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Have you ever just stood while it’s raining? Taken any time to feel natural water fall gracefully on your face?

It feels amazing, feeling of tranquility & relaxation … nonetheless it isn’t very practical. Usually were clothed along with the feeling afterwards of waiting in cold and wet clothing is not calm and comforting. How can you get the desire of rainfall without upsetting about shortcomings?

We are presenting the rain shower heads. Bring your own private rain cloud in your restroom and turn your typical shower in a prodigious shower. Envision getting out of bed every morning for your own personal hot rain shower. Let your tiredness wash away and wake up feeling coddled and tranquil.

Let’s look at best rain shower heads.

Best Rain Shower Heads Reviews (Comparison)

Showerhead NameFlowFinish 
Moen S6320 (Editor's Choice)2.5 GPMVariousCheck Price
Waterpik RPB-173 Drenching Rain Showerhead2.5 GPMChromeCheck Price
AquaSpa® 9-inch Round Rain Shower Head2.5 GPMStainless SteelCheck Price
HotelSpa® Giant 10" Stainless Steel Rainfall (Professional's Choice)2.5 GPMStainless SteelCheck Price
NearMoon 12-inch Rain Shower Head (Best Rated Rain Shower Head)2.5 GPMStainless SteelCheck Price
Hansgrohe 27474001 Raindance Downpour2.5 GPMChorme & NickleCheck Price
Delta RP52382 Touch Clean Raincan2.5 GPMBrassCheck Price
ALFI brand RAIN16R2.5 GPMBrassCheck Price

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Moen S6320 – Editor’s Choice

Are you prepared for the best refreshing shower you have ever taken? Then look no elsewhere the Moen S6320 rain shower rain shower head reviews









Enjoy your shower time with 100 revitalizing outlets which will soak somebody to the meat even though you have little water pressure. Moen’s engagement rain shower know-how means have many water coverages whilst maintain the flow rate to 2.5 GPM.

You can find 4 elegant designs to In Moen s6320: Chrome, Antique bronze, Brushed nickel and Oil rubbed bronze.

The Moen S6320 includes two spray options – rain shower and intense – which allow it to be changed with all the pull of your lever to fit any shower preference. The solid metal construction was designed to keep working for a lifetime and appear well in every bathroom. you can find 4 elegant designs to pick from: Chrome, Antique bronze, Brushed nickel and Oil rubbed bronze.

If an amazing shower is significant to you personally, this rain shower head is probably the best investments you may make.

Moen S6320 Rain Showerhead Complete Review




Waterpik RPB-173 Drenching Rain Shower Head

Do you prefer a flooding style of shower as opposed to the stinging needles of strong jets of water? Are you looking for an easily affordable approach to bring a rainfall showerhead to your home? Priced about $30 at stores like Amazon. Check out Waterpik rain shower head reviews









This Waterpik Drenching Rainfall showerhead offers you a chance to obtain the perfect rain each day inside your shower. A removable flow regulator permits you to receive the appropriate amount of power while it’s raining, as you move the showerhead is totally adjustable and may supply you with a vertical or angle shower.

The main feature with this showerhead would be the fact it perfectly combines style as well as for just one affordable price. Its design will give you 6 inches of showerhead to square underneath, and helps to simulate a light Spring shower while you lather from the dirt from your tough day. There are capabilities that might be advantageous:

If you don’t here for drenching rain shower, no worries, this showerhead can also guarantee a pulsating stream or perhaps a full-body power spray that can help get you going on tough mornings. An adjustable arm is protected to offer more versatility in how we shower each day and it is very easy to install, in case you don’t have an existing rainfall showerhead as part of your bathroom.

Budget FriendlyDoes not have Stinging Needles
Fully Adjustable
Outstanding Value


The primary selling point of this showerhead is you receive an incredibly affordable showerhead containing enough durability to take on other showerheads which are triple your buck. It is created from plastic components and possesses a conclusion upon it which could wear off as time passes, however the affordability of the showerhead in comparison to the results you get provides you with a plus inside the shower every day.

The issue of the showerhead is always that the expectations for doing this are ultimately way too high. You’re not getting the caliber of a $200 showerhead for thirty bucks. You are, however, acquiring a relatively good showerhead which is fully adjustable, an easy task to install and may be carried out in only a couple of minutes, which has a lifetime warranty within the product should there exists a defect within its construction.

If you enjoy hot, stinging needles inside shower, you will in contrast to this showerhead. As a rainfall shower, it could possibly use some bigger water jets to develop a more authentic rain experience

However, for that price it is sometimes complicated to locate a better showerhead that offers a multi-tiered performance such as Waterpik Drenching Rain shower head will be able to deliver.

It’s a significant showerhead, does the project it advertises so it does, and supplies a uniform result for any reasonable price. It is tough to argue with those facts!




AquaSpa® 9-inch Round Rain Shower Head

If you are looking for shower head which is just not only cheap but provide bigger bursts of rain, then go for AquaSpa® 9-inch Round Rain Shower Head. It costs less than $ rain shower head reviews









This rain shower head is basically nice! The shower head is 9 inches in diameter making the shower head great! It has 105 jets along with the pressure is fantastic. Absolutely no tools are essential to fit the extension arm or rain shower head. It comes with the extension arm the big plus. The extension arm is 11 inches in total which enables it to be adjusted at 180 degrees plus a 2-foot vertical movement range. The extension arm is constructed of solid brass. The shower head will fit any hand shower or shower head.
This Rain Shower Head is 100 percent chrome from front and back. It also has giant 9-inch diameter with 105 nozzles. You can adjust angels up to 180 degrees. You can easily install this shower head without any tools.
Excellent PressureLacks Professional Packaging
Budget Friendly
Chrome Face


If you are looking for an excellent, affordable rain shower head with high but water sense protected shower head go for this one. It has 105 nozzles with excellent pressure, it costs less than $30, fully adjustable angels up to 180-degress. The only thing it lacks is it does not come with a lot of professional packaging or spare parts, but the price justifies that.



HotelSpa® Giant 10″ Stainless Steel Rainfall – Professional’s Choice

Do you want a shower head that blasts you with power? Do you want a misting shower head that opens your pores and making you seem like you recently took a bath? Do you want a shower head that drenches you with soft rain drops? If answer is yes HotelSpa® Giant 10-inch Shower Head should be your rain shower head reviews









What we were searching for would have been a shower head that felt like it’s was raining pouring on you, that is precisely what this rain shower head offers. We also concerned that this arm wouldn’t extend high enough, but we were proved wrong, the top can be a bit more than your present head is found. If you like the location of where your present shower head is, this extending arm will probably be great for you.

We seemed to be just a little concerned about this new head to be a huge water degenerate, but I was pleased to learn that as part of the package became a 2.5 gpm water restricting washer! The water raining documented on you works quite nicely with only 2.5 gpm. Just because you then have a huge shower head does not mean you need to destroy our planet.

It is a nice wide shower head that felt just like a drenching rain poring over your head, we’re also loving this new shower head. It has little rubber nipples for every single stream of water so you’re able to easily unclog anything if your stream gets stopped up. It’s all metal thus it appears like it’ll last forever. It provides the water experience just like rain.
Big SizeExtension Arm is Small
Heavy Showers
Outstanding Value
Made of Strong Metal
Easy to Install


HotelSpa® Giant 10 inch is very powerful rain shower head. Yes, it is not very expensive but expensive is not always good. It has big size, it pours water allover you just like a rain and offers outstanding value if you consider its price. You can not get more strong material in this price range. This rain showerhead also comes with tape and tools for installation. The only drawback it has that it lacks extension arm length. Overall, one of the best rain showerhead and we highly recommend you go for it.



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NearMoon 12-inch Rain Shower Head – Best Rated Rain Shower Head

If you are looking for hefty showerhead with lot of water pressure but comes with Water sense, then NearMoon is the best rain shower head for you. It is one of the top-rated rain rain shower head reviews








NearMoon is big 12-inch rain showerhead. It is made of stainless steel; this rain showerhead comes with silicon nozzles. You can certainly experience the powerful waterfall from this ultra-thin but extremely powerful showerhead.
As, we already covered in design that it is made of very strong stainless-steel material. The best feature of this rain shower head apart from top rated and cheap it is very powerful but also has 2.5 GPM flow which is truly water sense. If you do not know water sense saves up to 30 percent water from getting waste. It Is rotatable in 360-degrees It has ultra-thin design but has more nozzles than hotel Spa. 150 Nozzles to be precise and gives you more powerful waterfall than ever.
Strong MaterialNone That We Could Find
Water Saving
360 Degrees Rotating Connector
Ultra Thin


Who would have though we will find the rain showerhead at the price of $30.99 which will be 12 inches big, consist of 150 silicon nozzles and will have no cons. This rain shower head is indeed game changer made of strong material. In very cheap price offering 2.5 GPM, can be rotatable to 360 degrees and clean your body with powerful waterfall. This is one of the best rain showerhead in the market it has rating of 5/5 of star and we are not seeing it getting changed soon.



Hansgrohe 27474001 Raindance Downpour

If you want a premium quality German engineered shower head that’ll turn your shower experience in to a spa-like luxury consider, the Hansgrohe rain shower head reviews








The wide all-encompassing torrent of water can make you feel as if you’re caught inside a tropical rainstorm, in easy way. This shower head features a flow rate of 2.5 GPM but feels much more 6 GPM because Hansgrohe’s Airpower technology that enriches water with air allow it a bursting effect.
It’s crafted from 9.5 inches of solid metal that has a fully chrome-plated finish seems stunning in almost any bathroom. Featuring 180 flexible silicone nozzles, this rain shower head is effortless to clean up. Just rub the size and lime away and you’ll possess a perfect clog-free shower whenever you want.
Chrome FinishHeavy
Clog Free Nozzles
German Technology


If it weren’t to the price there was refer to it as the most beneficial. Its massive dimension is the crowning feature and supplies you having a downpour that rivals a summer thunder storm. Both relaxing and refreshing. Hansgrohe uses their own unique technologies for making this shower head differentiate themselves from the remaining. First, they normally use their Airpower technology to improve the flow which makes it feel considerably more intense over a typical 2.5 GPM flow rate. Their Quick Clean nozzle technology causes it to become very easy to clean up which you simply should rub it together with your hands to have any residue through the nozzles therefore you never have to concern yourself with an uneven spray. Quality is additionally paramount. German engineered making from solid metal the Hansgrohe 27474001 is really what all shower heads should attempt to be.




Delta RP52382 Touch Clean Raincan

Delta never seize to produce best bathroom items and they created this rain showerhead to amaze us rain shower head reviews If you are Delta product lover than go for the Delta RP52382 Shower head.






Its 8.8-inch head may be the sort of diameter that spells luxury that is noticed even from the distance. This modern and clean style of Delta Showerhead RP52382 making you feel as if you enter an inner sanctuary, not in the busy city.

The curve that runs in the rear of the Rain can creates an illusion of your thin head. Also, the arm that runs above it really is coated concentrating on the same Chrome finish, giving the entire fixture a gleaming metallic feel. Also, unlike most units and that is made from plastic and coated with Chrome, it really is manufactured from Brass to get a truly premium and solid build. Surely, you wouldn’t be expecting corrosion and high mineral accumulate for several years by it.

It is up-front easy because it works just with one setting, a standard selection for rain type showers. It can be mounted to the wall directly or integrated using the Rizu series, for just a more multipurpose and complex shower system. Despite its Brass build, it merely weighs around 2.3 pounds that’s considerably lightweight. A perk that accompanies a lightweight weight build will be the benefit from it being simple to install and clean. Like other types of Delta Showerhead, it really is furnished with a self-cleaning mechanism that prevents buildup of minerals.

Reaching a production of 2.5 gallons each. Due to its large diameter, a wider area is additionally covered by the shower, hence making dish washing always easy.

Large DiameterLacks Spray Options
Strong Build Quality


It is very rare to discover a bathroom fixture through which a firm has never been thrifty in most of their material build. Even from afar you can already sense how the Delta Showerhead RP52382 RainCan is often a truly premium choice automobile quality brass build and exquisitely glossy texture. It may simply have one spray option that is never a difficulty ever since the rain style shower is sufficient provide a relaxing yet clean bath.



ALFI brand RAIN16R

If you are looking for very powerful showerhead then Alfi Rain16R is for rain shower head reviews It is 16-inch giant and can burst you with extremely powerful shower.






It’s made entirely of solid metal. (In fact, the corporation notes this in exclamation points!) The stainless is brushed and doesn’t easily retain fingerprints about it. This slim silver disc is a modern style when compared to rain shower heads which might be made from brass, so think about this consistent with your bathrooms style. As such, it is made with only one color: Brushed Stainless Steel.

Sized 16 inches in diameter! is quite flat, which has a width of only 2mm. If you always had hopes for showering in giant sheets of rain, this one’s to outfit your desires.

This you have a swivel adapter that allows turn the shower head to your angle you enjoy in your shower. Its rubber nozzles are simple to clean should they get clogged up, and it likewise is included with 5 replacement nozzles if for whatever reason cleaning doesn’t work in your situation.

EnormousGets Rusty if not Cleaned Properly
234 Nozzles
Replacement Nozzles Available


This rain showerhead is expensive, but it has giant size of 16 inch. And imagine powerful 234 nozzles pouring rain like water on you. Alfi rain is very good, long term useable showerhead it also comes with extra nozzles in case your real one’s get clogged. Although, they are not non-closable, but anything can happen and Alfi provide free up to 5 replacement nozzles in the package. The only drawback it has after a year or two if you will not take care of it properly it will start rusting.




Rain Shower Heads Buyer’s Guide

Designed to provide the experience with showering while it is raining, rain shower heads are sometimes engineered to produce multiple settings from drenching thunderstorm into a water saving trickle.

Usually which includes a thin square or round disk-shaped head with many different small holes by which water can flow out steadily and evenly. More advanced models add a pulse mechanism to just make the shower spray to create into droplets. Even more advanced models allow multiple or perhaps randomized settings. Pulsating rain massage (for spa like treatment), drenching thunderstorm (for the great strong shower) and water saving trickle (for just a long, long hot shower minus the guilt) are degrees of the various settings situated on different types. Randomized settings give an extraordinarily realistic rain shower experience.

There are variety of shapes and with multiple materials and finishes available like steel, chrome and brass geared to any bathroom design.

When shopping for just a new rain shower head there are numerous stuff you must look into;

Size … Bigger is much better in your opinion to get a great rain shower. A lot of the best rain shower heads are between 8″ and 10″ in diameter.

Quality … You don’t have always to purchase one of the main brands to have a good product, and or vice versa. Take some time to learn anyone reviews business customers which may have bought precisely the same product on Amazon, does not able to find the proper shower head on your bathroom.

Spray Design & Settings … Some rain shower heads have multiple spray settings plus much more advanced spray designs. If you are merely wanting for the nice and simple rain shower, after that basic design having a single setting must do you fine. If you are viewing to switch between rainfall, influential massage, drenching and mist options, then choose a shower head with a multiple spray settings.

Shower Arm Fit … Is the model meant to be wall mounted or ceiling mounted? Will this satisfy your current shower arm? You will be able to find out this by viewing the item information photos. If in doubt, maybe acquire a brand-new shower arm that best suits a new shower head.

Style & Finish … Match your brand-new shower head for your existing bathroom fittings and fixtures. For example, when you have chrome taps etc as part of your shower, then select a chrome finish for the new shower head. Your shower head may become a greater portion of a bath room centerpiece so don’t be worried to become bold and earn your shower great!



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