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The bell on your door is ringing and you do not know who is out there. Your heart beats fast sometimes by just wondering who can be out there now.

Well, now you can put yourself at ease because If you have a relevant video doorbell, you can now know who’s at the door!

That’s because today’s video doorbells have sets from live video streaming to Wi-Fi-enabled apps, two-way communication, and home automation compatibility. Installing a video doorbell can keep the house safer and eliminate risks related to opening the threshold for strangers. Interested in answering your door digitally? Read about 2018’s best and cleverest video doorbells below.


Best Video Doorbells Reviews (Comparison)

Video Doorbell NameNight VisionMotion SensorColor Choice 
Ring™ Video DoorbellYes (Infrared)YesMultipleCheck Price
SkyBell™ HD Wi-Fi Enabled Video DoorbellYesYesBrushed Aluminum/BronzeCheck Price
August Doorbell CamNo (Uses Low Light Camera)YesDark Grey/SilverCheck Price
Zmodo GreetYesYesBlack & Silver CombinationCheck Price
VTech® IS741 Accessory Audio/Video Doorbell CameraYes (Infrared)YesBlackCheck Price
Ring™ Video Doorbell Pro (Editor's Choice)Yes (Infrared)YesMultipleCheck Price
Vivint Video DoorbellYesYesSilverCheck Price


Ring™ Video Doorbell

Ring Video Doorbell would be the successor to Doorpost, a Kickstarter plan that signified one of the primary smart doorbells out video doorbells Since its creation, Ring has created another, newer model, Ring Video Doorbell Pro (covered below). However, the first Ring Video Doorbell provides extensive to offer—from motion sensing capabilities, video recording, two-way audio, and even more. For $30/year, it is possible to store doorbell video within the cloud. You can view the videos in real time or play it back later when you pay $30/year for Cloud storage. See who’s at your door even though it’s dark out. Choose between several metallic colors (like bronze, elegant brass, nickel, and Venetian brass).

Two Way AudioAudio Quality is Not High Quality
Motion SensorNo High Definition
Video Storage
Night Vision
Multiple Colors Offered




SkyBell™ HD Wi-Fi Enabled Video Doorbell

The SkyBell Video Doorbell provides a lot of options. You can watch live video, anytime, and go on a snapshot if you need video doorbells While the SkyBell HD Wi-Fi Enabled Video, Doorbell doesn’t have cloud storage, you are able to download videos from your device itself. This smart doorbell is tasked with helping stop you safe, as well as the company has gotten one step above that by guaranteeing replacement if the smart doorbell is stolen. It offers you have a snapshot at the live video.

On Demand VideoInstalling it is Tricky
Motion Sensor
Allows you to take Snapshot
Doesn't Require Batteries
Two Way Audio
Free Cloud Storage
HD Recording




August Doorbell Cam

August Doorbell Camera was praised by Fortune Magazine the “Best Doorbell.”best video doorbells Because it gives you motion sensing alerts, video recording options, On-Demand viewing, and much more, we agree that it’s on the websites for. The installation of the August Doorbell Camera might be a more intensive and requirements wall mounts plus a drill, but it’ll be worth effort to the volume of security it contributes to the house.

Live StreamingSlow Update
Motion SensorNo Night Vision
Video Recording
Smart Lock
Two Way Audio




Zmodo Greet

Monitor your house and who is inconsistent together with the Zmodo video doorbells When motion is detected, you’ll get a notification throughout the app. When someone rings the doorbell, your phone will ring to show you. Choose whether you’d love to watch live footage, record footage within the 8GB storage device, or upload video towards the cloud. The Zmodo Greet is concerning $50 less than similar models and does as much. This video doorbell Store footage within the cloud and not using a monthly fee.

Low PricedVideo Quality not so good
Easy Installation
Cloud Storage
Call Alerts
Motion Sensor
Night Vision




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VTech® IS741 Accessory Audio/Video Doorbell Camera

The VTech IS741 Accessory Audio/Video Doorbell Camera was made as a possible accessory for VTech video doorbells If you have a IS7121 series phone, you should buy this doorbell. Once it’s installed, you’ll be alerted which has a snapshot if somebody relates to your door. Then, you can see live video of who’s going to be your door, listen in, and speak with your Guest or uninvited visitor.

Low Priced of All Video Doorbells on the MarketNo Recording Option
Takes SnapshotsSmart Phone Required to Operate
Two Way Audio




Ring™ Video Doorbell Pro

The Ring Video Doorbell Pro is an improved of already an impressive, Ring Video video doorbells It has alike features—cloud storage, motion detection, and high definition—but it’s amplified. Instead of setting zones for the motion detection, you can select actual shapes. This means you’ll be able to set alerts for one’s walkway, driveway, front lawn, or mailbox. The Ring Video Doorbell Pro is a lot smaller, in order that it won’t detract from your aesthetic of your home

CompactHighly Priced of all the Video Doorbells
Enhanced Motion Sensors
Storage for Six Months of Recorded Footage
HD Recording
Clips Sharing




Vivint Video Doorbell Camera

The Video doorbell that we are going to review here is among the popular choice among the consumers and we decided to see if it is any video doorbell reviews The Vivint Video Doorbell, How it fared in our review? Let’s find out.







The design is pretty standard as like the other video doorbells we reviewed. The compact design and the rectangular shape gives it a sleek modern look. The doorbell weighs around 3.8oz, dimensions are 4.5inches x 2.5inches x 1.18inches (H x W x D). The Vivint Doorbell is only available in silver color, don’t get any color options, black and silver combination to be precise.

The camera is the main thing of the video doorbell, it has a 1.3 megapixels camera which can record video at 720p which is pretty decent. There is also a built in speaker and microphone as well. The camera has a 180 degree view angle which is great. The night vision on this video doorbell allows for a clear video 24 hours a day.

The motion sensor on board this doorbell is a great feature which allows for automatic recording if any individual approaches your door. The Wi-Fi connectivity will allow this video doorbell to relay the live video to your cell phone or if paired with Vivint’s Security System the video will be displayed on it. A Five Years Contract with Vivint for the Video Doorbell will cost you around $70. The charges are just an idea and the figures can change with the company.

The camera of this video doorbell is good especially the wide angle 180 degree view but apart from that there are few things that bothered us. The Vivint Security System needs to be in 10 feet of the video doorbell to be paired with it which is no use if you are already at the door to check who is outside.

There are reported inconsistencies with the motion sensor and does not work at all on a stretch. The direct sunlight, overtime will damage the finishing of the design of the video doorbell and the video doorbell may cease to function at all after couple of years under direct sunlight. We rate it 5 out of 10.

180 Degree Camera AngleNeeds More Refinement
Motion SensorInconsistent with Performance
1.3 Megapixels Camera with 720p Recording




Video Doorbells Buyer’s Guide

Home security is increasingly important today, that serves to be thinking about finding the right WiFi video doorbells for your house, and getting guide. It’s like adding a burglar alarm camera for your door in order to monitor remotely that is knocking. But these less complicated much easier to setup and install, simply because involve fewer units (unlike large video monitoring surveillance systems that contain multiple cameras and devices).

Is Video Doorbell Better?

Those outdated doorbells sure sound nice, however are old and dated. The newer wireless doorbells are convenient and give different chimes and easy installation. But you are still coping with a basic button and chime, not very much is different. But with Video doorbells, now it’s a new game. You can see that’s there, remotely utilizing your smartphone and connecting to WiFi. Now that is a game title changer, as well as simple.

How to Choose the Right Video Doorbell?

Some with the key features to contemplate when scouting for the most effective WiFi video doorbell include:

Video Quality – Ideally you desire the best resolution possible, which suggests HD or better. The technology has gotten advanced enough that you just not should are satisfied with those grainy poor videos.

Audio Quality – The best systems incorporate ambient noise cancellation to lead you to hear the individual clearly without background noise.

Night Vision – This is a must, because so many visitors may appear during the night and that means you require a camera that could see in low light.

Design – Some units have changeable face plates to match your decor. Look around, and locate the most appropriate one.

Power Requirements – Batteries really are a hassle to switch at all times, so some systems assist you to utilize existing doorbell wiring to produce power. If this feels like a fit, undertake it, you’ll be happy acted now over time. But if you don’t, there’s also the car battery operated units which might be more versatile.

Motion Sensor – High end systems incorporate motion sensor to automatically start film or give you advice using a photo snapshot. This is a great feature to get.

Recording – In most cases, it’s a smart idea to enable loop recording, therefore the camera automatically records everything it sees. When it runs out of space for storing, it records above the oldest video. Then if you happen to want to buy or something that is happens, it is possible to download it.


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