Best Treadmills For Under $300
(Last Updated On: January 1, 2019)

If you have arrived at this publication then you are probably looking for a treadmill that not only cost very little but also performs well too. Whether it is a treadmill or any other product you are searching for the lower priced ones are more likely to be of low quality. So when it comes to treadmills, finding a treadmill that is well made and will work well is a very big ask. This is partly due to the fact that most of the big manufacturers which make durable and well performing treadmills don’t manufacture treadmills that are under $300 because it is not viable to them to manufacture a treadmill that is so low priced as it will most likely underperform keeping in mind the reputation of the brand.

So what will you find in a treadmill that is under $300 mark? And who is better suited to use that treadmill? The person who is used to walking in outdoor conditions to get his or her body moving they can find a treadmill that will cost them no more than $300 that they can keep at home for the days on which they can’t  go out. These type of users don’t require treadmills that have higher top speeds, 7mph to 9mph range will do just fine for them. Since they are not fanatic runners who will run for anywhere between 30minutes and 45minutes daily, the build quality can take what they have in store for the treadmill.

As for what will you find in a treadmill with that price tag that we will get into now. You will also find some of the best treadmills for under $300 below in this publication, if you want to get right into that scroll right down.

Some of the features you can expect from a treadmill with the $300 or under price tag are:

Folding Feature

To reduce the footprint of the treadmill while storing it, manufacturers opt for folding designs for their treadmills for better user experience. Depending on the price range within the $300 mark the folding design also come with a folding and unfolding mechanism which operates with the use of pistons that allows the users to easily fold and unfold the treadmill without any hectic manual effort.

Running Surface Size (Deck)

Treadmills under the price tag of $300 typically have smaller belt size compared to other expensive treadmills. Now if you are a tall person and have a larger stride than the belt size length of 45” to 50” is not for you. Along with the length, the width of the belt also decreases making it not suitable for tall runners. So the better option is to just spend a little more on a treadmill.

User Weight Capacity

The treadmills under $300 are mostly equipped with low powered electric motors or are manually operated either way the most weight they can handle of the user is between 220lbs and 250lbs. if you weigh more than that then you will have to spend a little more on your purchase.


These treadmills have incline capability (most of them). Some of the treadmills come with fixed incline angle while others come with 3 to 5 manually adjustable incline variations which are necessary if you want to make your workout a little more challenging.

Now let’s get into the best treadmills we compiled for under $300.

Best Treadmills For Under $300 (Comparison)

TreadmillHPUser Weight CapacityTop Speed 
EFITMENT T-016 Adjustable Manual Treadmill(Manual)220 lbs(Manual)Check Price
Confidence Fitness Magnetic Manual Treadmill(Manual)220 lbs(Manual)Check Price
Shaofu Electric Treadmill2 HP220 lbs8 mphCheck Price
Sunny Health & Fitness SF-T4400 Electric Treadmill2.2 HP220 lbs10 mphCheck Price


EFITMENT T-016 Adjustable Manual Treadmill

The first treadmill we have on here under the budget of $300 is the model T-016 by EFITMENT.Best Treadmills For Under $300 EFITMENT is a sports equipment manufacturer and specializes in treadmill manufacturing so they must know what they are doing with T-016. This particular treadmill has high ratings and is a manual treadmill rather than electric and it has a price tag of under $300. How it fared in our review? Let’s find out.

Let’s start with the design of the T-016 treadmill. The T-016 has a foldable design which makes this treadmill a compact one. The T-016 treadmill is easy to store since it has low footprint while storing it. The build quality on the T-016 treadmill is decent for its price range.

The features on the T-016 manual treadmill include a manual powered belt since it has no electric motor to power it. The T-016 treadmill has incline capability with 3 different incline variations to choose from (7o,8o & 9o). The running surface of this treadmill measures 42” in length while the width measures to 13.5” which is good for a treadmill of this class. The T-016 treadmill features hand pulse grips to monitor heart rate while doing your cardio workout. The T-016 treadmill also features a digital LCD monitor with 4 second intervals between information display, the information displayed on the LCD monitor include speed, time, distance calorie count and odometer. The treadmill also has adjustable magnetic resistance for the belt so you can adjust the intensity of your workout. The maximum user weight capacity on the T-016 treadmill is 220lbs.

The performance of this treadmill is very good for it’s price tag. There are not a lot of features on this treadmill but the performance part is very well done by this treadmill. The belt is durable and will last for a while. There are certain limitations to a manual treadmill which you have to cater with when you select this treadmill for purchase and that comes with the fact that you are spending very low amount of money on a treadmill so it is justifiable.

Folding DesignNone That We Could Find
Digital LCD Monitor


The T-016 treadmill is a very good option for the people who will do moderate running or walking on a treadmill and for under $300 it provides very good value for money. This is one of the best options in the market when it comes to manual treadmills under $300.



Confidence Fitness Magnetic Manual Treadmill

The next treadmill we have on here is the Confidence Fitness Magnetic Treadmill.Best Treadmills For Under $300 This treadmill is a manual treadmill and it is one of the highest rated manual treadmills on the market right now. The price tag of this treadmill falls under $300 mark. How it fared in our review? Let’s find out.

The design of this treadmill features a folding design which is very good if you have very little space in your home or apartment. The foldable design provides easy storage facility as well. The whole setup of this treadmill is very easy and you can be done with it within few minutes. The build quality of this treadmill is also very good.

When it comes to features this treadmill is manually powered and is not powered by any electric motor. The incline level of this treadmill is 5% and it has fixed incline level. The running surface of this treadmill is wider compared to it’s length. The length of the running surface of this treadmill measures 39”and the width of the belt measures 14”. The maximum user weight this treadmill can handle is 220lbs. This treadmill also features built-in wheels which is very useful for transporting it with convenience. It also has multi-function computer display which displays different data related to your workout including speed, distance, calorie count, odometer, time and scan functions. This treadmill also features smooth magnetic resistance setup with 8 different adjustable levels to vary with your workout intensity. The treadmill also come with 12 months warranty.

The performance of this treadmill is excellent making it one of the best manual treadmills out there. The belt on the treadmill is strong and the user weight capacity is good for it’s price range. The magnetic resistance mechanism works well and it provides a good variation for your workout.

The only thing that bothered us about this treadmill is that it has fixed incline and you cannot adjust it.

Easy SetupNon-Adjustable Fixed Incline
Built-in Wheels
Multi-function Computer Display


Apart from the fixed incline feature of this treadmill everything is excellent on this treadmill. Fixed incline feature can be something that a lot of users will be comfortable with but this is not so for us. Under $300 it is one of the best options for a manual treadmill.



Shaofu Electric Treadmill

The next treadmill we have on here is the Shaofu treadmill.Best Treadmills For Under $300 This particular treadmill is manufactured by a Chinese manufacturer as the name suggests. This treadmill is one of the highest rated one in the market right now under $300 mark. How it fared in our review? Let’s find out.

To start with the design of this treadmill it has a foldable design making it very easy to store. The construction of this treadmill features a steel frame which makes this treadmill reliable and durable.

When it comes to features this treadmill is powered by an electric motor with a power output of 2HP. That electric motor can power this treadmill to a top speed of 8mph. This treadmill has a maximum user weight capacity of 220lbs. This treadmill features a self lubricating system which is a rare thing in the treadmills with this price tag. It also features a built-in auto emergency stop mechanism to avoid unnecessary accidents. The running surface on this treadmill measures 48.4” in length while the width of the running surface measures 16.5”. It also has manual incline levels of 3% and 5%.

There are 12 built-in training programs in this treadmill and you can also customize your own training program as well. The LCD display on it helps you track your progress by showing speed, distance, heart rate and calorie burn count. This treadmill also features Bluetooth connectivity as well to connect your devices to it. There is a built-in speaker on it as well as a tablet holder.

The performance of this treadmill is exceptional considering it’s price. The treadmill is loaded with features and some of these features start to appear on treadmills costing $600 or $700. It also provides exceptional build quality and the motor on it has no reported electrical or mechanical issues.

Self-Lubrication SystemNone That We Could Find
12 Built-in Training Programs


This treadmill provides a very good value for money and for under $300 finding a good treadmill let alone an electric treadmill is a very difficult task. If you are looking for an electric treadmill with loads of features under $300 then this is one of the best options.



Sunny Health & Fitness SF-T4400 Electric Treadmill

The last treadmill we have on here under the $300 mark is the model SF-T4400 by Sunny Health & Fitness.Best Treadmills For Under $300 Sunny Health & Fitness is a reliable name when it comes to producing treadmills. This particular model is priced under $350 a tad over the initial $300 mark. How it fared in our review? Let’s find out.

The T4400 treadmill has a foldable design and also has a soft drop system to go along with it to provide convenient folding and unfolding of the treadmill. The build quality of this treadmill is solid, making it durable.

When it comes to features the T4400 treadmill is powered by a 2.2HP electric motor which powers the treadmill to a top speed of 10mph. The maximum user weight capacity of the T4400 treadmill is between 220lbs and 250lbs. The running surface measures 48.8”in length and 15.75” in width. The treadmill also features 3 manual incline levels (0%, 2% & 4.37%). The T4400 treadmill also features convenient handrail controls of start, stop and speed adjustment. The 6 point shock absorption system on the treadmill provides nice and even flow of the belt with no slippage. There are 9 built-in workouts on this treadmill along with an LCD display, tablet holder, heart rate and BMI monitor. The T4400 treadmill also has a safety lock and power saving feature. There is a 3year warranty on the frame as well.

The performance of the T4400 treadmill is excellent with no reported electrical or mechanical issues regarding the electric motor. The electric motor is powerful and it is well suited for intermediate runners and cardio enthusiasts.

Soft Drop SystemNone That We Could Find
Solid Build
3 Incline Levels (Manual)
3 Years Warranty


If you don’t mind the additional $50 on the price tag then there is no better option than the T4400 electric treadmill under the $350 mark.




The treadmills listed here in this publication are compiled based on their ratings and if they have any reported issue we have shared that as well. We hope you find this publication useful. Let us know what you think in the comments.



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