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You thought all a shower was good for cleaning off dust. Nope. Attach one of these simple to install LED shower heads and convert your morning sacramental in a glow, technicolor feels. They arise in a selection of dimensions and figures, as well as in both immovable and handheld models to put up any requirement.

Now without any further upheaval, let’s look at Best LED Shower Heads.



Best LED Shower Heads Reviewed (Comparison)

Shower Head NameFlowMaterial 
Ello&Allo LED Showerhead Panel (Editor's Choice)2.5 GPMStainless SteelCheck Price
Yoo.Mee Handheld LED Shower HeadVariesPlasticCheck Price
DreamSpa® AquaFan (Professional's Choice)2.5 GPMABSCheck Price
Hotel Spa® 1485VariesChrome Plated ABS & Stainless SteelCheck Price
AnGeer MulticolorVariesPlasticCheck Price
PowerSpa Luminex®2.5 GPMHigh-Grade Chrome Plated ABSCheck Price
PowerLead SH001VariesABSCheck Price
DreamSpa® 1482VariesABSCheck Price
Elenker RainfallVariesABSCheck Price
AquaDance High-PressureVariesChrome Plated Premium ABS & Stainless SteelCheck Price

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Ello&Allo LED Showerhead Panel – Editor’s Choice

With a large square shower head that creates a lighter or maybe more intense mist, this Rainfall LED Shower Panel Tower Rain Massage System from ELLO & ALLO might create you sense like you’re within a rain shower while upright under led shower head review Made from things that won’t show marks, that one can be as fitting to use as it’s to wash. It features both a hand-held shower head for quick cleaning along with a separate sprayer which you can use to be a bidet.

LED mood lighting really helps this shower panel get noticed, understanding that lighting can shine both livelier and brighter to get you inside the mood for romance as well as to help wake you up within the morning. Two jets upper around the panel as well as lower down enable you to position body to have the most out of each one of these. The panel features a built-in storage rack for shower goods too.


Excellent choice if you are looking for Led showerhead panel. It is easy to install, comes in variety of handled and separate showering options. LED’s are very bright and certainly enhance your mood. It also storage place for shower supplies and made from strong stainless-steel material. The only drawback it has that it requires high pressure for maximum results. Overall, a good choice.

Easy to InstallRequires High Pressure
Comes with both Handled and Separate Sprayer
Built in storage for Supplies
Fantastic LEDs
Strong Build Quality



Yoo.Mee Handheld LED Shower Head

The Yoo.Mee Handheld is inexpensive, yet appears led hand held shower head review Its bent design can be lustrous and causes it to become easy to carry, as well as the water-powered LED variate colors reliant on the temperature. Flashing red means boiling hot water and cool blue shows pleasingly tepid temperatures.

This led showerhead is excellent for bathing to kids and pets. It is also very light weight and provides very good shower experience even on low pressures.  It also features LCD screen to know the temperature.


If you are looking for cheap led showerhead then Yoo.MEE is best option, you can get it is very good for washing your kids and pets. Also, very easy to install and light weight. It also has very good temperate variant LED which notify you if the water is very warm or just warm enough. It features LCD screen but temperature it shows is not very accurate every time. So, do not depend upon it.

Easy InstallationTemperature on LCD is not Accurate Sometimes
Light Weight
Variant LEDs
Budget Friendly



DreamSpa® AquaFan – Professional’s Choice

The DreamSpa® AquaFan possesses a sophisticated bowed 12-inch extensive head which will positively soak your face, neck, and shoulders, certifying you recruit a shower experience that’s warm and calming while being illumined by groovy led shower head review

It also has optimal angling options for comfortable use. Its jets are very easy to wipe and preventable from clogging. DreamSpa® is very confident about this product and offers 1-year warranty on this led showerhead.


DreamSpa® AquaFan is budget friendly costing less than $50 led showerhead. It is huge in size provides 12-inch diameter. They LEDs are very funky and makes your shower time enjoyable. Also, easy to angel in your own desired directions. It’s nozzles very easy to clean and almost makes it clog free. The best part it comes with 1-year warranty and we don’t think you can find any other led showerhead in this price range with warranty.

Massive SizeNoisy
Jazzy LEDs
Easy to Clean
1-Year Warranty


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Hotel Spa® 1485

The HotelSpa® 1485 can be employed being a handheld or above model and delivers five spray variations, so that you can get the made to be beloved for one’s mood as well as the exciting massage and hydrating mist selections good traditions to get relax on long led shower head review

HotelSpa® 1485 led showerhead is very easy to install you do not need any kind of tool kit to make it work. The auto color changing LEDs are very attractive and its clear LCD for temp works efficiently.


This beautiful LED showerhead can be used as handled or top sprayer. It changes its color automatically which is very beautiful effect. The temperature display is very clear and accurate. The best part of this led showerhead is its 5 types of spray settings. From massaging to rainfall. Also, it is very easy to install and replaceable. The only drawback we found it is very sensitive and easy to break.

Auto ColorsBuild Quality Not Good
Vivid Temperature Display
Five Spray Settings
Easy to Install



AnGeer Multicolor

The AnGeer Multicolor is not top-quality model, though with its cheap price and overabundance of color options, you might not led shower head review You can pick it up in three different kinds of shapes. Spa, Square and rounded.

The top features of this led shower heads are multiple colors of LEDs ranging up to 7 colors. Made from non- rusty abs. And provides excellent shower experience to kids due to its variations of colors.


This showerhead costs less than $17 so, you will not mind its poor built quality. You certainly can enjoy its pro like 7 colors of LEDs. Cheap but made from rust free material also comes in three types of heads and you can install it in your kid’s bathroom. Work’s like a charm for them.

Rust FreePoor Build Quality
Abundance of Colors
Three Shapes
Excellent for Kids



PowerSpa Luminex®

The PowerSpa Luminex® includes two heads: one handheld then one fixed, because both versions contain color-changing LEDs which are not impacted by temperature of led shower head review The color changes happen regularly with all the colors diminishing into the other every matter of moments.

PowerSpa Luminex® also offers enhanced water pressure by consuming minimum water. It also has clog resistant nozzles and made of solid brass.


Budget Friendly LED showerhead which comes with multiple heads fixed and handled. Contains beautiful LEDs and offers solid built with clog resistant nozzles. The only drawback it has that it’s beautiful LED’s are not very bright in very illuminated bathrooms. Overall, an excellent showerhead which can stands out majority of bigger brands.

Two HeadsLEDs are not very Bright
Beautiful LEDs
Excellent Pressure
Clog Resistant



PowerLead SH001

The PowerLead SH001 possesses a very-large square head that will make it feel as though your own home bathroom continues to be become a high-end health led shower head review The temperature-controlled LEDs boost the overall mood when you require a cool, warm, or hot shower.

This showerhead is very easy to install requires no extra efforts or toolkits. The LEDs are very bright you can take shower in them without switching on any light in your bathroom.


Powerlead Sh001 offers massive showerhead with very bright LEDs. It can be installed very easily without any need of toolkit. It is also cost effective and offer’s maximum quality in it’s price range. The only drawback it has that it offers only three colors of LED’s.

Large HeadOnly Three Colors of LEDs
Bright LEDs
Budget Friendly
Easy to Install



DreamSpa® 1482

The DreamSpa® 1482 is really a basic option, though with a high-quality led shower head review Its LEDs will shine for over 100,000 hours and have absolutely bulbs of assorted styles and sizes to develop a showering experience that’s both entertaining and refreshing.

The 1482 also has 5-way shower spray setting which are very cool. Also, works flawlessly without batteries. It is also very flexible and have easy to adjust angels. This LED showerhead can be installed easily without any toolkit. Just place it on your shower arm and you are good to go.


DreamSpa® came up with one more awesome LED showerhead this one is very cheap costing only $30 and it has LEDS which can last 100,000 HRS very cool right? Even though it’s cheap but it is very strong. The bulbs it has also very illuminating. The can be fixed on majority of shower arms and take minutes to install. You can also adjust its angels very easy. The only drawback we found, it has uneven water pressure.

High QualityWater Pressure Fluctuates
Excellent Bulbs
5 Spray Settings
Easy to Install
Budget Friendly
Adjustable Angles



Elenker Rainfall

The Elenker Rainfall is exceedingly bright, to help you utilize it after dark to boost the LEDs mood-setting abilities, without feeling led shower head review It is simply too dim, so you can’t view your bottle of shampoo. The head itself features a very thin design that appears classy.

This showerhead has extensive spray pattern. It can change colors very quickly and flawlessly.


This showerhead is just average not very poor neither excellent. It’s cheap and it has ultra-thin design which looks very good. It has good water spray patterns but before buying it make sure that your shower arm is compatible with it because it does not get attached to everyone.

Thin DesignDoes not fit on Every Shower Arm
Classy Look
Wide Spray Patterns



AquaDance High-Pressure

The AquaDance High-Pressure features a four-inch head that ticks into place which is rotated through its five different led shower head review The jets possess a rub-clean design which makes it all too easy to prevent lime build-up and make certain you always employ a nice flow.

The features worth mentioning are that it is attachable to any standard shower arm. It is not very easy install because it does require a toolkit but the tutorial it comes with is very easy to understand. And on top of that it’s cheap costs around $23.


No doubt this one is cheap, but it has four-inch head and five different settings it’s jets clean themselves and it can be attached on ordinary shower arms. It’s adjustment joints are very stiff so, it does not make it very moveable or angle friendly.

Can be Fixed on Average Shower ArmsAdjustment Joint is Very Rigid
Easy Tutorial for Installation
Budget Friendly



LED Shower Heads Buyer’s Guide

As water streams from the shower head, the rotators which can be in the head are curved from the flow and produce power to the LED lights which release a blue or red light reliant on the temperature. Most LED heads make use of a microcontroller having a temperature sensor to alter along with on the light emitted through the LEDs. Blue for cold, red for decent, green for warm and sometimes flashing red for very (dangerously) hot. Though it’s not all shower heads follow this color pattern so book your product or service before relying upon the flashing red colorization to be a safety sign. Other models do not possess the temperature sensors, instead cycling through all with the colors from the rainbow, which some call and helps to build a party atmosphere inside their bathroom.

Other as opposed to addition with the LED lights along with the turbines, the shower head is like any. It should be noted that water passing through and turning the turbines does produce a little extra noise. Dissimilar models and different abilities can make this noise what’s more hardly distinct above ordinary shower noise, or perhaps a showier whine. Please take benefit of this review secrets and methods for find very good LED shower to suit your requirements.

Advantages of Installing LED shower heads

It’s fun! Add some color and life for a Monday morning shower. Show off for your friends “What? Your shower doesn’t glow?”

Visually consider the temperature. Tired of standing there with the turn in the cold shower stream because you wait for your water in the future through? Now you can just possible until the shower turns the correct color!

Shower at midnight. No need to waste electricity within the bathroom light here. Now you can lease your water pressure light your shower. Get a water saving LED head and you may brag about saving water & electricity. You’re so green! Add some romance & mood lighting. Set the climate using a red-light shower (perhaps a nice shock with the someone different).

How Do I Find A Very Good LED Shower Head for me?

Looking for the great LED shower head? Here’s exactly what you need consider;

How it can be powered. Some LED shower heads are battery powered whilst other medication is powered by turbines and the waterflow and drainage. Most people would choose not to have to alter batteries, though some turbines may add extra noise to your shower.

Color change … Does large change? And does large change dependent on the temperature from the water or will it cycle with the colors on the rainbow?

Quality … Pay attention towards the customer reviews please remember you typically get whatever you spend on. There are more parts in an LED head, so more things can break.

At the end of the day, it’s still a shower. Make sure you’re still very pleased with the shower head as being a shower head, besides just as one LED light show. You don’t would like to trade pressure, size and comfort for just a few LED lights.



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