As the global lifestyle evolves, it is becoming increasingly arduous to keep up with our dietary requirements. Vitamins are at the forefront of such ignored nutritional needs, especially the mysterious and often overlooked Vitamin K2. Don’t worry, though, because all you need to get back on the health track is a proper K2 supplement, and we have chosen the best ones for you!

Vitamin K2 serves as a major gear in our body’s blood clotting mechanism.  Without the necessary amount, you are at risk of heavy, unstoppable bleedings. Not only that, vitamin K2 serves to stabilize and support the functionalities of major vitamins and minerals, including calcium and vitamin D3.

Found in meats, cheeses, and eggs, vitamin K2 acts as a safeguard in the body. Excess or inappropriate amounts of calcium cause severe calcification in the arteries and multiply the risk of heart disease. If you take calcium or vitamin D supplements, this can be an especially worrisome issue. Vitamin K2 actively prevents this problem from occurring by redirecting excess calcium. Therefore, you need a healthy vitamin K2 intake in your daily life.

Modern diets, however, fail to provide desirable levels of Vitamin K2, which is why a Vitamin k2 supplement is essential for your well-being. There are countless variants of vitamin K2 in the pharmaceutical industry, but not all supplements are made equal. From integrated nutrients and ingestion form to the very flavor itself, each supplement possesses varying properties. We know how tough it can be to choose the right supplement, so we have researched the top products to aid your search!

Here are the Best Vitamin K2 Supplements you can find (Comparison):

Alpha Lab Vitamin K2 with D3 - ( Editor's Choice)CapsulesCheck Price
Dr. Cannell's Advanced D - Vitamin D Super FormulaCapsulesCheck Price
Michael's Naturopathic Programs Vitamin D3 (2500 IU) with Vitamin K2Tablets (chewable)Check Price

Alpha Lab Vitamin K2 with D3 Capsule – Editor’s Choice

Alpha Lab inspires a loyal following in the health industry due to its top-notch products, and the Vitamin K2 supplement is no different. By combining vitamin k2 with vitamin d3 and calcium, Alpha Lab has crafted the ideal supplement for your needs. Let’s dive into why this combination works so well.

Vitamin K2 works hand in hand with d3 to regulate your body nutrient levels. Our daily intake of calcium, from food or supplements, cannot be safely absorbed and utilized by the body without a hefty supply of Vitamin D3. So even if your diet contains the required portions of calcium, you need Vitamin D3 to push it into bodily circulation. Normally, Vitamin D3 is produced in the body after exposure to sunlight, but people who do not get sufficient sunlight, whether due to an overstay indoors or some other physical limitation, desperately need a supplement to overcome this deficiency.

The Alpha Lab K2 D3 eliminates such need for separate vitamin D3 supplements with an added 125mcg of D3 per serving, which is 625% of your daily need! What’s more, it contains 210mg of calcium as well to lend your bones a hand. If you have a history of calcium/D3 deficiency alongside K2 needs, then this Alpha Lab supplement can be an exceptional choice for you.

Moreover, the combination of D3 K2 in the Alpha Lab supplement erects a barrier to calcification. Taking only calcium and D3 supplements can present an intimidating, potentially irreversible problem in your vascular system. If your body embraces too much calcium into the bloodstream due to vitamin D3, it settles down in the arteries and can be fatal if left unchecked. Vitamin K2 redirects this calcium back to the bones by activating a critical compound called osteocalcin. This way, the Alpha Lab supplement prevents a threatening side effect of calcium and vitamin D3 by the inclusion of vitamin K2 in the supplement.

In terms of ingestion form, the Alpha Lab vitamin K2 supplement exists as a veggie capsule. It is an all-natural, cellulose structure that is readily digested. Each Alpha Lab container consists of 60 veggie capsules. These supplements boast a distinct BioPerine flavor, made from black pepper fruit extract, which renders a delicious touch to the capsules. You won’t have to struggle with distaste eating this supplement!

The Alpha Lab capsules are not only entirely sugar-free and vegan-friendly, but they also have no added gluten or soy. This can be a tipping point for many people in favor of Alpha Lab since most pharmaceutical companies do little to provide all-natural products.  If you suffer from allergies or irritation due to dairy ingredients, then this should be your first-choice supplement!

Gluten-free, Vegan- free, and All-naturalContains 6 times more D3 than the daily value ( May cause Vitamin D excess)
BioPerine flavor (black pepper fruit extract)
Contains integrated Vitamin D3 and Calcium


Overall, the Alpha Lab Vitamin K2 supplement delivers all the elements you need to fulfill your K2 needs while preventing nasty side effects. It defeats the competition with a health-conscious, allergen-free structure and a tasty capsule form. Through a bonus dose of calcium and Vitamin D3, Alpha Lab K2 has become our most recommended gem among supplements.

Dr. Cannell’s Advanced D – Vitamin D Super Formula – Purity Products

The Purity Products Super Formula is an eccentric addition to K2 dietary supplements. It is carefully formulated and composed by the Executive Director of the Vitamin D Council, Dr. Cannell himself.

Boasting a precise blend of vitamin D K2, zinc, magnesium, and Super Boron, the Purity Products Super Formula stands out as a well-rounded beast among the competition. It is marketed as having d3 k2 vitamin 5000 IU, which not only fulfills your daily requirements but sparks an energy boost in your body.

The Purity Products Super Formula is primarily a Vitamin D supplement, so you may be wondering why it is our recommended Vitamin K2 supplement. Fret not, because this product contains 80mcg of Vitamin K2, which meets 67% of your daily need. The supplement supplies the vitamin K in the vita MK7 form, which shows significantly higher efficacy in the human body than the standard MK4 form used by most supplements.

Moreover, the Purity Products Vitamin K2 Formula is optimized for the utilization and distribution of Vitamin D through an arsenal of zinc and magnesium. Zinc is not only essential for routine wound healing and bone growth processes in your body, but it also aids in the metabolism of vitamins. This makes it an electrifying nutrient to have in your Vitamin K2 supplement. Similarly, the Purity Products Super Formula contains magnesium and Super boron, which heighten the efficiency of vitamins K2 and D in your body by supercharging the enzymes and supporting their absorption.

For people who have inconsistent or unregulated diets, the Purity Products Super Formula makes a splendid supplement. It takes care of 4 essential nutrients apart from vitamin K2, which gives it an edge against regular K2 supplements.

The Dr. Cannell supplement comes in Veggie Capsule form and is smoothly digested in the gut. Each supplement contains 60 capsules. This product stands as a K2 D3 vitamin supplement 5000 IU in power, which grants it superior energizing capabilities for your body even when compared to liquid vitamin D. Several users remarked about their reduced need for sleep after starting this supplement. Through its pentagonal model of nutrition, this Purity Product also renovates your mood and brain function alongside the basic supplementary needs, which earns it a spot in the Best Vitamin K2 Supplements!

Contains 5 complex targeted nutrients (zinc, magnesium, vitamin d, vitamin k2, boron)Expensive
Easily digestible Veggie Capsule formContains Stearates which may be dangerous for some people
Meets 5000IU of vitamin dosage
Formulated by Dr. John J. Cannell, the Executive director of vitamin D Council


Dr. Cannell’s Vitamin D supplement manages to fulfill 5 of your nutritional requirements with a single veggie capsule, from zinc, magnesium, and boron to the vitamins D K2. Its 5000 IU dosage power and complementary minerals ensure proper digestion and energization in your body, which is a remarkable feature worthy of the Best Supplement title.


Michael’s Naturopathic Programs Vitamin D3 (2500 IU) with Vitamin K2

Here comes another unparalleled supplement by MNP (Michael’s Naturopathic Programs): the Vitamin D3 with K2. MNP has been renowned for producing premium dietary products since 1984, and their Vitamin D K2 supplement surpasses all industrial standards.

Instead of opting for an extravagant mix of nutrients, MNP’s supplement keeps it simple with only Vitamin D3 K2 as its components. Vitamin D3 refines and ameliorates your bone health by enhancing calcium absorption, contributing to commendable skeletal support. In effect, it sets up a pathway for calcium into the bloodstream. However, it is not without its risks. As mentioned previously, this can lead to serious problems like calcification and arterial plaque.

MNP vitamin K2 tablets, however, overcome this issue by uniting vitamin K2 with D3. Vitamin K2 takes charge of the excess calcium wandering in your blood and escorts it into the bones where it belongs. With 2500 IUs of vitamin K2 D3, the MNP tablets establish a pristine balance between calcium absorption and regulation, which is why they outclass most vitamin K2 supplements and vitamin D drops.

Moreover, each MNP Vitamin k2 supplement bottle consists of 90 servings of chewable tablets. They are internally adorned with a delicious apricot flavor that you won’t find in many dietary supplements. If you are tired of swallowing capsules, then the MNP tablets are bound to be a refreshing change for your gut! Some users, however, complained that the MNP tablets take long to dissolve in your mouth. If you are used to taking vitamin D liquid supplements, we suggest testing out the MNP tablets and consulting your doctor before switching from the vitamin d3 liquid form.

MNP’s Vitamin K2 tablets are officially claimed to be vegetarian tablets, making them suitable for health-conscious individuals. Be warned, however, that this product contains stearates, which can be dangerous for certain people. They are also certified to be Kosher. Religious restrictions can often discourage people from consuming much-needed supplements, therefore the MNP tablets possess a special X-factor in this regard which is hard to find in the pharmaceutical industry.

Delicious Natural Apricot FlavorContains Stearates
Chewable Tablet FormSlow to dissolve
Sugar-free and Kosher
Contains 1000IU vitamin D3 per serving


In the end, the MNP tablets serve a streamlined, focused palette of vitamin K2 and D3 that works beautifully within a careful ingredient ratio. Being vegetarian, chewable, and fruit-flavored, the MNP tablets are a strikingly attractive dietary supplement perfect for your needs!


Throughout this review, I have outlined the Best Vitamin K2 supplements and their most prominent features. After extensive research and evaluation, Alpha Lab, Purity Products, and MNP supplements have made our list. They all deliver a sturdy dosage of K2 alongside D3 and other nutrients.

The Alpha Lab capsules, however, are the Editor’s Choice due to their unsurpassed health-conscious profile: they are dairy-free, soy-free, gluten-free, AND vegetarian. Moreover, they provide Calcium as well as D3 and K2, making them a complete Bone Heath and Skeletal support package unmatched by any supplement in the market!


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