Benefits Of A Smart Video Doorbell
(Last Updated On: January 15, 2018)

As we have previously covered what smart video doorbells are if you have read it you will know by now what these smart video doorbells bring to the table. If you have not read it we recommend you read that publication as it is always useful to have as much knowledge as possible on hand.

Smart homes are becoming the future of household innovations and more people are going for smart gadgets in their homes because of the convenience and security they provide. Having a sense of security when it comes to your belongings reduces the worries a modern individual has in his or her life. One of the smart devices that will contribute to you having to worry less in your life is the smart video doorbell. In this publication we are going to discuss how you can benefit from having a smart video doorbell in your home rather than the conventional digital chime or the old mechanical doorbell. And if you are an old fashioned person you will probably have a peek hole at the front door of your house. Let’s get started with the benefits.

Video Camera

The first benefit of the smart video doorbell is the video camera itself. Now you would probably think what use is the video camera to you when you can just peek through the peek hole of your door or you can just look through the window of your home to check who is at the door.

Well video camera provides a technological touch to your home security having a video camera at the front is equal to having an eye at the door 24/7. Peek holes don’t provide a clear vision or as wide vision as a video camera and looking through window is also not very subtle. Video camera can also record the footage of the front yard and keep you secure knowing that you will find out who was at the door when you were not present in your home.

The video cameras on smart video doorbells provide a crystal clear High Definition video quality which allows you to keep an eye on every detail outside your house.

Motion Sensors

Motion Sensors work by sensing any movement in the line of sight of the camera lens. How does that come into play when it comes to smart video doorbells? Well for starters if you do not want your smart video doorbell recording everything outside your home 24/7 as you can accumulate a lot of useless footage of the street or your front yard, you can always rely on motion sensor of the smart video doorbell which will only activate the video camera and it’s recording feature when it senses someone is at the front door. That motion sensor will also notify the connected devices to it and you will know who is at your front door wherever you are on the planet.

Two-Way Audio

You will be thinking that smart video doorbells only provide a video relay to your connected smart phone, so what? You can have your CCTV camera do that too. Well you are wrong. The smart video doorbell also provides you with the convenience of two way audio as well. Which means you can communicate with anyone at the front door with live video footage relayed onto your connected device. You can choose to communicate with the person at the door and instruct them to leave the package at the door or you’ll be back in few hours, from anywhere in the world.

Wi-Fi Connectivity

The smart video doorbells are able to perform the above mentioned features only if the doorbell is connected to a Wi-Fi connection. This will allow the smart video doorbell to store and also transmit the video on to your desired device. Be sure to have a high strength connectivity internet connection for your video doorbell so there is no performance lag when the video is being relayed on to the smart device.

Part of a Smart Home

Smart video doorbells have the ability to connect to any of the smart devices you have in your home. This feature will prove to be very beneficial for you as you will be able to control the smart video doorbell with one smart app or voice control along with other smart devices in your home.

Cloud Storage

This feature is not free of cost by the manufacturer but it is very beneficial. The cloud storage facility in smart video doorbells can remove the need of having storage devices in your home such as DVRs for CCTV camera systems and the smart video doorbell will have it’s own cloud storage which will be accessible to you 24/7 and you won’t have to worry about maintaining extra storage devices for the video doorbell.

Night Vision

Night Vision is another useful feature that you can benefit from, night vision camera on board the smart video doorbells will allow you to have crystal clear footage as you would have in day time and you will not have to worry about your video doorbell proving to be an impractical gadget. On the lower end models priced around $50 to $70 mark may not have night vision cameras but they are equipped with low light cameras which provide adequate functionality in low light conditions.

Added Security Camera

If you already have a video security system in your home then the smart video doorbell will prove to be an addition of another camera in the current video security system of your house and in some cases the smart video doorbell can be integrated with that security system depending on the security system and the smart video doorbell compatibility. Having additional eye around your home is not a bad thing at all.

These are all the benefits you can reap from a smart video doorbell of today, be sure to check out our other publications to know more about smart video doorbells to make a better selection for your next smart video doorbell.

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