Epilating or Waxing? - Detailed Comparison
(Last Updated On: February 8, 2018)

There are two types of laser hair removal that outshine others. It has been hotly debated for an extended time what’s best, though each consist of their positives and negatives. The epilator vs waxing.

What is Waxing?

Waxing is often a tweezing and waxing methods technique that is employed for centuries. Egyptians like Cleopatra started this look dating back 60 B.C. with oil and honey and painstaking being shaved as proper cleanliness. This was later imitated because of the Romans, where being hairless would be an sign of wealth and class.

How Does It Work?

To eliminate unwanted hair, hot wax is spread along the skin. A cotton strip is put in addition to the wax pressing the cloth in to the wax and the wax onto the skin. The cloth will be cheated with the wax, as well as the hair.

So, Which is Noteworthy?

Instead of checking out the benefits and drawbacks of each method we felt it will be preferable to look at each of the characteristics which make a traditional hair removal technique great and judge notebook computer, one after the other.


This is often the component that may be known as most critical. It is also on the list of points that epilators solve.

With waxing you’ve 2 options: you can search for a salon for the professional wax, or it is possible to diy in your own home. A professional wax isn’t cheap, and although it really is an issue that only must be done once every couple week, the prices add together. Waxing all on your own in your house will be less (especially with Veet Wax Strips but again, is one area you could have to buy repeatedly).

An epilator might cost a little more at the start (about the price of a professional wax), but once you obtain it you won’t pay nearly anything for around 12 months.

Skin Irritation

After epilating that you are certainly going to receive a volume of red bumps on the skin. This is normal, and it is due to the irritation of pulling hairs individually using their company root. This redness usually subsides after a few hours (so don’t epilate it is usually out!) therefore we recommend moisturizing following.

Waxing serves several purposes. Not only does it pull your hairs out just about all removes the dead skin cells from your surface of your skin layer like exfoliating does. This leaves skin feeling silky and smooth because fresh skin cells are revealed. It can also cause some irritation, especially if you’ve got sensitive skin, nevertheless it ultimately happens below with epilation.


Waxing has been used in centuries automobile effectiveness. It pulls hairs through the root and takes old skin debris by it, leaving one’s body nice and fresh (when a little sore!). The only negative thing is which the wax presses hairs down up against the skin, so that it is very likely which they won’t be pulled. There is also even more of the opportunity that hairs are going to be broken as an alternative to pulled. This is normally remedied by tweezing those left-behind hairs.

Epilating takes this procedure and mechanizes it. Hairs are pulled directly through the root, leaving it damaged and allowing the hair that grows returning to be thinner and weaker. With epilating, you may easily look at a piece where some hair was missed. Though when epilating wet, many times you’ll do this frequently wet hairs may also be weighted down resistant to the skin which makes them tricky to grasp.


How long each one of these methods takes is ultimately your responsibility. A professional wax could possibly be faster and much more effective than you’ll be able to achieve in your own home, but you’ve got to visit practice it. Both waxing and epilating is going to take much less time greater one does them along with the better you have at doing them.

On average, waxing will need as much as sixty minutes or sixty minutes and a half to complete your legs and arms. Epilating will require under 1 hour as well as doesn’t need any chaotic cleaning time later.


It’s difficult to argue contrary to the epilator because of this one. Waxing requires preparation, whether it is warming up the wax or making a meeting. Cold wax can be another option and although it truly is certainly convenient, it’s much less expensive effective and is particularly very likely to bring about ingrown hairs and irritation. With an epilator it is possible to simply press some control and commence. Perfect in the event you don’t have enough time to book a scheduled visit or wax yourself. Most modern epilators are cordless and for that reason can be employed anywhere. Make sure you might have enough battery though!

Which Hurts More? (The Pain)

Some state that epilation is a bit more painful, some say waxing is. This category is extremely subjective. What we know is the fact each method get less painful as your epidermis gets familiar with the sense.

It may be argued that waxing has the capacity to cover a greater area each time and thus overall the pain sensation is less. It can also be argued that epilators can be utilized wet, or at the lower speed setting to minimize pain.

Frequency of Use

This would be a difficult that you decide.

On normally the one hand: waxing will keep you smooth for as much as two months, while epilators generally present you with around two weeks to just one month of hairlessness.

On another hand: you should watch for hair to cultivate time for a clear length before it is possible to wax again, which is usually a nightmare should you don’t time your waxing right. There’s nothing worse than needing to are able to a clear degree of hairiness before it is possible to rip all this out.

Skill … (Need of a Professional)?

Epilating is comparatively straightforward. There are a variety of what to consider when epilating for top level results – see our Guide to Perfect Epilation here.

Waxing is often a little more advanced. Cosmetics expert Paula Begoun recommends that you simply see an aesthetician prior to trying against each other yourself. When waxing in the home you might have to await the wax to be able to the appropriate temperature (take care about burning your skin layer) and then suggest sure you’re spreading it properly without configuring it everywhere! It will also leave a sticky residue, but this is usually wiped away by incorporating drops of oil.

With this at heart, these two methods require more skill than seeing a salon


The epilator was designed to remedy many of the conditions that waxing had, and result in the process simpler. We feel want it succeeded. Waxing remains to be widespread by women all round the world simply because who’s is a huge good answer to problems for millennia. Epilators are getting to be more plus much more popular throughout the years and may even 1 day replace waxing as being the dominant technique of techniques.

Still, all women differ, and everybody has their preferences. Waxing is a huge popular laser hair removal way for such a long time for the good reason. It works, well.

There can be a huge number of products catering to these 2 methods, that have a principal effect on the technique’s reputation. Epilators can be found in all shapes, sizes and prices. Some are prepared for sensitive areas along with facial epilation, some for the complete body. Waxing is usually done in the home with hot wax or cold war, or by way of a professional in a salon. All these options can vary in quality.

For this reason, the reply to the question of epilator vs waxing are not absolute. We can let you know that epilation will be the modern means to fix the situation of unwanted hair.

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