Best Sand Filters For Inground Pools
(Last Updated On: January 2, 2019)

Sand is just about the oldest medium used in inground swimming pool area filters. As the filter pump pushes water by using a bed of sand, particles are trapped simply allows clear water to circulate in the bottom and go back to the pool. Maintenance every couple of weeks is needed as sand eventually causes significant pressure to drop in discharge. This means that the filter system is already blocked with elements and may need care work called back washing. Backwashing is just the opposite cycle of any usual filtration procedure.

Sand filters also have to be replaced when sand is eroded because of the damage of constant discharge. You would realize that sand has already been eroded enough when filtration takes added time to finish because lesser particles are removed each cycle. It is relatively cheap to restore sand plus it doesn’t need frequent replacement. What might perhaps dishearten pool holders while using sand for inground pool area filters would be the recurrent labor-intensive work of backwashing obligatory for each swimming period. In terms of particle size filtered, sand is probably not as efficient as being a cartridge or DE filter system. In order to be capable to filter finer particles, adding flocculants on the pool can produce bigger particles from smaller ones would help. To make your research easy we already found best sand filter for inground pool. We have picked 3 top models of sand filters so, you have some variety in choosing the best sand filters for inground pools.

Best Sand Filters For Inground Pools (Comparison)

Sand FilterSize 
Hayward ProSeries 24 Inch Inground Pool Sand Filter (Editor's Choice)24 InchCheck Price
Rx Clear Radiant 24 Inch Inground24 InchCheck Price
Hayward S144T1540S14 InchCheck Price


Hayward ProSeries 24 Inch Inground Pool Sand Filter – (Editor’s Choice)

You’ll have your pool working right away using the cleanest water around! ProSeries system is sold with the two filter as well as the pump, together with all necessary fittings, hoses, valves and even more which means you don’t ought to rush out and acquire something that may be missing in the package.Best Sand Filters For Inground Pools All you’ll ought to purchase extra to obtain this filter started immediately is 300 pounds of pool-grade filter sand. With easy installation and all of the truly amazing customer satisfaction and quality commitment you may expect from Hayward, you’re guaranteed to love this filter through the moment you adopt against each other on the box. Hayward 24-inch filter is manufactured out of non-acidic plastic that won’t weaken in the sunshine and won’t become puny, corroded, or dented from experience the weather or pool treatment chemicals. This pump is powerful enough to manage any pool size under 30,000 gallons without any distress. As, you know This filter comes from Hayward company, and that is one from the best-known name makes inside pool filter market. But, beware that in a few rare cases, the fixtures are actually confirmed to become wobbly right away after a few cleanings using this type of filter.

Solid MaterialFitting Can Loosen In Rare Cases


One of the best sand filter for your inground pool. It offers sturdy built powerful cleaning without breaking a sweat. As, hayward is very well experience in pool industry they try their best to keep the drawbacks minimal. And, in this sand filter you will only going to find one drawback known as loose fitting which is very rare but still it can happen so, you need to know upfront. Overall? One of the best sand filter for inground pools.



Rx Clear Radiant 24 Inch Inground

When you want an in-ground pool pump and filter combo that is contained within all you should need, including a high-quality sand filter.Best Sand Filters For Inground Pools This filter is large enough to manage most backyard pools but sufficiently small that maintenance won’t certainly be a hassle. It holds 300 pounds of sand and incorporates its very own built-in base to produce placement safer and much easier than ever. Best of all, even though you’ve never convey a pool filter system before, you need to have no trouble assembling and installing this set. You’ll have cleaner water right away on this set. This filter just isn’t too at risk of allowing sand to clean to your pool area water, even over the initial two cycles. But, filter system doesn’t are derived from a well-known manufacturer, which may be considered a detriment for most buyers. Rx filter is capable of doing clearing up even murkiest of pool water in just a few days. Although the filter method is all too easy to come up with, the included instructions might be unclear and can need further enquiry on the internet. This is a very noiseless filter that won’t disturb your open-air fun while it’s working.

NoiselessValves Can Be Leaky
Can Clean Gloomiest Pools


This sand filter is not from very popular brand, but it still stands out from very famous pool filter companies. It does not only offer outstanding value but it’s operations are very quiet and can clean dirties pools within days. On downside, it’s valves can leak during installation. Other than that, this sand filter is best.



Hayward S144T1540S

When you’re trying to find a powerful, durable filter that isn’t about to quit upon you in the middle of one’s busy pool season, go and visit the Hayward S144T1540S.Best Sand Filters For Inground Pools This inground pool pump and filter package comes with the pump included, and also the hose you should get everything put in place capable to go. With a top-down diffuser system, you’ll get maximum filtration out of this excellent filter system. The included 7-way valve makes cleaning your pool and backwashing your filter a piece of cake, regardless of what kind of maintenance you’ll want to perform.

Non-Acidic PlasticConnection Pieces Are Fragile
Comes With All The Accessories


No surprise, that one more sand filter from hayward. This filter comes in the size of 14 inch so, you can imagine it is very suitable for small pools for bigger pools you can opt for above mentioned filters. Anyhow, it also has non-acidic plastic means you will not have to suffer from rust and the best part about this pool filter it comes with all accessories require to install it. But, some of it’s connection pieces are fragile and will need to be replaced not instantly but, in a year, or two.



How To Maintain Pool Sand Filter The Right Way

Pool Filters are definitely the most crucial little bit of pool equipment which you have. Sand Filter Manufactures, like Hayward, recommend you modify the sand every less than 6 years. When filters experience heavy bather loads and also have a good level of leaves and debris inside pool, then you certainly should expect you’ll alter the sand inside your filter faster than that. Follow these 5 Easy Steps to acquire essentially the most life from a pool motor, sand filter and also have magnificent pool water.

  1. Check to make certain that you’ve got the appropriate amount of sand as part of your filter. There are many different brands and sized Sand filters now available.
  2. Pool filter manufactures demonstrates that you replace the sand as part of your pool filter every three to five years. This really is dependent upon bather load plus the number of debris around your pool. When your filter pressure isn’t where it normally will be there will probably be a problem with your filter or perhaps the sand media ought to be changed.
  3. Use a Filter Treatment twice yearly. When you first open your pool make use of the filter treatment that can help loosen particles and debris. and before you close down your pool to the winter. There are all sorts of sand filter cleaners currently available, I will touch on this subject in another article.
  4. Sunscreen is actually harsh on pool equipment and are also dogs. I know you like your pet dog but keep them away from the pool. Their fur gets at night pump basket and to the filter, causing your filter not to be as efficient because it should thus be causing more stress on your pool push.
  5. Keep pool area trimmed back in order that leaves sticks and straw will not constantly blow in the pool. If you have landscaping in the pool fence, try to keep it reduced the best you may. Not allowing a great deal of debris to fit in your pool will definitely help you get essentially the most from a sand filter.

Using these 5 Easy steps, you may extend the life span of the pool filter and as a consequence extend everything of the pool motor costing you less, a serious amounts of frustration. Owning a pool is supposed to be fun with the family and friends. When your equipment isn’t working correctly your oasis inside your garden can be really problems and grab the enjoyment away from running a pool. Everything mechanical as part of your house must be checked on ensure it truly is from the proper working order. Your pool machines are no exception. By following these steps, you are going to be certain that your pool filter is proper working order and this your pool will run all summer rather than supply you with any difficulty.



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