in depth analysis of Electric Shavers, Manual Razors and Dual Edged Blades
(Last Updated On: February 1, 2018)

It has been now hundreds of years that man has been using different tools which were available keeping in view the technology humans had at that time to remove facial hairs. The options back then were limited and were not very efficient. This is not the case now as one can find variety of gadgets and accessories which can be used for facial hair removal by men.

Among the many gadgets and accessories found in the stores today, the most common of them will be divided into three major types of categories.

  • Electric Shavers
  • Manual Razors
  • Dual/Double-Edged Blades


Accessories or gadgets belonging to these three categories are mostly used by men today and in this publication we are going to discuss how you can benefit from each of the category and how that category can be of a disadvantage. Let’s get started.

Electric Shavers

Let’s start with electric shavers as almost 50% of men use them today.electric shaver


  • Electric shavers provide a very convenient shave and very quick one too compared to the manual razors.
  • The design of the electric shavers makes them portable and easy to carry. Shavers are heavier in weight compared to the manual razors but still can be used wherever there is a power outlet available.
  • Most of the newer electric shavers come equipped with Wet & Dry technology which allows them to be used with shaving foams and gels, but in general electric shavers don’t necessarily require foams and gels to get a shave.  
  • Using electric shaver to shave can lead to reduction in skin cuts and ingrown hairs.
  • Electric shavers provide versatile use they can not only cut the facial hairs but pop up trimmers on electric shavers can be used to trim sideburns and moustaches as well.


  • Electric shavers don’t provide a very close shave as you would get from a manual razor, you can expect very minor stubble when compared to manual razors.
  • Using an electric shaver to shave for the first time users can take a bit of time getting used to the feel of the technology.
  • Even though electric shavers provide safer alternative to manual razor when it comes to skin irritation but some skin types still experience irritation and rashes when coming in contact with electric shaver blades.
  • Even though newer models of electric shavers have wet & dry technology allowing them to be used in shower and wet conditions but the older models don’t allow wet use and they still have to be used in dry conditions.
  • The noise of electric shavers is also very loud in some models and they require high maintenance.


Manual Razors

Now manual razors have been around for quite some while now, at least few decades. They have been the go to choice for removing facial hairs for men. What do they bring to the table? Let’s find out.Manual Razor


  • Manual razors have provided the most close shave of any shaving gadgets or accessories over the time. The shave is not only close but it also allows for longer duration between shaves for a man.
  • Manual razors are extremely easy to use and are usually the first shaving accessory of a man in his life.
  • The equipment and the extra accessories required with the manual razors are easily replaceable.
  • Manual razors are very cheap to own as the first time cost is very low compared to electric shavers but over years of usage the cost accumulates to grow out the cost of electric shaver.
  • Manual Razors require minimal maintenance and are portable.


  • The blades on the manual razors don’t last very long and are required to replace with new ones every 3 to 5 shaves.
  • Manual razor shaves are closest you can get but they take a lot of time and if you are a person who can’t dedicate more than 5 minutes for a shave then manual razors are not for you.
  • Due to the need of going over the same area few times to get the closest shave the chances of getting cuts on the skin are high.

Dual/Double-Edge Blades

One of the accessories used by the modern man is the dual-edge razor.dual edge razor


  • The dual edged razor is the cheapest shaving accessory available today as the blade replacement is available for few cents. If you can find a reliable razor handle then the long run shaving cost will also be next to nothing.
  • Skin types prone to ingrown hairs can benefit a lot from dual edged razors as the single blade will cut closely to the skin as compared to electric shavers or manual razors.


  • The dual edge razor doesn’t provide the closest shave, if you have heavy facial hairs then this razor is not for you.


In the end it’s up to the individual to choose any shaving accessory that is suited to his skin type and shaving style and requirement. We suggest that you stick to the shaving gadget or accessory which proves to be the best the first time you use it. Changing the accessory type every six months or so will not be a good idea for your skin.


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