Since we are nearing this year’s Mother’s Day, we will dedicate all our reviews for this week to all the women – moms or not. Whether you are looking for a gift for the most important woman in your life or yourself, we will spare you of the legwork and present you our best recommendations based on our own research and other users’ reviews.

What do you feel about rewarding yourself with the most luxurious sleep ever after a very long day at work or home? If you are a Mom who juggles a lot of things and wears different hats, you know what you crave for the most towards the end of the day – a very good rest.

Your choice of bed or king comforter set is a make or break in your sleeping time. We all have different comfort levels, but you’ll never know how good bedding can make a big difference until you experience it. If you have a stay-at-home mom doing all the everyday tasks at home, a spouse who juggles career, marriage, and family life, or an aging parent that stays in her bed most of the time, gifting them with a premium king bedding set is something they’ll surely appreciate. Or if you are one, then do not hesitate to splurge for something that can benefit you and empower you.

Investing in premium king size quilt sets is like investing in your health, too. If you get a good night’s sleep, you are more productive, more energetic, and make better decisions. You are generally healthier, glowing, and more beautiful as well. As you see, improving your sleeping space brings a lot of benefits to your health and well-being in general.

Here at Top Best Reviews, we like to help you give the most important woman in your life the gift of rest. We checked Amazon for the best king comforter set that is worth splurging on. We rated our choices using the following criteria:

  • All-season use
  • Design variety
  • Comfort level
  • Material
  • Ease of cleaning
  • Durability


NameKey Feature 
Laura Ashley Felicity Collection Quilt Set-Ultra Soft All Season Bedding- Editor's ChoiceClassic designed – with signature Laura Ashley patterns and floralsCheck Price
Tommy Bahama Birds of Paradise Collection Comforter SetBeautiful design – birds of paradise, summer colors of coconut, green, and yellow tones with orange accentsCheck Price
MADISON PARK SIGNATURE Luxury CollectionMade of 1,000-thread count cotton sateenCheck Price


Laura Ashley Felicity Collection Quilt Set-Ultra Soft All Season Bedding – Editor’s Choice

If you need a comfortable king comforter set that you can re-use across all the seasons of the year, then always go for the breathable and lightweight ones. This particular quilt set perfectly satisfies this requirement.

This king bed comforter set is made of cotton and polyester, with cotton on the dominant side that touches your skin. This makes it breathable, easy on your skin, and soft to touch. It is also durable and does not bunch when washed. Since it is not as bulky, you can clean it in a conventional washing machine. It also dries faster so you can use it again after washing.

Being an all-season comforter, the king comforter size has the right thickness and warmth factor that provides the same coziness in hotter days as it is in colder ones. The quilt has the right size for king beds and shams for standard pillows, too.

The included quilt is also reversible; therefore, you have two designs in one king size bed comforter set. You can then mix and match your shams and quilts for a change in look every after wash.

The Laura Ashley Felicity Collection Quilt Set-Ultra Soft All Season Bedding comes in 4 classic colors – White, Soft Grey, Ivory, and Breeze Blue, that blends with any kind of bedroom interior. The design is a beautiful pattern of soft curves, circles, and subtle hints of florals, which aren’t too striking in the eye but rather, conducive for rest and slumber.

This king comforter set has shams that are decorative items themselves, turning your ordinary pillows into something that exudes style. Adding this king comforter set collection to your rental property can definitely enhance its aesthetics and coziness, enabling your guests to be more satisfied with their stay.

All-year-round king comfort setSome users find it thin to use for winter
Classic designed – with signature Laura Ashley patterns and florals
Comes in 4 classic colors
Lightweight but with enough thickness for colder nights
Made of 100% cotton sheets and some polyester in the filling


If you want more bang for your investment, getting an all-season king comforter set is your best bet. The Laura Ashley Felicity Collection Quilt Set-Ultra Soft All-Season Bedding is known for its classiness and durability. This one has the right thickness that also makes it easy to wash and use again, as well as store in your cabinet.


Tommy Bahama Birds of Paradise Collection Comforter Set

Is summer the most anticipated season for your Mom (and you don’t)? If you want to get her to stay at home instead of bringing you on picnics and the beach, then why not bring summer inside your home?

This king comforter set from Tommy Bahama is every inch summer. First, it has an ornate Birds of Paradise design that gives that tropical feels to your bedroom. The blend of muted coconut, green, and yellow with subtle orange accents are all pleasing to the eyes – not too overpowering but make a great conversation piece. Place it in your guest room will surely get raves from your guests, but most importantly, your summer-loving mom will love it every waking hour or slumber time.

This one does not have an oversized king duvet cover, but the comforter itself is enough to provide you with the comfort you need. The cover layer is 100% cotton so you get a luxurious feel throughout. It easily matches king size fitted sheet within the same tones. It has a polyester filling that does not get heavy when washed.

The Tommy Bahama Birds of Paradise Collection Comforter Set includes two shams, one matching bed skirt, and a comforter. Though it got some patterns, the colors are neutral, enabling it to match most types and designs of bedroom interiors. You can mix and match a lot of solid colors and subtle patterns to this king comforter set if you wish to add more pillows or matching king bed sheets to it.

Many users are raving about the design, but also the right thickness that makes it a good all-around king size duvet set. This king comforter set may not be as fluffy as usual comforters are, but the weight is just right for the summer same as the colors. And that is what your summer-babe mom or spouse will appreciate, right?

Beautiful design – birds of paradise, summer colors of coconut, green, and yellow tones with orange accentsSome doesn’t fancy polyester filling
100% cotton with polyester filling
Includes one comforter, 2 shams, and a matching bed skirt


The Tommy Bahama Birds of Paradise Collection Comforter Set is the perfect choice for your summer-loving most favorite woman in the world. Gift her with a king comforter set that embodies her personality, and a wonderful rest that she definitely deserves.



Is your mom the type who itches luxury items because of the price tag? Though you know she deserves the best, you wouldn’t want to ruin Mother’s Day by giving her something she dislikes, right? If you need the luxury built and feel of a king comforter set minus the hefty price tag, this one is for you.

This king size bed in a bag is a beautiful gift for your frugal mom. She’ll definitely feel loved and cared for minus the OCness in the price tag. This is a 5-piece king comforter set, that includes duvet king sheets, two shams, a decorative pillow, and an oversize king comforter.

This king comforter set is made of 1,000-thread count cotton, ensuring comfort with every sleep. This king size bed sheet set features a heavy-duty comforter that regulates the temperature so you’ll feel extra hugged and loved. You can also choose from four colors for the lining accent – aqua, black, gray, and tan. But overall, you get a majority of white sheets, shams, and comforter, that easily blend well with any kind of bedroom interior.

It is also a breeze to clean. You can have it machine-washed compared with other king comforter set that requires dry clean. This spares your mom the hassle, giving her more time to be with you (or cook for you, right?).

King size sheet sets like the MADISON PARK SIGNATURE Luxury Collection are classy, never going out of style. Since the base color is white, you can match it with patterned sheets and other colors for pillows. This enables you to create a new look with more options from your current collection. Your mom will surely love how it can easily be styled, bringing more buck to your buck.

Made of 1,000-thread count cotton sateenHas to smooth out the wrinkles after every wash
5-piece king comforter set
Fluffy for better comfort
Comes in white for the base and 4 choices for the color of the lining accent
Affordable price point


For the wise spender mom, gift her with a luxurious sleep minus the hefty price with the MADISON PARK SIGNATURE Luxury Collection. This king sheet set is value for money with its quality and flexibility to match with your current king comforter set collection.


Final Verdict

Remembering your mom this Mother’s Day might be enough for her, but giving her a gift of luxurious rest is something that she’ll definitely appreciate.

For this list, we choose the Laura Ashley Felicity Collection Quilt Set-Ultra Soft All Season Bedding as the best king comforter set. It is made of premium materials, has the right thickness for all-year use, and is beautifully designed and reversible giving you two design options with one product.

The Laura Ashley Felicity Collection Quilt Set-Ultra Soft All Season Bedding also makes a great addition to your mom or spouse’s collection. The fabric is breathable, easy to clean and dry, and soft to touch. It is a good investment for any hardworking mom or wife, and gifting her with it this Mother’s Day will surely make her feel loved and honored.

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