Best Robot Vacuums For Thick Carpets
(Last Updated On: January 1, 2019)

Every property owner loves a clean and spotless house they will feel at ease in. A robot carpet cleaner is pretty small however powerful when compared with other hoovers. It is more effective, and more people are selecting it. The carpet cleaner may be developed to clean when you find yourself occupied with something different. Buying a robot vacuum helps save a lot time that you can run your errands devoid of time to completely clean.

Moreover, it truly is helpful to the people who experience mobility difficulties. It would be quite hectic to wash every nook and cranny if you’re a senior or possess physical disability. Housekeeping may be a high-end choice for the majority of people and that is certainly once this specific carpet cleaner comes in handy as it really is a one-time cost. The features are totally advanced and upgraded enabling you to receive a better clean. Home owners however, experience difficulty when deciding the most appropriate robot machine since there are a great deal of equipment on the market.

Let’s examine best robot vacuums for thick carpets.

Best Robot Vacuums For Thick Carpets (Comparison)

Robot VacuumsWeight 
Shark ION ROBOT 750 (Editor's Choice)5.51 lbsCheck Price
Neato Botvac D58 lbsCheck Price
bObi Classic Robotic Vacuum Cleaner6.4 lbsCheck Price


Shark ION ROBOT 750 – (Editor’s Choice)

The Shark Ion Robot 750 is created with high-tensile bristles to facilitate thorough cleaning coming from all hard floors and light-weight carpets.Best Robot Vacuums For Thick Carpets The bristles are shaped in helix patterns to help promote boost their brushing capabilities to not only get dirt and debris but in addition fine hairs, fur, dander, pollen and also other allergens. ion Robot was made having a smart sensor navigation system that permits it to wash any room without bumping into obstacles. The sensor system sticks to radiating a laser in to the environment and taking advantage of the reflection in the laser to ascertain the distance relating to the robot and also the surrounding objects. This technique also enables the robot to produce a map of the surrounding in order that it can accurately where it’s located in order that it can return back to its docking station when you have to. It is s powered with a highly durable Lithium ion battery that could sustain continuous cleaning operations for approximately an hour or so. The robot’s sophisticated battery system detects once the power reaches ‘abnormal’ amounts and signals with the Robot to go back to its docking station to recharge before it could possibly resume cleaning. This means it’s unlikely for just a user to obtain the Shark 750 motionless in the room because of deficiency of power. The side brushes enhance the cleaning functionality with the Shark 750 by enabling it to increase clean edges and corners of rooms. The two additional brushes can remove wreckage along with muck particles from bends and gaps with comparative comfort thus confirming the next step of spotlessness. Handlers can list cleaning timing from any site gallantry with the Shark Ion robot app that you can connect on their own android or IOS cellphones and tablets.

Smart NavigationSometimes Navigation Malfunctions
App Control
Alexa Voice Enabled


Ion Robot is heavy duty vacuum cleaner. It can clean your home efficiently including thick carpets without any major issues. It can be controlled via it’s app or if you have Alexa you can give commands trough it. But, sometimes it’s navigation system malfunctions which makes it stuck under low furniture’s but that’s all the downside it has, which is very rare so, yeah pretty good option for thick carpets.




Neato Botvac D5

The Neato Botvac D5 more minimal in design.Best Robot Vacuums For Thick Carpets It does away with all the original’s LCD panel simply two LED indicators and consolidates controls in to a single button. Setting up the D5 is not a worry.

The only thing you truly need to do is input it for the dock within a relatively clear area and watch for it to do its initial charge. You might need to push the D5 into your dock’s charging contacts and make certain that this battery indicator is flashing. it provides a good navigator. It was competent to reliably glide over different surfaces like carpet, tile, and hardwood. D5’s excellent battery. Because the bot can run for many years, you may have to empty it in the center of a session if you would like perfect clean. D5 Connected can be an all-around solid robot vacuum. Its laser navigation is extremely good, and you also get a better clean, app control, and excellent life cycle of battery you are able to deal with it via voice using Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant.

CompactSmall Dustbin
Good At Cleaning Thick CarpetsNo Steering Choice
Best Battery Life
Easy To Use


This robot vacuum is very compact and excellent cleaning thick carpets and edges. The battery life stands out from every model we have reviewed, and it is also very easy to use thanks to its app, Google assist and Alexa voice control.




bObi Classic Robotic Vacuum Cleaner

bObi Classic Robotic Vacuum Cleaner. With an influential but unusually quiet gauging between just 60 and 70 intensities motor, It will gather anything you left on the floor.Best Robot Vacuums For Thick Carpets From pizza scraps to dog hairs, BObi sweeps over it and instead gives off nothing in their wake. just 12 inches in diameter and three inches thick, the BObi is often a neat little package that belies its power and capacity. It is fully programmable which enable it to be generated to complete the entire deep cleaning cycle any time, and also since it’s very quiet running from the depths on the night isn’t an issue until you occur to add some bedrooms inside the cycle and it will wake you mainly because it glides in the garage and across the furniture. Navigation is finished out by way of a mixture of IR sensors and virtual walls which tell BObi when you stop.  These work wonderfully plus the unit has the capacity to maneuver its way about the cleaning area without bumping into your ornaments and managing to have directly into the corners because of its side-sweeping brushes that drag dirt and dirt in to the main sweeper brush.  The mains sweeper itself is sturdy and bristly enough to pick-up the best possible of pet hairs and dirt.  All robot vacuums have spatial awareness sensors however, some are not very good whatsoever, steering rather haphazardly around your rooms and banging into anything small compared to thick walls. but it really is being refined with BObi, which glides around in a very ballet of perfect cleaning. it will require around seven or more hours to charge initially even so visits rest on its charger base the clothes aired and turns into a trickle charge so that it should be fully charged at any given time.

Powerful SuctionSometimes Can’t Detect Obstacles
Good Sized Dustbin


This one offers power suction and remove everything from thick carpets including pet hairs. The size is compact yet dustbin size still enough. It also similar issue like Shark Ion, sometimes it fails to detect obstacles.



Tips To Choose The Right Robot Vacuum

So, you are searching for a robot vacuum, but aren’t quite sure yet which model is right for you? No Fret, we shall help you create your own preference, no matter if your financial budget is very large or small.

What Features to Look for In A Robot Vacuum?

Must have features on your potential machine

Remote control

The best and a lot upgraded models feature handy remote control. This helps you alter settings and control the cleaner with much ease.


Fortunately, every one of the tested and approved designs include this feature. The hoover automatically finds its path returning to the charger and docks itself whenever battery is running low.

Stair Detection

It would be rather hectic so that you can ought to move the vacuum each time it grows to a plane of stairs or possibly a ledge. The feature aids the robot carpet cleaner to detect a sizable step or flight of stairs. It then backs on prevent damage.


This helps you select the precise times you desire the robot to clean up. It can be different times each day or different days in one week.

Noise Control

All standard models ought to be quiet. However, some models might build a sharp sound which is most beneficial whether or not this works while you are away. If not, try to find one that’s quiet mainly because it cleans.

Virtual Wall

Most people wonder where they did may prevent the robot vacuum from getting yourself into specific room or go outdoors inside the scenario of open doors. This feature means that you can create barriers, which might be obviously invisible, which minimizes the cleaner form accessing specific areas.



How To Pick Out The Most Effective Robot Vacuum

This technology has become very well liked in addition, you must know how to pick the most beneficial equipment in your case. After deciding which you will want a robot cleaner, you need to evaluate the factors which will affect which model to pay back for.

First and foremost, take a peek down and note what covers your floor. Except for a shag carpet, such type of carpet cleaner is acceptable efficiently. If your carpet is fluffy or medium pile, try finding a vacuum with higher suction power, usually measured in Watts. This makes sure every one of the dirt is gotten rid of. Nearly, all models works with low pile carpets and this mustn’t be a very good worry. For a hard floor, the most beneficial model may be the one using a mopping feature. The cleaning wipe would ensure no dust is left in your floor.

Next, check whatever is within the targeted room or rooms. Navigation from the robot is critical in determining how a very good clean you’ll get. opt for mid-range models when the room is small and has little furniture within it. High-end models are perfect for large rooms or every time a great deal of cleaning space is presented. They do the whole 3600 scan and an eye on any obstacles.



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