Thanks to the invention of a clothes dryer, we can now all enjoy more time for other things other than hanging our laundered clothes out in the sun to dry. More so, it speeds up the drying process so we can use our favorite shirt or pants again after cleaning them.

However, a standard clothes dryer takes up a lot of space in your home, more so, if you already have a washer in place, then having a separate dryer doubles the space requirement. If you don’t have the luxury of space for a dryer machine, or, you have generally less space, to begin with, like when you are living in an apartment, then a portable laundry dryer can address your concerns.

Most households find a stackable dryer the best solution for space woes. But for people living in tighter spaces, enjoying the benefits of having a clothes dryer is still possible with a portable clothes dryer version.

A portable clothes dryer keeps all the best features of the standard-sized ones, with the only compromise being the capacity. But aside from being small in size, most models are portable, meaning, they can be transported from one place to another. Having this flexibility allows you to store your equipment when not in use or change locations wherever it is convenient to place.

With its growing popularity, the market is offering a lot of options for dryer sale that can fit your size requirements and needs. So, here at Top Best Reviewss, we narrowed down the best clothes dryer for apartments or small spaces to our top three most recommended clothes dryer sale online.


NameKey Feature 
Panda Portable Compact Laundry Dryer, PAN760SF, 3.5 cu. Ft.- Editor's ChoiceProvides 3.5 cubic feet capacity or 13 pounds’ worth of laundryCheck Price
COSTWAY Compact Laundry DryerUtilizes the reverse tumble dry technology for tangle preventionCheck Price
Euhomy Compact Laundry Dryer 2.6 cu. Ft.Has 4 operating modes, including an Intelligent ModeCheck Price



Panda Portable Compact Laundry Dryer, PAN760SF, 3.5 cu. Ft. – Editor’s Choice

This portable laundry dryer has a capacity of 13 pounds, enough for small loads or regular loads of small families living in apartments. It is generally lightweight to be conveniently transported within the different areas in your home. In the same way, you can relocate it for use in a dormitory, on an RV, or in a vacation home.

This clothes dryer is designed to be wall-mounted but leaving it on the floor is no big deal. It comes with a wall-mounting kit, including a wall hanging bracket, for easy installation. You can tandem it with a washer; put it side by side or on top of it. It just depends on your space constraints.

The Panda Portable Compact Laundry Dryer, PAN760SF, 3.5 cu. Ft. is the biggest among Panda’s line of compact dryers. You can also do linens and larger thin fabrics you may have at home. This clothes dryer allows you to adjust the drying time between 20 to 200 minutes to get your clothes ready to wear in no time.

Just a note though that this clothes dryer utilizes a 120 V 3-prong plug. This apartment dryer is powered by a 1,500-watts motor; hence, it takes a bit longer to finish drying a regular load. Though Panda claims to be energy efficient, especially with its size and capacity.

The Panda Portable Compact Laundry Dryer, PAN760SF, 3.5 cu. Ft. allows you to control the drying time, with indications on the rotary knob about the method of drying. During the first 20 minutes, it releases cool air on your clothes. Moving forward to 200 minutes, your clothes are now blown by hot air to dry them completely. Meanwhile, you can also do air drying for up to 80 minutes, which can use on delicate fabrics.

This clothes dryer gives you an option between Normal and Eco Mode for energy efficiency. Meanwhile, you can also allow it to do sensor dry for automatic operation.

The Panda Portable Compact Laundry Dryer, PAN760SF, 3.5 cu. Ft.’s drum is made of stainless steel that is rust and chemical resistant. Stainless steel is also easy to clean in general. It also has a removable lint filter that is also washable. The transparent door allows you to peek on your clothes as it is being dried up.

Provides 3.5 cubic feet capacity or 13 pounds’ worth of laundryLonger drying time than a standard clothes dryer
Lightweight for easy transport
With drying timer between 20 to 200 minutes
Normal and Eco Mode
Normal and Sensor Dry Modes
Comes with a wall mounting kit


The Panda Portable Compact Laundry Dryer, PAN760SF, 3.5 cu. Ft. is a portable and compact clothes dryer. What I liked most about it is the adjustable drying timer for energy savings and satisfying results.


COSTWAY Compact Laundry Dryer

This clothes dryer uses the tumble dry technology that allows it to have a faster drying time, increased energy efficiency. When it comes to performance, the same technology produces fewer tangles in your clothes, resulting in an almost straight and wrinkle-free fabric that is ready to wear. This way, you conserve both time and energy in ironing your clothes.

The COSTWAY Compact Laundry Dryer offers a multi-mode operation, that is, you get to use it as a clothes dryer and spin dryer, too. The former can be set between 20 to 200 minutes to allow for hot air to penetrate the fibers of the fabric, resulting in dry yet fluffy garments. Meanwhile, the latter can be set up to 80 minutes and utilizes air to dry your clothes.

This clothes dryer also has two heat modes: High is best for bulky fabric or garments or larger laundry quantities; Low can be set if you are drying sensitive garments like linen and silk.

The COSTWAY Compact Laundry Dryer can effectively dry up to 10 pounds of wet clothes. And if you are putting quick-dry clothes in there, it is best to fill it up at least 5.5 pounds in weight for maximum efficiency. If you are experiencing dryer not drying clothes the usual, it is either you are overloading or underloading it.

Aside from excellent drying performance, this clothes dryer also has other value-adding features that are inclined on safe use, ease of cleaning, minimized noise.

The COSTWAY Compact Laundry Dryer will stop operating when you open the door in between a drying session. The noise from the machine isn’t too bothersome; generally quiet that it does not interrupt sleep.

This clothes dryer is also portable so you can store it when not in use. Meanwhile, it is also flexible when it comes to being a permanent fixture in your home. You can stack it on top of your washer, put it on top of a countertop, mount it on the wall, or simply place it side by side with any furniture in your home.

This electric clothes dryer is equipped with a multiple filtering system and a stainless spin drum for easy cleaning and maintenance.

Utilizes the reverse tumble dry technology for tangle preventionDries clothes longer, especially those with thicker fabric
Can dry up to 10 pounds of wet clothes
Offers 2 heat modes: high or low
Offers 4 drying modes: cool, warm, hot, air dry
With drying timer between 20 to 200 minutes


The COSTWAY Compact Laundry Dryer may be too small for family use, but just enough for a single or couple doing regular laundry on most days. But, the compact design makes this clothes dryer flexible to be put in small homes or apartments.


Euhomy Compact Laundry Dryer 2.6 cu. Ft.

This clothes dryer comes as the most minimalist among the products on this list. Not only this pertains to its aesthetics, but also with operating it is straightforward and made simpler.

Your new dryer uses fewer buttons and has an LCD panel to display your settings. Meanwhile, it also weighs less and is generally compact, making it flexible to place in different areas in your home you find it most convenient to be in. For maximum space savings, have it mounted on the wall. By the way, for your convenience, this clothes dryer already comes with a wall-mounting kit.

The Euhomy Compact Laundry Dryer 2.6 cu. Ft. can dry up to 9 pounds worth of wet laundry efficiently. Though compact in size, this clothes dryer can perform similarly to a commercial dryer, given that you follow the recommended weight limits. It also works best on spin-dried clothes.

To deliver the results you need, you can choose among its 4 operating modes:

  • Strong mode – is best for thicker or bulky fabrics since it heats up to 140 degrees Fahrenheit. Eco mode – provides 140 minutes of cold drying to save on energy, while the remaining minutes are intended for dissipating hot air.
  • Normal mode – best for clothes or garments that normally require ironing after
  • Intelligent mode – our most recommended mode because of its smart functionality. By opting for this, you are allowing your clothes dryer to adjust the drying time according to the level of humidity in your clothes.

The internal structure of this clothes dryer is specially designed to speed up drying times, increase energy efficiency, remove tangles and wrinkles, and reduce damage to your clothes.

It also comes with other features that boost its functionality like a transparent door that opens at an angle up to 105 degrees so you can conveniently place and take out your clothes. It is also equipped with cotton filters to instantly remove loose cotton fibers to prevent them from sticking to your other laundry items.

Compact, slim, and lightweightClothes needed to be spin-dried first to maximize their benefits
Can dry up to 9 pounds of wet clothes at a time
Has 4 operating modes, including an Intelligent Mode
Heats up to 140 degrees Fahrenheit in the Strong Mode
Comes with a wall-mounting kit
Minimalist design and operation


The Euhomy Compact Laundry Dryer 2.6 cu. Ft. is best for startup nesters or people living in camper vans or RVs. This clothes dryer offers powerful performance only that it is a bit too small when it comes to capacity.


Final Verdict

The best clothes dryer is subjective to one’s needs and budget. But then, when you are investing in a piece of equipment, it is wise to check performance and lifetime to maximize it.

With careful consideration of features, performance, and long-term benefits, portable and compact does not necessarily mean small capacity. If it is engineered and designed well, a portable clothes dryer can still accommodate one’s growing need, especially with newlyweds that will eventually grow to families sooner or later.

With that, the best dryers 2021 should definitely include our very own Editor’s Choice, the Panda Portable Compact Laundry Dryer, PAN760SF, 3.5 cu. Ft..

We find the Panda Portable Compact Laundry Dryer, PAN760SF, 3.5 cu. Ft. the right size and capacity that fits most needs and space constraints. The adjustable features give you better control over the output, making it more useful for a variety of your laundry needs regardless of the weather.

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