Best Robot Vacuums For Multiple Rooms
(Last Updated On: January 1, 2019)

Are you sick and tired of vacuuming your floors and carpets each day? You might want to think about floor robot machine that will help you on those times that vacuuming is just not about to wear your schedule. We have compiled some of the best robot vacuums for multiple rooms below in this publication do check them out as well.

This design of machine is different as it functions by itself with simply one touch of your mouse within you. There is one or more model out there that can activate without you finding myself your home. Using the Internet, the robot vacuum could be activated when you’re within a very different location. This small, round vacuum may be developed to clean your carpets or floors at a certain time through the day without your help.

The robot vacuums use sensors to detect dirt and grime on your own carpets or floors. If it senses more dirt in an area, it’ll spend more time cleaning that area. Typically, this kind of vacuum will randomly review the whole area 4 times to be certain it really is free from debris, dust and lint. Probably the greatest feature of such a hoover is that it can fit within the furniture as well as the beds.

Different styles of the robot vacuum use ultrasound technology or sensors to protect yourself from bumping into walls, your pet water bowl, or furniture. A few of the less pricey models only stop once they bump into something, that could become the perfect couch or perhaps your wood baseboards and will scratch furniture or walls after a while. It’s best to acquire one outfitted with rubber bumpers to cut back possible problems for your property.

Today, we are going to look at best robot vacuums for multiple rooms.

Best Robot Vacuums For Multiple Rooms (Comparison)

Robot VacuumMulti-Room CapableRun Time 
iRobot Roomba 980 (Editor's Choice)Yes2 HoursCheck Price
Xiaomi Smart Robot Vacuum CleanerYes2.5 HoursCheck Price
Samsung POWERbot R9000Yes1 HourCheck Price


iRobot Roomba 980 – (Editor’s Choice)

The Roomba 980 works magnificently on floorboards, tiles as well as other hard surfaces.Best Robot Vacuums For Multiple Rooms The Roomba 980 maintains the opportunity to manually adjust its settings on the top of unit. The user may program a 7-day schedule or manually engage the cleaning process. The 980 is WIFI capable and therefore the person can adjust the cleaning schedule everywhere you look via iRobot’s new HOME mobile application. This application allows an individual to fine-tune their Roomba in manners that weren’t possible before for example determining how many passes to generate. It informs anyone in the cleaning status, provides tips, tricks, and as well support. The 980’s mobile capability takes home automation to some totally new level. Not only will the robotic vacuum clean the full house, the person presenting to be able to choose gets hotter will operate everywhere on this planet. 980 would be the carpet boost function. This feature automatically detects if your Roomba passes over carpet or rugs and adjusts the suctioning power accordingly. It provides as much as much more control of rugs when compared with other floor surfaces. The Roomba 980 uses precisely the same rubber debris extractors observed in the 880 which replaced the brush utilized in the 700 series model. These rubber rollers are a great deal more efficient and stop the system from needing any manual hair untangling. The slim form of this robot vacuum enables it to buy areas that seldom see cleaning for example under couches and furniture. This significantly cuts down on the accumulation of allergens and pet hair at your residence.

Good Battery TimingApp Control Is Slow
Self-Navigation System
Mapping Of Environment


This is one of the best vacuum for multiple rooms. It offers battery timing of 2 hours. Also, has self-navigation system and it can map out the environment for you as well. The controlling with app is very slow and that’s the only drawback it has.




Xiaomi Smart Robot Vacuum Cleaner

The Mi Robot 2 shares the identical design aesthetic since the first-gen model — there are a variety of white elements interlaced with grey — but here are a few modifications to the design.Best Robot Vacuums For Multiple Rooms The biggest change is that it presently has a mop function, allowing the robot to execute a dry and wet clean in one fell swoop.

There’s a manual in English this occasion, supplying you with a failure of all of the vacuum’s features, along with the default language can be English along with, therefore you aren’t required to count on Google Translate to decipher the vacuum is saying.

The front houses the river tank and mop, along with the brushes for that dry clean are placed within the. There are two speakers in the beginning, as well as the dust collection tray, together with Wi-Fi reset buttons, are usually in a similar location as before. The dry clean choices unchanged through the first-gen Mi Robot — there exists a rotating brush for the right side that siphons particles to the path with the robot, and there is a circular brush within the vacuum that does a fantastic job of sucking in dirt. You can effortlessly join the Mi Robot 2 to Mi Home after transferring the application. The vacuum has built-in Wi-Fi, and it is fairly straightforward to use it to Mi Home. Just install the app and sign in having a Mi account, and you will understand the Mi Robot 2 soon thereafter the app loads. You can then connect the robot in your home’s Wi-Fi network and when it’s coupled with Mi Home, you have access to its full report on features.

From privileged Mi Home application, you are able to understand the simulated map which the vacuum “understands,” and have a look at the cleaning zone as well as the period it took the robot to sponge a precise room. A cool new feature will be the power to put a marker in the home and direct the robot to scrub that spot.

Outstanding ValueNo Extra Filters
Powerful Cleaning
Excellent Routing


An excellent option if you are looking for a budget friendly robot vacuum for cleaning multiple rooms. It truly offers outstanding value with powerful cleaning and navigation system. The only drawback it possess that it lacks extra filters and some other minor accessories.



Samsung POWERbot R9000

The Samsung POWERbot R9000 incorporates a powerful suction which will ultimately offer optimum cleaning results.Best Robot Vacuums For Multiple Rooms Its suction power is discovered to get significantly higher in comparison with other top selling hoovers. It has big revolving wheels which might have the influence to go very efficiently around any hindrances of any kind. The surface makes no difference, be it tough floors or carpet. This gives a conclusion the worries of cleaning some areas while leaving others untouched. The machine will work all this in due time. furthermore, it has the ability to get consistent power, this also happens with much less clogging. The high centrifugal forces who’s possesses separate dirt and also the debris to a chamber on the outside of. This function maintain its long-lasting suction power. It features a combo brush that’s particularly created to get any pet hair. Its circling signal is adequately sturdy enough to support slackening of any dirt particles that you will find stuck. This 12-inch brush certificates corner-to-corner handling and also deep carpet cleaning. carries a photographic camera, and therefore to the present, they have nine smart sensors that will help to produce an optimum cleaning path. It creates this path by scanning customized for specific cultures of the entire home and all things in it. You don’t should keep worrying about any objects that may be on to the ground or perhaps your furniture; it can all the work for you personally after you turn it on.

Long LastingHefty
Powerful Suction
Camera Mapping


There is no doubt that this very powerful robot vacuum which can go through your whole house and clean it up for you. Its built quality is excellent and will stay with you for a long time it has camera mapping system which enables its to map everything out and clear the floors without bumping here and there. The downside? It’s size. Which is big compared to other models.




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