Guide on Choosing An Electric Shaver
(Last Updated On: February 1, 2018)

If you have arrived at this publication you are probably looking to get yourself an electric shaver or you are just interested in knowing more about this hair grooming accessory for men. Either way you have arrived at the correct spot, we have mentioned everything you should look in an electric shaver when choosing one for yourself.

Electric shavers have become a part of modern man’s must have accessories and to get the perfect look a man has to have the perfect shave. A perfect shave is only possible if you select the best shaving accessory for yourself. There are number of factors involved in selecting an electric shaver and in this publication we are going to make you familiar with each one of them. So let’s get started.

Foil or Rotary Electric Shaver?

The first factor that one should consider is the type of electric shaver you would want it is either of the two, rotary bases or foil based shaver. Well the answer to this question lies in the usage of electric shaver. It all depends on how you want to use the electric shaver when you buy one. If you are looking for an electric shaver which will only be used to trim or level out the facial hairs and you are going to trim nothing but stubble hairs then you are better off with foil based electric shavers. Foil based electric shavers do not allow the blades to come in direct contact with the skin and a foil makes sure of that, this allows foil based electric shavers to be excellent for skin types which don’t go well with metal contact and irritation or redness is an issue.

Now if you are looking for an electric shaver which serves the best with heavy facial hairs and provides a close shave then you should go for rotary based electric shaver. Rotary based electric shaver easily adjust to the facial contours and cut through the long and ingrown hairs of your face providing a clean and close shave. There are variants in both foil and rotary based electric shavers which are based on the number of heads and blades.

Power Supply

The next thing you should consider in an electric shaver is the power supply, there are three types of electric shavers you will find based on the power supply. The first is battery operated electric shaver which runs on AA batteries that you can find in any departmental store easily. The second one is the electric shaver which is based on a built-in rechargeable battery and requires a recharge every few shaves and the third electric shaver is the corded electric shaver which receives power through a power outlet in your home via a power cord.

The built-in battery powered electric shaver is the most commonly used electric shaver of the three as a full charge provides up to 60 minutes of shaving time which is enough for 8 to 10 shaves. The battery power source also makes these electric shavers portable and easy to travel with. Corded models were the earlier models of the electric shavers and are rarely seen now as they are not very practical and not portable. So when choosing an electric shaver for yourself always look for a shaver with a built-in battery as it is more convenient than the corded electric shavers.

Wet/Dry Electric Shavers

For those readers who don’t know about the Wet/Dry Technology in electric shavers let us explain a bit to get you up to speed. Wet/Dry Technology in an electric shaver allows the users to use the electric shaver in wet conditions such as during shower or apply a shaving foam or gel and use electric shaver to shave. This technology is to be considered when buying an electric shaver.

If you have a sensitive skin type and you can’t go for a dry shave due to that than you should consider buying an electric shaver with Wet/Dry Technology. There are few things you should consider when selecting an electric shaver with Wet/Dry Technology.

  • High-End Electric shaver models come with docking/cleaning stations which clean the electric shaver head when you are done shaving. Now if you are going to buy an electric shaver with a cleaning dock you should know that the cleaning dock doesn’t thoroughly clean the head and any long hairs will still be needed to clean manually. The shaving gels and shaving foams on the electric shaver head will also need manual cleaning and the cleaning dock will not be able to clean the shaver head having shaving gel or foam on it, thoroughly. Some manufacturers even warn the users to not to clean the head which is used with shaving gel or foam in the cleaning station or it may void warranty.
  • If you are looking for a corded electric shaver than you will not find Wet/Dry Technology in a corded electric shaver as the use of corded power supply to the electric shaver under wet conditions will be very risky.

Cleaning the Electric Shaver

Now this factor in choosing an electric shaver is very important as cleaning the shaver will go on whenever you shave. If you don’t keep your electric shaver clean you will be prone to skin infections due to unhygienic conditions of shaver’s blades. So you have to look for an electric shaver which has fewer parts to clean or it is easy to clean and maintain.

The high end models of electric shaver available today come with cleaning stations which clean the electric shaver heads automatically after you are done shaving. Even the newer models come with disinfecting feature too which disinfect the blades of the electric shavers for perfect hygienic condition for your shave.


Portability in an Electric Shaver is a very important factor to consider since you will be moving the electric shaver a lot during the shave. Battery Powered electric shavers and cordless shavers are very good to own since they are easy to move around with and corded shavers are not very good in this manner since the power cord can be annoying when shaving with corded electric shavers. So we recommend you select a shaver with built-in battery for home use and get a AA Battery operated shaver for your travel needs.


For the majority of consumers it’s the obvious option to go for the cheapest product to save as much money as possible. When you select an electric shaver that is the cheapest you are compromising quality and performance and for the long run it’s not beneficial for you. A high quality shaver will last for years to come so it’s worth it to pay the extra bucks at the start to avoid the fatigue and headache in the time ahead. Don’t trade in low quality with few bucks’ worth of saving.


Before you finalize on your purchase you have to make sure that the electric shaver in question feels good in your hand and you don’t feel uncomfortable holding the electric shaver in your hand at any angle during the shave. This is important because you will not be able to reach the tricky parts of your face during shaving if the shaver is too small or too big to hold in your hand.

Replacement Parts

Finally before selecting an electric shaver you should always make sure that extra replacement parts such as blades and batteries are readily available to you. The blades and batteries of the electric shavers have to be reasonably priced as well because it is not worth buying these two items if they combine to the price of a new electric shaver. Batteries and blades are the only two parts that need replacing once in a year. Other than that there isn’t much to it.


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