which provide the facility of connectivity port which can be used to connect your smart video doorbell to the Internet via hard line. To be honest hard wire connection is the best performing connection when it comes to internet connectivity because there is less loss of data compared to wireless connectivity. You can also use Wi-Fi Extenders to extend the range of your wireless router to provide your smart video doorbell with stronger Wi-Fi signals that is if you decide to connect your doorbell to the internet via wireless connectivity.

4. Recording Footage

The next thing you should be asking yourself if you need to record the footage of anyone who comes at your front door. If you have already equipped your house with multiple security cameras and you are only installing the smart video doorbell because you don’t want to go to the door to see who is here to see you then you probably don’t need the recording feature on your smart video doorbell.

But if you are installing smart video doorbell for security purposes and don’t have security cameras outside your house then it’s better to have a recording feature on your doorbell.

The smart video doorbells which have recording feature on them will cost you more but not that much but storing those footages will be another issue. Most of the video doorbells don’t have the capability to store footages because there is no storage medium on board and the other reason is that the HD quality videos take up a lot of space. This reason has led to manufacturers of video doorbells to offer cloud storage to their customers for which they charge a monthly fee which normally starts at around $5 per month for 1000 clips a month to be stored on the cloud storage for you to access them anytime you want.

This is a useful feature to have on board your smart video doorbell in case of a break-in you will have the face of the culprit which will prove useful in capturing him or her.

Other Features

Apart from the factors mentioned above there are other features on board the smart video doorbells which you can consider when choosing a doorbell. But they are up to the requirement of the user to decide upon and don’t really affect the overall performance of video doorbell. These features include motion sensors, night vision, intercom capability and custom sounds.

By considering the factors mentioned in this publication you will be able to make the best decision when it comes to choosing a smart video doorbell for your home. You can also contact a security company if want a professional’s opinion which is more of a sales pitch rather than a useful advice and will end up you selecting their product whether it is good or bad in terms of performance. So if you are capable you should choose survey the market and research the features that each smart video doorbell provide. You can also check out our reviewed video doorbells for more information and analysis on smart video doorbells.

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