Best Zero Turn Mowers For 2 Acres
(Last Updated On: January 1, 2019)

Now if you have a yard that sizes up to 2 Acres or any number around that then it must be a hectic task for you to maintain it, looking all clean and beautiful as it should. There are many tasks at hand when you want to maintain your yard to an excellent looking condition and one of those tasks is the cutting of grass. Cutting the grass is the most important bit when you maintaining the beauty of yard. A tall grass or an uneven grass will never appeal to anyone.

So the yard this size (2 acres), cutting the grass can be a time consuming and tiring task. What you need for this job is a machine that can not only get the job done quickly but also efficiently.

This is where zero turn radius lawn mowers come into play. Theses mowers are the most expensive of all the mowers available in the market but they are agile and they cut grass quickly as well as easily. So besides this, what does a zero turn mower has to offer?

The speciality of the zero turn mowers is in their name they can turn in a zero degree turn giving it’s users the ability to cut tight contours easily and without the need of getting off the mower and checking the situation on foot.

So before we get into the best zero turn mowers for 2 acres, we should first get into the factors that you should keep in mind when selecting a zero turn mower for yourself so that you make the best choice in the end. Those factors are:

  • Durability

The first thing that you should keep in mind when selecting a mower should be the durability of that specific mower. To analyze how durable a mower is you should check the steel frame of the mower as if what gauge steel has been used to manufacture it and if there are any protective panels covering the vitals of the mower.

  • Deck

Apart from the deck size, which we have short listed according the requirement of 2 Acre land, you should check the durability of the deck as well. The commercial grade ZTR mowers have decks welded on with high gauge steel build while the residential ZTR mowers have lower gauge steel decks. We have compiled the mowers which have the best deck construction of all the mowers in the market.

  • Engine

The engine design is the next thing you should look for since the engine design determines the overall performance of the mower. There are mowers with single cylinder design which are not very efficient and produce a lot of vibrations. The best option available today when it comes to engine design is the V-Twin engine being used in mowers which is efficient and it produces fewer vibrations as well.

  • Deck Height Adjustment

The next thing that is directly related to the usage of the ZTR mower, the height adjustment of the deck. This is a thing which every user has to deal with during use of the mower so it’s better to get a mower which has an easy access to the deck height adjustment mechanism, you don’t want to get off the mower every time you need to adjust the deck height.

These are few things that you should keep in mind when it comes to ZTR lawn mowers. Now let’s get into the best zero turn lawn mowers for 2 acres list.

Best Zero Turn Mowers For 2 Acres (Comparison)

Lawn MowerPowerDeck Size 
Poulan Pro P46ZX ZTR Mower22HP46"Check Price
Ariens Zoom 42 ZTR Mower19HP42"Check Price
Troy-Bilt Mustang 46 Zero Turn Mower (Editor's Choice)22HP46"Check Price


Poulan Pro P46ZX ZTR Mower

The first zero turn mower we have on here is the model P46ZX from Poulan.Best Zero Turn Mowers For 2 Acres The P46ZX is a product designed and manufactured in the USA. Poulan is a reputable manufacturer of outdoor power equipment for 7 decades now and with P46ZX we hope that they did a good job with all that experience. The P46ZX falls under $3000 mark. Let’s see how P46ZX fared in our review.

Let’s start with the design of the P46ZX mower. The controls on the P46ZX are very easy to reach and are easily accessible. The rugged steel frame on the P46ZX is durable and very strong. The steering bars on the P46ZX come equipped with padded grips which is a plus when it comes to the comfort part of the P46ZX experience. The ride on the P46ZX is very comfortable and it also has a built in cup holder as well.

When it comes to the features of P46ZX the ZTR mower is powered by a gas engine. The Briggs & Stratton 724cc V-Twin engine on the P46ZX produces 22HP which is coupled with a Hydrogear EZT transmission along with an electric clutch. The deck size on the P46ZX mower is 46”the deck height adjustment mechanism is based on the spring assisted lever which is accessible by hand.

When it comes to accessing the deck itself the P46ZX comes with removable foot plates, reaching the deck has been issue in a lot of ZTR mowers for the purposes of cleaning and maintenance but this problem has been addressed in the P46ZX mower. The speed on the P46ZX is 6mph on the forward drive and 3mph on the backward. The P46ZX has a decent capacity fuel tank which can hold 3.5 gallons of fuel.

The performance of the P46ZX mower is excellent and the only problem you can face when it comes to this mower is the higher incline surface angles where most of the ZTR mowers aren’t designed to go. Overall the durability of the P46ZX mower is unmatchable and if you take care of it properly it will last for eternity. The P46ZX is comfortable to operate and you can be done with cutting grass with this thing in no time.

The only thing that bothered us with the P46ZX mower is the lack of bagger capability.

Rugged Steel FrameNo Bagger Capability
Built-in Cup Holder
Easy Access Controls
Electric Clutch


Overall the P46ZX ZTR mower is an excellent option for a 2 Acre lawn/yard and the price tag of under $2000 makes it a good value for money option as well.




Ariens Zoom 42 ZTR Mower

The next ZTR mower we have on here is the model Zoom 42 by Ariens.Best Zero Turn Mowers For 2 Acres Ariens is a very reliable name when it comes to the production of lawn mowers and their lawn mowers are among the highest quality mowers. The model Zoom 42 which is in question here is designed and produced in the USA and has one of the highest ratings when it comes to ZTR mowers in this range. So how it fared in our review? Let’s find out.

Let’s  start with the model Zoom 42’s design. The Zoom 42 has a high back seat with seat springs making the Zoom 42’s ride very comfortable. The overall build quality is very good and strong due to the strong steel frame.

When it comes to the features of Zoom 42 the ZTR mower is powered by a gas powered engine. The Kohler V-Twin 660cc engine on the Zoom 42 mower produces 19HP and is coupled with a Hydro gear EZT transmission which comes with a 1 in axle shaft. The fuel tank on the Zoom 42 holds 2 gallons of fuel. The whole power unit of the Zoom 42 speeds the whole mower to 6mph towards the forward direction and 3mph towards backward. The Zoom 42 features 42” deck which is manufactured using 12 gauge steel. The height adjustment system of the deck is operated by foot and the cutting height range Zoom 42 provides is from 1.5 inches to 4.5 inches. Ariens provides 5 year warranty on Zoom 42’s deck and the frame.

The performance of this ZTR lawn mower is excellent and the whole mechanical build is strong there have been no reported issues in that regard. The Zoom 42 is perfect for mowing yards with covered area up to 2 Acres. The agility of the Zoom 42 mower is also to be noted and the whole ride quality is very good and comfortable.

The only thing that bothered us is the fuel tank, it is small compared to other models in this range.

Made in USANone That We Could Find
Comfortable Ride
12 Gauge Steel Deck


All in all Zoom 42 mower provides a very good option for people looking to buy a ZTR mower for yard measuring up to 2 Acres. The only room for improvement in this mower is in the fuel tank capacity.




Troy-Bilt Mustang 46 Zero Turn Mower – (Editor’s Choice)

The last ZTR mower we have on here is the model Mustang 46 designed and manufactured by Troy-Bilt in the USA.Best Zero Turn Mowers For 2 Acres Troy-Bilt have been building outdoor equipments for over 70 years now and now with the Mustang 46 we expect that all that experience will produce a more refined mower. The Mustang 46 is also one of the higher rated mowers in the market right now. So how it fared in our review? Let’s find out.

Let’s start with the design of the Mustang 46, the ZTR mower features a 18”high back seat with dual suspension springs for a comfortable ride. The build quality on the Mustang 46 is very good which makes it reliable and durable due to the factor that it has a heavy duty frame.

The Mustang 46 is gas powered and is powered by a Briggs & Stratton V-Twin engine which produces 24HP. The Briggs engine is coupled with a Twin Hydro Dual EZT Transmission which powers the Mustang 46 to a speed of 7mph. The deck on the Mustang 46 measures 46”and the deck has 8 adjustable height options. The deck also has an integrated wash system as well. The lap bars on the Mustang 46 mower have 2 adjustable settings and the FastAttach accessories allow users to equip their Mustang 46 with different add-ons without the need of any tool and instantly. The Mustang 46’s frame comes with a lifetime warranty.

The performance of the Mustang 46 is superb and it is one of the best ZTR mowers in this range. The engine has no reported mechanical faults and the deck works like a charm when it comes to cutting grass.

The only thing that is generally a ZTR mower weak point and expectedly it is weak point of the Mustang 46 mower too, the incline surface is a problem for the Mustang 46 mower and it struggles to find traction. If you are looking for mowers for steep incline surfaces check out our linked publication at the end of this publication.

Heavy Duty FrameProblem With Traction on Steep Incline Surfaces
Back Seat with Suspension Springs
8 Deck Height Adjustments


All in all the Mustang 46 performs well in every regard and is a very good option for a ZTR mower for 2 Acres yard.



The ZTR mowers listed here are among the best there are when it comes to 2 Acres covered area of yards. We aim to deliver the best products for our readers and the mowers here are testament to that. We hope you find this publication useful. Do comment and let us know your thoughts.



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