The memory foam mattress is a breakthrough product in the field of sleep. It redefines the word “comfort” by giving you the most comfortable and restful sleep. Memory foam makes this possible by molding your natural body contours on the mattress. This happens when your body heat comes in contact with the foam’s surface. Imagine lying down on clouds as if you are floating. When you rise, the memory foam’s surface cools down and gets back to its original shape.

Bed manufacturers integrate more features into their own line of memory mattress foam

products to further enhance its benefits. Some add cooling toppers, toppers that draw out moisture or add layers to make it more durable. You just have to find the best ones that fit your needs and preferences.

Whether you are looking for the therapeutic effects of a firm memory foam mattress, a way to relax you after every long day at work, or help ease the pains of your prime years, there sure will always be the perfect memory foam mattress that will fit your needs.

Here at Top Best Reviewss, we narrowed down your options for the best memory foam mattress products that are worth your investment. Here are our top three recommendations.


NameKey Feature 
Tempur-Pedic TEMPUR‐Cloud- Editor's ChoiceUtilizes the SmartClimate system for regulated temperature and more comfortable feelCheck Price
Nectar California King MattressOffers a 365-day free trial or your money backCheck Price
Layla Copper Infused Memory Foam MattressFlippable memory foam mattress with soft and firm sides to choose fromCheck Price



Tempur-Pedic TEMPUR‐Cloud – Editor’s Choice

If you are talking about luxurious sleep, then Tempur is almost synonymous with it. Known for its premium mattresses (that also come with hefty prices), Tempur has a complete line of foam beds and mattresses that are engineered for comfort.

This memory foam mattress is 10-inches thick that claims to feel like floating in clouds. It composes of 4 layers that are all about comfort and elevating your sleep experience.

The Tempur-Pedic TEMPUR‐Cloud is all about the right blend of firm and soft to provide you with the right support as it comforts your body. First, it minimizes the pressure points regardless of your sleep position. Pressure points are starting areas of pain, especially for the elderly or bedridden people who spend most of their time lying on their beds.

Next, this king size memory foam mattress reduces motion when someone gets in or out of the bed with you. Some people are sensitive to movements, which disrupt their sleep. But with this memory foam mattress, this tendency is reduced dramatically.

The Tempur-Pedic TEMPUR‐Cloud provides customized support and comfort since it is made of memory foam material. This memory foam mattress contours to the natural shape of your body, alleviating pressure points.

The memory foam bed’s technology is geared towards distributing your body weight evenly on the bed, enabling you to find comfort in almost any sleeping position, particularly in your most favorite one. This memory foam mattress does not deform even it cushions your body; it immediately returns to its original flat surface whenever you leave it.

Aside from providing the right cushion to your body and support to your natural contours and curves, this memory foam mattress is made of breathable fibers that do not retain moisture. The inner cover also utilizes the SmartClimate system that maintains a cool and comfortable feel while on it.

And of course, the initial layers make the first impression that lasts. They are made of plush material that is soft to touch. It is soft where you want it and firm to the core where you need it.

10-inches thick with 4 layers that provides the right comfort, cushioning, and supportExpensive
Utilizes the SmartClimate system for regulated temperature and more comfortable feel
Made of breathable fibers
Provides adaptive support that contours to your natural body shape
Comes with a 10-year limited warranty


The Tempur-Pedic TEMPUR‐Cloud is medium-soft, which means it is leaning more on the soft rather than the firm side. It is a nice entry-level memory foam mattress to invest in as you try exploring the Tempur line.


Nectar California King Mattress

Looking for a full size memory foam mattress below $1,000? This memory foam mattress is worth considering.

This memory foam mattress seems to be fully committed to its promise of delivering superior comfort and sleep. That is, it offers a free 365-days trial period. You can have a full year to see if it fits your needs and if it will change your sleep and rest for the better.

The Nectar California King Mattress is constructed with a total of 5 layers, with each layer performing a specific attribute on comfort and support. It is more than just a king size memory foam mattress topper; it provides the full premium sleep experience.

The first layer is a soft and quilted breathable top, perfect for any weather type, including summer days.

Next is a cooling gel memory foam layer that adapts to your body’s contours and curves regardless of your most favorite or comfortable position. Back sleepers and side sleepers will have the same comfortable experience from this memory foam mattress.

Also, the cooling gel memory foam layer is soft enough for comfort but firm for support to avoid that sinking, hard-to-get-up feeling. It also cools your back to avoid night sweats and keep perspiration from seeping through the foam causing bacteria growth and buildup.

Meanwhile, a base layer provides the best reinforced support and add durability.

And then lastly, the bottom layer is well-equipped with non-slip material.

This memory foam mattress comes with two free standard-sized premium Nectar pillows to complement your luxurious sleep. It is a thoughtful gesture for me but since they are standard in size and don’t come at par with the feeling from the bed itself; I find them too firm. You may want to add more of your favorite pillows to complete the best sleep experience.

The Nectar California King Mattress also comes in different mattress sizes: King, California King, Queen, Full, Twin, and Twin XL.

Constructed with 5 layers altogether provide the right blend of softness and firmness for comfort and supportSome customers receive the mattress with uneven corners and uneven firmness (maybe because it is originally rolled and will expand after getting it out of the box)
Comes with two standard-sized pillows
With lifetime warranty
Offers a 365-day free trial or your money back
Award-winning memory foam mattress


The Nectar California King Mattress provides an enticing offer to try the memory foam mattress first for a full year before deciding to purchase. In the same way, the lifetime warranty and support is also a great deal that is hard to resist.


Layla Copper Infused Memory Foam Mattress

Still don’t know if you will be better off with a firm or soft mattress? Get both with one memory foam mattress. This 10-inch California king, king, queen, twin XL, twin, or full memory foam mattress comes with sides with different firmness so you can choose the one that will give you the best sleeping experience after trying both for several nights.

Aside from its versatility in providing the firmness you need (which may also change as you age or alongside your needs), it also adapts to your favorite sleeping position. Since it uses memory foam, it contours to your body well, hugging your curves and providing you with the support you need minus the pressure. No worries about sagging as memory foam can recoup its shape easily as you leave it.

This memory foam mattress is uniquely engineered with copper fibers to improve its thermal properties. Heat transfer also plays a significant factor in boosting your comfort while in bed. Since copper is a good thermal conductor, it helps disperse the heat from your body away. This keeps you cool while on your king or queen size memory foam mattress.

Your kids on their twin memory foam mattress can also experience the same comfort as yours as the layers are consistent regardless of the size. The Layla Copper Infused Memory Foam Mattress consists of 6 layers, 2 of which serving as the core layers for support and breathability. The remaining 4 layers serve as protection (outer layers) and gel memory foam with different firmness on each side.

Whether you are looking for a king memory foam mattress, a queen memory foam mattress, or a mattress topper twin for the whole family, the Layla can give you that. It has a complete line of mattresses for everyone.

Engineered with Copper fibers for thermal benefitsSome users find the firm side too firm for them
Flippable memory foam mattress with soft and firm sides to choose from
10-inch memory foam mattress
Comes with 2 pieces of memory foam pillows


We are drawn to its flippable feature that allows you to choose between firm and soft sides for maximum comfort. The Layla Copper Infused Memory Foam Mattress is also appalling because of its Copper fibers that help regulate the temperature with your body on the memory foam mattress.



Final Verdict

The best memory foam mattress topper should provide you with the right support, as well as adapts to your natural body contours for maximum comfort. It is luxurious in every angle, even the price tag! If you can afford it, then by no means, go with the Tempur-Pedic TEMPUR‐Cloud.

Just don’t forget to check the firmness you need so you can get the benefits you are expecting from it. The Tempur-Pedic TEMPUR‐Cloud’s SmartClimate technology complements the memory foam’s benefits, creating a holistic comfortable sleep experience regardless of your most favorite position.

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