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Top 10 Best Electric Shavers Oct. 2017 – Buyer’s Guide

(Last Updated On: October 8, 2017)

Out of all the Shaving Products available in the market today choosing a single Electric Shaver can be a handful sometimes. Not because of that none of the products available are good enough but rather the variety of functions leads to a bit of a confusion. Because you see the skin type and types of facial hair contribute as the main factors in choosing the best electric shaver for you. For this sole purpose we have compiled a list of Top 10 Best Electric Shavers 2017 for you.

There are a lot of Electric Shavers available but the point to be noted here is that some of them might be good at close shaves while others might be good at comfortable shaves. So which one should you go for? That is why we are here to find out.

Best Electric Shavers 2017

Top 10 Best Electric Shavers

Choosing an Electric Shaver is a personal choice and recommending one electric shaver to each and everyone who reads this publication is not possible. There is no “one size fits all” when it comes to electric shavers.  To choose the best electric shaver for you, we will, in this publication provide you with all the information you need to easily determine the best electric shaving product according to your facial hair and skin type. Like I’ve said;

There is NO “One Size Fits All” when it comes to Electric Shavers


Before choosing an Electric Shaver the individual has to consider the following factors which come into play to choose the best electric shaver for one’s self. The style of the individual, the features of the individual, the nature of the individual and the final two factors relate to the Electric Shaver itself, the comfort level of the Electric Shaver and the design of the Electric Shaver. Considering these factors when choosing an Electric Shaver will make you decision to opt for a shaving product a lot easier. Now our top 10 list will go through the best of the best electric shavers available in the market today according to the different shaving styles and comfort levels. This will help you choose the best of the electric shaver according to your personal shaving needs and we recommend you read through our Electric Shaver Buyer’s Guide first to help you better determine what’s best for you.

Below you will find a brief comparison of top 10 electric shavers 2017. Each of the shaving products listed below is chosen as the best in it’s shaving style by our reviewers so you can be sure to find the best according to your shaving needs.

Shaver NameWeightWet/DryNature 
Braun Series 7 790cc
(Editor’s Choice)
200 gramsNoFoilCheck Price
Braun Series 9 9095cc225 gramsYesFoilCheck Price
Panasonic Arc 5
(Editor’s Choice)
180 gramsYesFoilCheck Price
Philips Norelco SensoTouch 3D1 poundYesRotaryCheck Price
Panasonic Arc 4200 gramsYesFoilCheck Price
Wahl 8061
(Professional’s Choice)
226 gramsNoFoilCheck Price
Philips AT830175 gramsYesRotaryCheck Price
Braun CoolTec200 gramsYesFoilCheck Price
Remington F5-5800200 gramsNoFoilCheck Price
Panasonic Arc 3180 gramsYesFoilCheck Price

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Now without further ado we start with our top 10 electric shavers and see to that you find the best electric shaver for you.

1. Braun Series 7 790CC – Providing Best All Round Performance since 2010

The first of the Electric Shavers in our list is produced by theTop 10 Best Electric Shavers German Consumer Products manufacturer Braun. The Germans are known to aspire for perfection in their work and the ray of perfection has not missed this Electric Shaver. The Braun Series 7, without any doubt, is the most popular Electric Shaver series ever built by this consumer products manufacturer which has led to huge praise and high sales for it’s 790cc model which is the most sold electric shaver of all time. No doubt the best electric shaver available today in the market and has been for quiet sometime now. Let’s get into the details to why this is product is so popular amongst the masses.

The face or the head of this electric shaver consists of three trimmers, two of them are labelled “OptiFoil” and the third located between the OptiFoils is labelled as “ActiveLift”. The combination of these three trimmers on it’s head the Series 7 790cc model provides it’s users with the most close and smoothest possible shave every time. That is the reason that this Electric Shaver tops our list of the top 10 electric shavers 2017.

These three trimmers on the head of the 790cc work in a combination to provide you with that close and smooth shave. The OptiFoils cover the larger portions of the facial hairs in minimum strokes while the ActiveLift cover the short and in-grown facial hairs cutting them out. Producing 10,000 micro vibrations per minute this Pulsonic Electric Shaver utilizes this feature to capture more hair with every stroke during your shave.

Cleaning and Charging dock of the Series 7 790cc is Alcohol based which takes care of the sanitization of your electric shaver eradicating 99% of the germs with just a push of a button. The head of this electric shaver is flexible which adjusts and moves easily over and facial contour. This electric shaver provides it’s users with three personalized modes i.e. Normal, Intensive and Extra Sensitive which give the flexibility to it’s users to choose between these modes according to their skin types and facial hairs. This electric shaver also bears a pop-up trimmer for the precision touch on the sideburns and moustache hairs.

The absence of the Wet & Dry Technology presents the only downside of this model but that lack of feature was compensated by Braun with their Series 7 799cc model which is a little on the expensive side.


All in all Braun Series 7 790cc is an all time favourite and the best electric shaver 2017 available today in the market. The quality of the build, pivoting head, the precision three trimmers, personalized modes along with cleaning dock are more than enough for a comfortable and close shave. And on a budget this electric shaver provides great value compared to other electric shavers on our list.

Budget Friendly, Great Value for the MoneyLack of Wet & Dry Technology
Flexible Head for Facial Contour
Three Personalized Modes
Strong Build Quality
Alcohol Based Automated Cleaning


2. Braun Series 9 9095CC – The Newest Addition to Electric Shavers line from Braun

The second electric shaver in our list is also produced by theTop 10 Best Electric Shavers German Consumer Products Manufacturer Braun. The Series 9 electric shavers are the newest launched electric shavers by Braun GmbH. Our favourite pick from the Series 9 electric shavers is the 9095cc model.

On the first outlook of the 9095cc model the electric shaver provides a cool and elegant look with it’s chrome and shiny plastic material build combined with a touch of black colour. This electric shaver is not only designed to do the job but also to look placed on front of you.

Other than the extra trimmer labelled “Direct & Cut” the 9095cc works almost the same way as the previous 790cc model we discussed. The “Direct & Cut” works with facial hairs which grow in different directions, this trimmer aligns them up and cuts them. The “ActiveLift” trimmer from the 790cc is replaced with a more advanced “HyperLift” which focuses more on cutting out the flat facial hairs.

This 9095cc model from Braun  is also a Pulsonic Electric Shaver which is capable of generating 40,000 cross cutting actions per minute which is not to be confused with the 10,000 micro vibrations of the 790cc model. Even though the difference between the 790cc and 9095cc shaves is not very significant but the 9095cc model does provide more closer shave between the two. The pop-up trimmer from the 790cc model is also available in the 9095cc model.

Other than the luxury of a more comfortable shave you’ll be paying a lot of extra money for the features you don’t really need if you are a daily shaver. The metal trimmer head of 790cc is replaced by a plastic one in this 9095cc model. These outlines landed this Electric Shaver on the number 2 spot on our list.


Talking of new features the Series 9 9095cc model bearing all the features of 790cc model has upgrade of a new feature of Wet & Dry Technology which allows it’s users to use this Electric Shaver either on dry skin or with the application of shaving gel for the sensitive skin type.

For a more detailed comparison of Braun Series 7 and Braun Series 9 check Official Braun Website Comparison

All in all the 9095cc model of the Series 9 by Braun has all the features of the previous 790cc model and has made up to the lack of Wet & Dry Technology in the 790cc model too. The 9095cc has “Direct & Cut” trimmer which 790cc did not have, which allows users to cut hairs growing in multiple directions. The downside to going for 9095cc model is that it’s made up of all plastic and is on the expensive side.

"Direct & Cut" Extra TrimmerAll Plastic Build
Close ShaveAlmost Double the Price of 790cc
40,000 Cross Cutting Actions
Has Wet & Dry Technology


3. Panasonic Arc 5 – Best Electric Shaver for a Close Shave

Arc 5 Electric Shaver is produced by Panasonic Corporation. ThisTop 10 Best Electric Shavers electric shaver is known in the market for it’s precision close shave. There are a lot of people who are not satisfied with results of their electric shaver just because their electric shaver is not providing that good old razor blade close shave and if you are one of those electric shaver users then the Panasonic Arc 5 will surely change your mind on giving up electric shavers.

The Japanese don’t compromise on their build quality and they have lived up to it with Panasonic Arc 5 electric shaver. Arc 5 is foil based electric shaver with Five Blades on board for that close shave. People with heavy and thick facial hairs can go with this electric shaver with full trust. The LED on board Arc 5 notifies you with the battery life and it comes with a cleaning and charging dock as well. The 14,000 CPM Linear Motor of the Arc 5 is designed to prevent the pulling and tugging experiences that come out of low quality electric shavers thus never compromising on performance and build. As the previous 2 Braun models discussed on this list had pop-up trimmers, Arc 5 is no exception to that side trimmer for the sideburns, beards and moustache.

The Five Foil System of Arc 5 works as:

  • Three Slit Foil for the thick and bulky facial hair
  • One Lift-Tech Trimmer for the flat in grown facial hairs
  • One Finishing Foil for the facial hairs growing in different direction

The Arc 5 Electric Shaver is great at what it does. The downside is that it is not very good at providing a really comfortable shave. The face of the Arc 5 is very big and bulky. Thus it may not reach your neck properly. If you don’t have thick facial hairs we don’t recommend the Arc 5 instead have a look at Arc 4 listed below in this list.


The Arc 5 is no doubt a very good electric shaver and is the best produced by Panasonic till date. Apart from it’s strong build quality and all the advanced features from other electric shavers the Arc 5 does not provide a comfortable, close shave yes, but not a comfortable one. Especially if you have a very sensitive skin you’ll not find it pleasant. So if you have a sensitive skin Arc 5 is not for you.

Provides Very Good Close ShaveNot Ideal For Sensitive Skin
Five Trimmers and Flexible HeadUncomfortable Shaver
Ideal For Thick Facial Hairs
Wet & Dry Technology


4. Philips Norelco SensoTouch 3D – Best Rotary Shaver

Rotary Shavers? Look no further than Philips. The Dutch consumerTop 10 Best Electric Shavers electronics producer has mastered the technology of Rotary Electric Shavers. No other company come close to their level of quality they produce with their rotary electric shavers. The number 4 spot on our list for Top 10 Electric Shavers  goes to the rotary electric shaver Philips Norelco Sensotouch 3D which performs equally good on the head hairs as it does on the facial hairs.

Unlike the electric shaver Arc 5 we discussed previously the Philips Norelco SensoTouch 3D provides a very comfortable shave and moves around the contour smoothly and sticks close tou your skin providing a efficient close shave. We found SensoTouch 3D the most comfortable rotary shaver available in the market. No Doubts.

The three independent foils on the head of the electric shaver reaches all the hairs and stubbles. The tilt and spin movement along with upward and downward movements of the foils make for a great electric shaver for the head too. The pivoting head of the Philips Norelco SensoTouch 3D is labelled “Gyroflex 3D” because of it’s ability to move uniquely in three dimensions. Bald Guys give this electric shaver a go.

SensoTouch 3D has a feature labelled as “Super Lift & Cut” which is very similar to the “ActiveLift” by Braun and “Lift-Tech” by Panasonic in their electric shavers. This feature cuts off the in-grown hairs and the flat hairs and it also catches the elusive jawline and neck hairs easily.

Now the downsides to this electric shaver by Philips. At the first glance this electric shaver looks very fancy but when you get a hold of it in your hands, it’s all rubber and plastic it feels very cheap. The battery of SensoTouch 3D is irreplaceable. If the battery goes out of order you will need to buy a new electric shaver to compensate for an out of order battery.


All in all the rotary shaver by Philips, Norelco SensoTouch 3D is an advanced and resourceful electric shaver which provides a comfortable and close shave as one good electric shaver is supposed to. It is powerful and it has all the latest in technological department. The downsides of this electric shaver made it go no higher than number 4 on our list.

Independent FoilsPoor Build Quality
Three Dimensional ShavingParts Replacement (Expensive & Troublesome)
Comfortable and Close ShaverIrreplaceable Battery
Wet & Dry TechnologyCan't Charge Using Cord


5. Panasonic Arc 4 – Easy on the Pocket Close Shaver

Panasonic yet again comes up with a very nice electric shaver theTop 10 Best Electric Shavers Arc 4. The Panasonic Arc 4 is very similar to the Panasonic Arc 5 we discussed previously but the difference between them is that the Arc 4 has four blades placed in it’s head instead of five which were in the Arc 5 also the charging dock doesn’t come along with Arc 4.

Like the Arc 5 the Arc 4 also lives on the reputation of providing extremely close shaves to it’s users and like the Arc 5 the Arc 4 is not very good at providing comfortable shave.

The Arc 4 with the exception of charging and cleaning dock and a single blade from it’s head is exactly the same as the Arc 5 model by Panasonic. This electric shaver lives up to it’s reputation of providing the best close shaves by any electric shavers in the market today. The four blade system is advanced and efficient. With a 30 degrees pivot the blades of the Arc 4 are durable and sharp which work in combination with a linear 14,000 dual action powerful  motor.

Comparatively Arc 4 provides 10 minutes less battery backup time than other electric shavers in this list. Arc 4 goes on for 40 minutes on a single charge. The rest of the Arc 4 features are the same as the Panasonic Arc 5 Features which are all discussed above in this list.

Comparatively Low PricedNot Very Comfortable Shaver
LED Panel for Battery & Motor Speed UpdatesNo Cleaning & Charging Dock


6. Wahl Professional 8061 – Best Electric Shaver for Sensitive Skin

The Wahl Clipper Corporation the manufacturer of WahlTop 10 Best Electric Shavers Professional 8061 electric shaver. Wahl 8061 is a solid all rounder. Affordable, bump free and powerful electric shaver. Over the time Wahl 8061 has become the professional choice of the barbers due to it’s versatility.

Wahl 8061 uses a system labelled as “DynaFlex” which enables the electric shaver to reach the elusive areas of neck and jawline easily. The flexibility provided by the Wahl 8061 to it’s users see through that there are no cuts and burns at the end of the shave. The foils used in this electric shaver are hypoallergenic for close and smooth shave and antimicrobial protection every time.

“Wahl 8061 is Ideal for the people who have Sensitive Skin.”

The design of the Wahl 8061 electric shaver is very handy and compact. It is designed to be user friendly and the quality is not over the top it is what you pay for. The plastic body of the Wahl 8061 looks good and it feels good when you use it. With the money you’re paying for Wahl 8061 you can’t expect steel or aluminium body. The hypoallergenic foils make it best for use on sensitive skin types and the pop-up trimmer is there for the precision trimming of the sideburns or of the moustache.

Before you go on to purchase the Wahl 8061 electric shaver you should know that this electric shaver is mostly used for the finishing touches and works best with the short length hairs. If you are a daily shaver then this electric shaver is best for you to use. If that’s not the case we recommend you select other electric shaver from the list.

Another thing to keep in mind is that the vibration of the Wahl 8061 makes it very uncomfortable to hold and to use and it might irritate some users.


All in all the Wahl 8061 is an easy to use electric shaver, perfect for the travels because of it’s long battery backup. The hypoallergenic foils make it ideal for the people who have sensitive skin types.  Wahl 8061 is very easy to clean and maintain which makes it value for your money.

Hypoallergenic Foils for Sensitive SkinHeats Up Quickly
User Friendly DesignStrong Vibrations
Easy to Clean and MaintainLack of Wet & Dry Technology
Long Battery BackupUncomfortable
Budget FriendlyOnly Good for Short Length Hairs


7. Philips Norelco AT830 – Affordable and Most Popular (Best of Both)

Philips Norelco AT830 was released back in 2012 and quicklyTop 10 Best Electric Shavers gained a lot of the market share and made it among the more famous electric shavers of the market. One of the best rotary electric shavers in the market is also the cheap alternative to foil electric shavers. If you are on a budget and you want a good rotary electric shaver, look no further.

Very few downsides, packing Wet & Dry technology and Powertouch this electric shaver comes with a lot of advanced features. The head of the AT830 is flexible but not three dimensional like it’s big brother SensoTouch 3D. The DualPrecision Tehnology AT830 has is a great feature to have on a budget electric shaver as it enables the head of the electric shaver to cut through the long hairs and the short length ones with ease, the end result is a close and comfortable shave for the user. The pop-up  trimmer is also there in the AT830 for the precision touches.

The battery backup time of AT830 is good, it is among the better backup times. The user gets a 50 minute shaving time on a single full charge which takes up an hour. Which is enough to get in a dozen shaves. Not bad, eh?

The comfort levels on AT830 electric shaver is among the best there is. The main trick is to not press this electric shaver too hard on the skin and you’ll have the smoothest, closest and the most comfortable shave, you won’t feel a thing and it’ll get the job done.  The rotary electric shavers were developed for the comfort in the first place and this AT830 model electric shaver provides just that.

Philips Norelco AT830 is the best mid-level electric shaver in the market today packing a lot of great features. Among those are Wet & Dry Technology, Flexible Pivoting Head, Long Battery Backup , Pop Up Trimmer and DualPrecision and these features are a lot of great value for your money. It’s really easy to maintain and clean and it is very silent when operational.

Wet & Dry TechnologyPivoting Head But Limited
Very Quiet Operationally
Comfortable Shave
Suitable For Sensitive Skin
Budget Friendly & Easy Maintenance


8. Braun CoolTec – Smooth Electric Shaver

Another Braun electric shaver on our list. The quality Braun bringsTop 10 Best Electric Shavers to the table is so good that we can’t just let it skip. So this electric shaver the CoolTec is developed only for the sensitive skin types bearing the TEC (Thermo Electric Cooling) technology that makes it an amazing electric shaver for the sensitive skin.

The Wet & Dry Technology in this electric shaver makes it water resistant and it can be used with a shaving gel or on dry skin. The water resistance in the CoolTec makes it easy to clean, you can just wash it after use.

Now the unique feature that the CoolTec has is the cooling technology which is excellent for the sensitive skin. Now how does the Cooling Feature on the CoolTec works? While you shave with this electric shaver enabling the TEC system will cool your skin while you are shaving. That in turn will not leave your skin blushing red and will help prevent the burning irritation which mostly starts on your skin when you are done shaving. This feature will help you reduce burning and the redness on your sensitive skin.

SensoBlade Technology is another feature on this electric shaver that you’d love. The SensoBlade cuts the hairs growing in different directions. The battery backup of CoolTec is about 45 minutes on a full charge which will take almost an hour to do so. If you activate the TEC system on CoolTec will a single push of a button, the battery will only last for 15 minutes on a full charge.

We don’t recommend using this electric shaver with shaving gels or foams because of the TEC system of this electric shaver. The external shaving fluids are not recommended to use with this electric shaver and are incompatible.


All in all considering the price range of the CoolTec, the features that this electric shaver packs are good value for your money. CoolTec offers a comfortable shave has a great design and the TEC system makes it the best electric shaver for the sensitive skin types. The downside to this electric shaver is that it’s battery drains too early with TEC system active.

TEC System15 Minutes Battery Backup With TEC System
Great For Sensitive Skin Type
Wet & Dry Technology
Good Looking Design


9. Remington F5-5800 – Budget Friendly Electric Shaver (Under $50)

Remington was the first Company to introduce the cordless electricTop 10 Best Electric Shavers shaver and they are still producing a lot of decent entry to mid-level electric shavers. The 9th spot on our list goes to the Remington F5-5800.

The F5-5800 operates with two foils and one trimmer in the head. The head can only pivot upwards and downwards with decent movement on the facial contour for a decent and comfortable shave.

The F5-5800 is very easy to maintain and operate. To clean up the head of the electric shaver you can just remove the whole head and wash it off with water and you are good to go. The best thing about the Remington F5-5800 is that the shave is irritation free. There have been experiences with even the top end electric shavers they leave you with irritated skin but that did not happen with F5-5800 electric shaver.

The whole electric shaver is not that appealing to look at and the material used to manufacture it is all very cheap plastic. F5-5800 does not offer a very good close shave, for a close shaver under budget go for Panasonic Arc 3. The blades of F5-5800 do not last very long and they have to be replaced every Three Months or so which costs you extra money. The biggest problem is the noise, it makes a lot of noise because of the quality of the motor.


The F5-5800 is a entry level electric shaver there are drawbacks to it but that you will get if you are looking to pay under $50. If you are to buy it you’ll have to ignore the drawbacks and go for it.

AffordableCheap Plastic Build
Comfortable ShaveNo Close Shave
Head PivotsNoisy
Parts Replacement Every 3 to 6 Months


10. Panasonic Arc 3 – Advanced and 3-Blade Cordless Electric Shaver

And the final spot on our list of Top 10 best electric shavers 2017 isTop 10 Best Electric Shavers for another Panasonic  entry the Panasonic Arc 3.

Now one thing is the speciality of Panasonic Electric Shavers whether you buy the one which is $500 or you buy the one which is $50 you will always get the best close shave from their electric shaver. Now as compared to other electric shavers on our list this electric shaver is substantially cheap and Arc 3 provides the best close shave under this price range.

The three bladed pivoting head makes an excellent choice for a close shave. LED display indicates the battery levels and inclusion of Wet & Dry Technology under the Arc 3 features make it the most advanced electric shaver on the market under $70. What more is there to ask for that kind of money?

The low price of Panasonic Arc 3 is because there is no Charging and Cleaning Dock with it. That is the reason it’s a lot cheaper than the other models of Panasonic we reviewed above.

The three nanotech blades in the Arc 3 head are hypoallergenic which makes this electric shaver best use for sensitive skin types. For close and smooth shave the head pivots and covers the facial contour with ease.

All in all the Panasonic Arc 3 is packed with features of a mid level and high end electric shaver with a price tag of an entry level electric shaver. The reason Panasonic managed to keep the price so low for the Arc 3 is by not providing Charging and Cleaning Dock with this electric shaver. For price tag like that and features like Wet & Dry Technology and Long Lasting Battery Backup a lot of people will be willing to clean their electric shaver manually.

Hypoallergenic & Sharp BladesIrritation While Shaving
Wet & Dry TechnologyNoisy Motor
Close ShaveNo Charging and Cleaning Dock
LED Panel


Honourable Mention

Panasonic ES3831 K – Electric Travel Shaver

As we have discussed some of the best electric shavers of the world in this publication you will not need to go anywhere else after the extensive range provided on Top Best Reviews. We felt like there is something missing for that one type of person who is always on the go, travelling. We have chosen the best for that person.

The electric shaver in question is the ES3831 K from Panasonic. In this publication above we have listed some of the best electric shavers in the market out of the 10 three spots go to Panasonic’s electric shaver because of the level of quality they present.

The ES3831 is the best travel electric shaver for you. The E3831 comes with a single stainless steel blade and foil and like most quality shavers this electric shaver comes with a Wet/Dry technology which means you can use it with a shaving gel or foam. The Panasonic E3831 K is water resistant you can wash it all which saves up time on cleaning up. The electric shaver has a strong build and is very lightweight and compact which makes it a perfect travel accessory. This electric shaver operates on AA batteries which is handy if you don’t find power outlet nearby and we found out that power consumption of this electric shaver’s motor is very low. This low power consuming electric shaver can run on a single pair of batteries for days. Considering a very low price tag on this electric shaver the things we like are very good for it.

Now on to the things we did not like about ES3831 K, this electric shaver is not built for long and thick facial hair so you’d probably have to shave everyday to make this electric shaver useful on your travel. If you have a very sensitive skin the Panasonic ES3831 K is not sensitive skin friendly you’ll probably end up with some twitched hairs and will irritate you. There’s no docking station with this electric shaver that can be justified with a low price tag. Last thing we did not like was the foil, the foil needs to be used very carefully, any unnecessary stress on the foil will puncture it and it will cost you same as the whole electric shaver to replace it.

All in all the Panasonic ES3831 K is good value for money. The low price tag and compatibility makes it the perfect and best travel electric shaver. If you take care of it properly it will last long.

Durable DesignFoil Not Durable
Compact & LightweightNot For Sensitvie Skin
Water ResistantNot For Thick & Dense Facial Hairs
Low Power Consumption
Replaceable AA Battery Operated


Nose & Ear Hair Trimmers

SUPRENT Nose & Ear Hair Trimmer – Best Nose Hair Trimmer

As we have reviewed all the best contemporary electric shavers inbest nose hair trimmer the market we decided to bring something different for our readers this time. Now as we all know that personal grooming for a man is incomplete without some fine detailed touches here and there and for that purpose a man has to have a nose and ear hair trimmer in his grooming kit. It’s just the basics. So for a man to have the best nose hair trimmer we decided to review the best there is. The SUPRENT Nose & Hair Trimmer.
Nothing comes close to SUPRENT’s performance and ratings. This nose hair trimmer is the Number 1 best selling nose and ear hair trimmer on Amazon as well as having over 80% Five Star Ratings, you can have an idea of it’s performance just by looking at these two factors. Now let’s get into the real deal, what SUPRENT has in store for us?
We found out that this nose hair trimmer is multi functional it’s not only good at trimming hairs out of your ears and nose, it is the best at giving you the fine detailed finishing that you require on your eyebrows, sideburns and other facial hair and the two trimmers that come along with it do these jobs perfectly, one trimmer is for standard use and the second trimmer is for the detail work. The blade on this trimmer is “R”-round 420 hypoallergenic curved stainless steel blade that cuts hair without any kind of skin irritation.
The motor on board the SUPRENT is powerful 6500 RPM soundless motor which produces little to no sound during operation, which makes this nose trimmer perfect for your travel needs as well as perfect for home use. This nose hair trimmer also has an LED light built into it so you can have the perfect sight of the skin so that you don’t hurt yourself when operating it. The SUPRENT also features Wet & Dry Technology and is Waterproof so you can use it during taking a shower and you can rinse it off to clean the blades of any hairs.
All in all we found this nose and ear hair trimmer to be a wonderful piece of grooming equipment to have and the performance of this nose hair trimmer is unbeatable. The trimmer is AA battery operated and requires a single battery to use this trimmer, the battery lasts for months you will not have to worry about power consumption with this. The only flaw we found was that if you have a really sensitive skin the detail trimmer will prove to be a little rough on your skin.


Electric Shaver Buyer’s Guide

The modern electric shaver is a great tool for today’s man. Choosing the right electric shaver for one self is crucial and to better understand what will be best for your skin type and your needs we here have prepared this buyer’s guide. Whether you buy your electric shaver from the list above or from anywhere else we recommend you read this guide to understand these things better.

An electric shaver is a compact technological marvel for today’s man. All these different technologies that are being introduced in these electric shavers can only be utilized properly if you know what they do and how they can be of use to you.

So without further delay let’s get started with our Buyer’s Guide to Electric Shavers.

Rotary vs. Foil – Which is Better?Top 10 Best Electric Shavers

It’s all about personal preferences. A lot of people prefer foils over rotary because of the design, close shaves and smoothness they offer. Rotary electric shavers were created for a sole purpose of providing the most comfortable shave to it’s user. The comfortable they provided but at the cost of a proper close shave.

On the other hand the foil electric shavers provide the smoothest and closest shave because of the technology they possess and the blades and foils working together leaving no hair uncut.

  • LED Indicator provides an up to date data  of your battery back up and notifies you when the battery needs a recharge.
  • Cord Connected Shave and Cordless Shave some shavers allow it’s user the facility to use the electric shaver when the shaver is plugged in and some don’t operate when they are plugged in.  Braun Series 9 shaver doesn’t operate when plugged in while the Series 7 do.
  • Pop-up Trimmer most of the electric trimmers come with pop-up trimmers as standard which is used for grooming purposes, used only to trim moustache and sideburns
  • Wet & Dry Technology allows for the electric shaver to be used with shaving foam or shaving gel which is useful in case of sensitive skin types. If the electric shaver does not have this technology then you will only be able to use that electric shaver on dry skin only
  • Easy Maintenance all the above listed electric shavers are easy to clean and easy to use most of the electric shavers above come with cleaning docks. When you’re done shaving all you have to do is to place your electric shaver in that cleaning dock and press the button to commence the automated cleaning of your electric shaver. If your electric shaver doesn’t come with a cleaning dock you will have to clean it manually that would not take more than a minute to do in case of the above listed electric shavers.

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