Best All in One Nano Reef Tanks
(Last Updated On: January 1, 2019)

When people imagine a reef tank, they generally neglect to know the achievements. When inquired on Nano reef tanks, they often times become all the more confused. While a Nano tank is more popular by people that enjoy reef tanks, it is usually confusing; similar to a normal reef tank, the Nano reef tank features live corals along with other varieties of sea creatures in the aquarium. While aquaria are mainly fish, the Nano reef tank specializes in your live coral reef itself. The tank’s purpose is usually to showcase the live coral, with fish along with other plants and rocks familiar with accent the best thing about the living rock. We have compiled some of the best all in one nano reef tanks do check them out as well below in this publication.

Basics of any Nano Reef Tank

The basics of such tanks really revolve around how big the tank itself. While normal reef tanks try and go on a small area of the sea and still have it live inside an aquarium, the Nano tank takes that completely to another level, looking to do this in the smaller tank. While some claim that anything small compared to 40 gallons is really a Nano tank, you’ll find individuals that believe the tank should be under 20 gallons. While this is often a strategy to save the costs and size for any tank, you can find consequences; Nano reef tanks in many cases are harder to care for than normal, because smaller tank means less water, which suggests more water changes plus more care about the tank itself.

It Is Not Necessarily All About the Coral Reef

Yes, the purpose of the Nano reef tank would be to focus and showcase the particular living coral reef. The other life from the tank, however, is important, and really should be seriously considered. There are many forms of life which exist in these sorts of tanks which might be vital that you the ecosystem in the tank; you’ll need phytoplankton, mushroom polyps, and potent nematocysts within the tank to ensure that the tank’s ecosystem allows the coral to reside and thrive. For the soft coral as well as the look in the tank, clownfish anemones and cleaner shrimp, together with other sessile animals, are necessary. If you are adding a great deal of fish, you’ll want to know and view out for aggressive fish; these fish can completely ruin the ambiance and life from the coral along with other living creatures within the Nano reef tank.

It is usually a Smaller Scale

A Nano reef takes the idea of a normal reef tank and takes it to your much smaller scale. While the normal reef does feature smaller fish, the actual focus is about the living reef. Fine particulate foods and small particulate organic matter exists when thinking about a Nano reef tank, as things are over a much smaller scale. Everything from the tank is a smaller size; at the end in the day, the coral reef need to be the largest and many prominent things from the tank, because it is the showcase and purpose on the tank itself.

Think around the Tank

The tank that you apply is simply as significant as what living creatures you could have place in it. Having a good way for your live coral and fish to reside is essential; adding a fantastic sand bed for your Nano reef tank is really a great strategy to enhance the feel on the tank and offer the ecosystem just what it needs. A great coral keeper assures to test reef temperature and colony orientation carefully and rehearse protein skimmers to assist clean the organic material and food from corals which could get within a tank.

Now you know the major information about Nano Reef Tanks let’s check out best all in one editions in them,

Best All in One Nano Reef Tanks (Comparison)

Reef TankCapacity 
The Red Sea Max Nano (Editor's Choice)20 GallonsCheck Price
The SCA 50 Gallon Starfire50 GallonsCheck Price
Innovative Marine Nuvo Fusion Nano10 GallonsCheck Price


The Red Sea Max Nano – (Editor’s Choice)

The Red Sea Max Nano is a kit that is included with a cabinet stand as well as accessories being a rear sump, a protein skimmer, and T5 lights.Best All in One Nano Reef Tanks The tank measures 21.4 x 21 x 22 inches and stands up to 20 gallons. Although slightly bigger other Nano reef aquariums, the extra volume will enhance the water stability. In the rear sump from the tank you possibly can will include a surface skimmer, a protein skimmer a circulation pump, a pump outlet nozzle, a heater, and also a cooling fan. This pump includes all that you should setup your own personal coral tank. The surface skimmer is really a welcome addition. Surface foam and scum is usual in reef aquariums.

Comes with EverythingSetting up Skimmer can be Difficult
High Quality Material
Higher Volume for Stability


This is one of the best all in one Nano reef tank. It comes with every accessory and parts require to set it up. The material is made from very high-quality stuff which can last for years and the parameters volume are also higher. This reef tank has no major downsides except it’s skimmer can be difficult to set up if you are a beginner.




The SCA 50 Gallon Starfire

The SCA 50 is 50 gallons and measures 24 x 24 x 20 inches.Best All in One Nano Reef Tanks These sizes are just the thing for keeping several corals. Corals that want more light is usually kept toward the top of the aquarium and the other way around. It’s one of the better Nano reef tanks because of its flexibility but it really accounts for doing this using its high sale price. The SCA Nano reef has a cabinet stand measuring 24 x 24 x 31 inches, a skimmer, sump, coming back pump, besides other pipes, tubing, and filter media. The price definitely reflects these inclusions.

Cabinet StandDoesn't Come with Lights
All Accessories IncludedExpensive
Customer Support is Top Notch


This is also very good Nano reef tank it comes with cabinet stand and all the accessories required to set it up. The customer support of SCA is also very responsive and good. The major downside is that it does not come with the lights, compared to it’s price we are disappointed that they do not offer the lights because lights are not the cheap stuff and this Nano aquarium can cost you a lot higher if you decide to put light inside it.



Innovative Marine Nuvo Fusion Nano

Innovative Marine is a wonderful brand that seeks to build value for the customers.Best All in One Nano Reef Tanks They are actively attempting to bring reef keeping to the normal consumer. This Nuvo Fusion Nano model measures 12 x 15 x 13 inches and stands up to 10 gallons. This kit is great for freshies because it has a LED lighting system with several settings, a straight mat, a screen mesh top, a three-stage filter as well as a 92 GPH pump. This tank is minimalistic yet modern and visually attractive.

High QualityDoesn't Have Protein Skimmer
Outstanding Value
No Extra Accessories Required


This Nano aquarium is a lot cheaper than other mentioned models but do not get fooled by it’s low pricing because it offers everything to it’s users including high built quality to LED lights but on downside it lacks the protein skimmer which is used for heavy purification.




How to Set Up Nano Reef Tanks

Setting up a Nano Reef Aquarium is a good approach to consider the dive in the hobby without having to break the financial institution. Experienced hobbyists may setup one likewise, in order to possess a little bit of the ocean that may fit almost anywhere! Nano Reef tanks work perfect for housing specialized unique fish, like Sea Horses, Pipe Fish or Pistol Shrimp. Often these neat creatures are not successful within your main aquarium.


A Nano tank is often considered an army tank from 10 – 30 US gallons.


Nano reef tank kits or combo kits usually contain a matching stand. If you put your nano using a desk or counter, ensure that it’ll retain the weight.


Many kits contain a built-in filter, or possibly a hold on tight or canister filter can be employed.


The lighting you will require would depend on whether you may be keeping coral you aren’t. It is very important you purchase bulbs who have the right spectrum for salt water along with the corals you will keep.

Water Flow

Use a power head that could push about 10x your tank volume each hour Ie: 10 Gallon tank =100 gallon each hour power head.

Protein Skimmer

Using a protein skimmer is perfectly recommended and not absolutely essential. If you do not work with a protein skimmer, you will require to perform more frequent water changes. However, this can small size, Nano reef tanks are without headaches to try and do water changes for.


Buy a heater which is appropriately sized in your tank. A 50 – 100-Watt heater is useful for a Nano reef tank that’s 10 – 30 US gallons.


Aragonite it the right substrate for any marine tank, it buffers the stream to stabilize the pH also it looks great

Live Rock

Choose live rock that is certainly cured will improve your cycle process and can add stability for a saltwater Nano reef aquarium. Add approximated one to two lbs. per gallon, or perhaps the amount that may be visually pleasing for you.

Accessories – Refractometer for measuring salinity, salt mix, thermometer, test kits, algae scrubbers, water conditioners, and additives to take care of the main elements and minerals within your water.



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